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Virtual Private Networks for beginners – Advanced topics

Learn how to deploy IPsec, SSL, and OpenVPN tunnels. Protect your privacy online. Understand VPN protocols such as IPsec

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Dec 2020

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What you will learn

Configure PPTP, IPsec, and SSL VPNs

Deploy an OpenVPN server

Configure a NAS device for VPNs

Configure a router to support VPNs

Protect your privacy online with a router

Understand how IPsec works

Create a basic site-to-site VPN tunnel

Have a better understanding of VPN protocols


Learn more about Virtual Private Networks. Protect your privacy online, create a secure tunnel, and learn how to configure a router to support a secure VPN tunnel. Even though this course is still for beginners, you will get a chance to see a lot of interesting labs and real-world examples: L2TP IPsec, SSL, and OpenVPN. We will even try to flash a router using DD-WRT. A lot of really cool examples and labs.

Virtual Private Networks for beginners – Advanced topics:

  • Labs and real-world examples

  • OpenVPN (on a router and as a virtual machine)

  • VPN examples: NAS, routers, firewalls, UTMs, PPTP, L2TP IPsec, SSL, OpenVPN

  • NordVPN on a router to protect your privacy online automatically

  • Troubleshooting a VPN server

  • Deeper understanding of protocols: hashes, digital signatures, and more

  • IPsec in depth (still for beginners!)

  • Dynamic DNS

  • Port forwarding allowing you to enable VPN services

  • Troubleshooting tips

  • A lot of labs and demos

This is a very hands-on course with multiple labs and demos. You will see routers, software VPN, network attach storage devices, virtual machines, and more. This is still for beginners but covers more topics and takes things a bit deeper in configurations and options. You will see e.g. OpenVPN in action on a brand new router.

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Virtual Private Networks for beginners – Advanced topics
Virtual Private Networks for beginners – Advanced topics
Virtual Private Networks for beginners – Advanced topics
Virtual Private Networks for beginners – Advanced topics



Why is this Course Unique?

A Quick Review of key Concepts

How to Create a VPN at Home

Protect your Privacy with a Router and VPN

Lab - Protect your Privacy with a Router and VPN

How to Choose a Good VPN Provider

Basic Commands you Need to Know

Quiz 1

A Deeper Understanding of VPN Protocols

Overview of VPN Protocols

PPTP and why you Should Avoid it

L2TP IPsec tunnel

VPN using a NAS device

OpenVPN on a Router

OpenVPN using a Virtual Machine

Flashing a Router using DD-WRT

Quiz 2

Let's Configure a Router from Scratch

What do we Want to Achieve?

Configuring our first VPNs

OpenVPN in Action

Dynamic DNS

Port Forwarding

More Advanced Topics

IPsec - Part 1

IPsec - Part 2

Public and Private addresses

Hash, HMAC, and Digital Signatures

Quiz 3


BONUS - Learn VPN Basics and General Networking

Remote Access Tools - RDP, VNC...


SSL using a Cisco ASA Firewall

More About IPsec

IP Addresses


Peter17 September 2020

Marious does an awesome job of explaining VPN's! This course covers so much material, covering both theory and hands on examples which is what makes is so interesting to me. Marious's advice is very practical, and his years of experience in the field really shows. He definitely has a knack for keeping viewers engaged, I attribute my successful start in IT totally to his training videos. I always walk away from his video's with ideas for more projects, a deeper understanding of the networking topics he explains and the name of great gear I want to try out on my own home network! For anyone who wants to dive deeper into IT and Programming, they can find a lot of useful information here. I see VPN's used all the time in the cloud or across different company locations to access remote networks and secure their communication. Now with Covid more than ever VPN and Encryption are HOT topics to learn in tech. If you're just starting out this is absolutely must have information to be a leader in your IT role! Like the title says this is perfect for Advanced Beginners.

Delio15 August 2019

The instructor is really clear on his explanations. A big bonus is that they also give real world examples which is always helpful!

Sandra9 August 2019

En general bien par entender como funciona VPN, y los ejemplos ayudan a ver las implementaciones en la realidad.

Aga29 July 2019

A very interesting course for beginners. Many helpful troubleshooting tips in labs and real-world examples. Now I know how to protect my privacy online and configure a router using secure VPN tunnel. I recommend it!!

Kamil21 June 2019

Nice course! Now I understand the VPN Protocols and know how to configure a router. Really useful knowledge. Thank you, Marious!

Martin12 June 2019

The course was geared more towards home setups to teach about VPN. In that respect it is fine, though I felt some information provided later could have helped actual beginners understand some of the information given earlier. Personally I was looking for a refresher for Cisco configurations for VPN, but there was information provided that made the course worthwhile. It would have been useful if the links provided in the course for more information would have been provided in an attachment to the course, to make it easier to either copy/paste or click on.

Lawrence22 October 2018

Virtual private networks for beginners is a good solid course presented in the usual straightforward and easy to follow manner which you would expect from this instructor.

Amarjit24 May 2018

i've always used marious videos to keep up with real world function as he keeps it practical and current. awesome course. looking forward to more stuff like this one with more videos. Well done !! i've revisited this course 3 times. No matter how advance you are or how basic you know there will be something you will learn from this course.


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