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2021 Viral Marketing & Growth Hacking With Content Marketing

Viral growth marketing strategies and content creation. Go viral by combining hashtags, ads, SEO, algorithms to go viral

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Boost virality of everything you promote online

Learn to boost virality with ads

Influence YouTube recommendation algorithm

Boost traffic from social media with advanced hashtag ranking

Run viral social media contests

Use catchy, viral headlines

Dominate hashtags


Learn how a professional marketer plans and positions their content and product for virality.

Everyone talks about going viral and for most people, it's a myth because it's an overused term that can mean nothing. But professional marketers understand what virality means and how to take advantage of it for things they are promoting.


Yes, you can count the virality of your content. I'll walk you through how virality is calculated so you can understand how much further your content has to go in order to go more viral.

Throughout the course, you will learn small details that will boost the virality of your content and get you more sharing.


Learn how to dominate in hashtags, use images and memes, write better headlines that get attention, and much more.


Learn to create viral memes in seconds that can be shared around social media sites and get re-shared because they are funny and engaging. Also, learn how to create content that has more virality built into it.

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2021 Viral Marketing & Growth Hacking With Content Marketing
2021 Viral Marketing & Growth Hacking With Content Marketing
2021 Viral Marketing & Growth Hacking With Content Marketing
2021 Viral Marketing & Growth Hacking With Content Marketing



Warm welcome and introduction for what you will get in the course

Virality coefficient formula

Introducing virality and the viral coefficient formula

Viral coefficient calculator

Ads having a role in virality

Net promoter score and the quality of your work


Posting images that fit Twitter requirement dimensions

How to begin finding viral memes to post on your social media

How to create your own image memes in minutes and for free

How to create your own gifs to go viral

How to create free infographics to make more engaging social and blog posts

Free website to create beautiful original images and infographics

How to create your infographic so you can make more attractive posts

Extra place to get free graphics

Hashtag basics

Introduction to hashtags

The Twitter hashtag algorithm

Make your own brand's Twitter hashtag

Viral twitter chats

Boost YT with ads to take advantage of recommendation algorithms

Example of making a music video go viral on YouTube

Additional points to the video

Social media contests

Introduction to running contests

How to post your Facebook contest

Where to get free items to give away in your contests

Really smart ways to announce the winner in a way that gets much more engagement

EXAMPLES of successful social media contests and ongoing promotions

Headlines to boost virality

EXAMPLES & HOW TO'S: Write headlines that will grab attention

ACTIONABLE EXERCISE: Rewrite your social posts and get feedback

Catchy images on cover and in content

Additional strategies

Planning for virality and how to keep that engine going

Things to plan for something to go viral

Featuring influencers in order to get them to re-share your business

Blog post featuring other people

Interview people for them to share

They have something valuable on your site

Features that make the product better when used with a friend


The right day, time, and number of posts

Bonus lecture


Stoyan4 September 2020

I've read a lot on the topic of viral marketing but this course really surpassed my expectations. Strongly recommend!

Lilia26 August 2020

Subject of viral marketing growth is very important and it is explained very easy, giving beginner user like me very good step by step class with lots of information and examples, building the whole structure on that matter.

Robert4 August 2020

Interesting and insightful portrayal of what it takes to go viral and stand out! I was surprised that it can be broken down to a science as Alex has made it! Very impressive and super easy to digest. Looking forward to finishing off the course!

David23 June 2020

If you work with content and want to have your content go viral, I can highly recommend this course. The tutor is very knowledgeable about the subject and he always practices what he preaches. If you are a blogger, vlogger or a content marketer, you need to invest in this course.

Jacek21 June 2020

It's pretty obvious that marketing is a vital component of your company. If you can leverage the possibilities of the Internet, you're good to go.


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