Visualize Data Using Grafana

Comprehensive course to visualize and analyze data using dashboards and panels of Grafana

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Sep 2020

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What you will learn

Visualize the data

Analyze the data


One of the important aspect of business analysis is analyze the data. Though there are many technologies to process the data which is present in underlying database, visualizing the same was always a challenge.

Grafana is one of the most appealing tool or framework which facilitates the visualization of your data, using which you can read your data more graphically so as to make the quick decisions. It provides different features like dashboards, panels using which you can create different charts which represents the status of your data.

During this entire course, we are going to learn how to create dashboards and panels in Grafana and how to create different types of charts like gauge, heatmap and many more. Along with this we will be also talking about how to create automated alters and notify those alerts to the stakeholders if there is something wrong observed in system.

As a Grafana designer you will be able to create different types of graphs and will able to set up the users, teams and their permissions.

So, if you want to learn Grafana and visualize the data this course is best choice for you.


Visualize Data Using Grafana
Visualize Data Using Grafana
Visualize Data Using Grafana
Visualize Data Using Grafana


Installations & Overview


Grafana Overview

Working with Data Source & Creating first chart

Connecting to Data Source - Part 1

Connecting to Data Source - Part 2

Create Your Charts in Panel

Creating Multiple Series

Customizing Panel

Setting Units and Time Regions

What is guage?

Creating Gauge

Working with HeatMap

Working with Stat Panel

Table Panel - Part 1

Table Panel - Part 2

Creating Text Panel

Alert and Notifications

What is Alert?

Creating Alerts

Creating Notification

Annotations, Variables and Data Links

Creating Annotations

Setting Variables

Using Variables

Working with Data Links

Sharing Dashboards, Plugins

Dashboard Versioning

Adding Plugins

Creating Playlist

Creating Snapshot

Working with Http API

Administration Tasks

Working with Grafana CLI

Creating users

Managing Users

Creating Teams

Managing Teams

Working with Folders


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