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Virtual Private Networks for beginners - VPN, Cisco training

Learn how VPN works and discover protocols like PPTP, L2TP, IPSec and SSL. Build your own VPN network at home. Security.

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

understand VPN concepts

Stay safe online using Cyberghost

describe VPN protocols and understand the differences




implementing site to site and remote VPN

implementing an SSL VPN on a firewall

VPN using Teamviewer

introduction to IPSEC VPN on a Cisco device


A virtual private network (VPN) is a network that uses the Internet, to provide remote offices or individual users with secure access to their organization's network.

A lot of people use VPNs but they do not really understand how it all works. It is not good! You NEED to know it, it is your security! Do you remember NSA and all issues around it? Do you want to make sure hackers will not get access to your files? Well... it is time to learn how you can make your connection secure and reliable.

This training is designed for beginners, however I included some more advanced labs as well. I discuss VPN protocols, encryption, hashes, certificates, remote and site to site vpns...

Learn about the advantages of VPN:

  • Improve security for data exchanges
  • Improve productivity
  • Functionality and resources shared from a corporate office
  • If data is intercepted, it will be encrypted and will not be readable to outside hackers

It is time to learn how VPNs really work! There are labs included which will show you how we can apply all these protocols in the real world. Enjoy!


Virtual Private Networks for beginners - VPN, Cisco training
Virtual Private Networks for beginners - VPN, Cisco training
Virtual Private Networks for beginners - VPN, Cisco training
Virtual Private Networks for beginners - VPN, Cisco training


VPN Concepts

Introduction to the series

What is a Virtual Private Network?

What to Expect

Encryption and certificates


Authentication part 1

Two-factor authentication

Quiz 1 - VPN Concepts

VPN Protocols





Quiz 2 - VPN Protocols

NEW - Stay Safe Online

Is the Internet Secure? Is There Anything we can do About this?

Lab - CyberGhost VPN


Creating a VPN using Teamviewer

Step by step Teamviewer VPN


Cisco IPSEC VPN Introduction *

Cisco IPSEC VPN in action *

SHA has been broken!

VPN Protocols - summary

Additional lab - how to enable a PPTP Server on an Asus router

Let's enable PPTP

It is time to connect and test it

Final Quiz

Bonus Videos

Let's summarize the series

What is DLP?

Remote Support Tools

Port Forwarding

Dynamic DNS

Heartbleed - OpenSSL Heartbeat Extension Vulnerability

Bonus - More Info and a Lab for IPSec

Your own Free L2TP Server


Oskar28 September 2020

Thanks to This course You will learn a lot about VPN ,also how to configure VPN with router, how to set up server without static IP using DDNS, how to secure and use a remote connection, how to do port forwarding and many other practical examples of useful things. Very practical course !

Peter2 August 2020

VPN is an extremely powerful tool, so I want to learn how to use it securely from a network expert! Mariuos does a great job explaining the reasons why and how VPN works. I love the conversational style and easy to follow real world examples and labs on real world gear! To me that's what makes all his courses so much better than the rest! The lessons I'm learning here I can apply supporting my network infrastructure at work as well my own home lab and distant relatives. Now in a "covid-19" world, VPN access is being used in just about every organization, these are critical skills to become working experts in.

Peter2 July 2020

I've taken a course or two from this instructor and have been pleased with the material and instruction. I'd recommend this instructor to anyone looking to further their knowledge in IT.

Marlin1 July 2020

You go to fast wen showing the steps. Please slow down and do not rush. You start clicking on certain screens and it is hard to follow, and sometimes you do not tell what you have clicked.

Bommineni27 June 2020

mix of both and simple and complex , it would have more beautiful , if the instructor more examples and arrange the course in easy to difficult order.

Mark13 December 2019

Very good overviews so far, not getting lost in details just step by step knowledge building at a slower pace which suits me very well.

Agustin25 November 2019

While the teacher seems extremely knowledgeable, I don't believe he is able to convey his knowledge to his students in a way that we can all relate. His drawings are more confusing. He also only sticks with Windows as an OS, but does not explain any other VPN options in Linux or MacOS (Linux being KEY for networking).

Jose14 July 2019

Fue Una Excelente Experiencia, me ayudo mucho a Entender como una Funciona una VPN y tambien muchos Tips de Ayuda.

Martin29 May 2019

I was hoping for more information related to how VPN works and setting it up in various Cisco environments, but it is a beginners course and was first geared to doing it on home equipment. The later lectures did cover more closely to what I was looking for. Though still at a basic level. If you know nothing about VPN, it is a decent course. If you are looking for a bit more intermediate training, you may need a different course that isn't beginners level. I will be looking if the instructor has more advanced courses in VPN.

Garfield23 May 2019

It is very interesting course. Author show vpn technology with simple way. Very good showing theory and practice on few vendors from SOHO and enterprise environment like Cisco routers and ASA. For me 5/5 stars.

Kevin15 May 2019

I have started this training to get to know more about VPN. What I personally like is the personal touch from the instructor. This is what i appreciate and what makes it for me to follow more video's given by this instructor.

Aga9 May 2019

A very nice course for beginners. Great overview of VPN and VPN protocols. A lot of practical tips that I can use in the real world.

Branislava11 April 2019

The introduction to the topic isn't very motivating. Written text is barely recognizable and there's a lot of unnecessary pauses. I would suggest livelier lecturing as it is hard to keep concentration by the monotony of the voice. There was very little actual information shared in the first several videos, rather it's was more of referral to the lectures that are about to come and personally that can be all limited to the single introduction video.

Michael8 November 2018

Yes. I am familiar with the costs, ordering and provisioning VPN, but so far I learned about the various security protocols.

John23 October 2018

It's fine. Fairly basic VPN information. The course may not be a perfect match for me, as I was particularly hoping to learn more about IPsec and site-to-site VPN tunnels, so a lot of the information so far I either already know or don't need. That said, the IPsec VPN labs start next section so maybe I will get more out of those.


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