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Entrepreneur's Guide to Creating Facebook Fan Page Content

Awaken the content & viral engagement monster and take your business to the next level with our private strategies!

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Nov 2018

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What you will learn

how to define the ideal audience

why great content matters

how to create enticing content

10 strategies to trigger viral fan engagement


Entrepreneur's Guide to Creating Facebook Fan Page Content    

Learn the secrets of crafting winning content for your fans on Facebook. 

With a solid content strategy, you will be able to build bonds with your fans and drive free viral traffic to your page.

Create an Effective Content Strategy that Speaks to Your Fans

  • Identify with your audience so you can speak their language

  • Know how to find content that will trigger viral engagement

  • Learn how to outsource your fan page management 

Fall in love with your fans, not your products

In this course, you will learn about a fundamental law that applies to every business (and life) -

the “Strategy Of Preeminence" by Jay Abraham. 

You will understand how to research your audience, speak their language, and expose them to content that they want. 

In this course, you will understand how to research your audience, speak their language, and expose them to content that they want. 

Contents and overview

The course will begin by teaching you how to be a leader--an authoritative, consultative force--in your marketplace so your fans trust your knowledge. You will be able to shift your position from selling to leading. 

Next you'll learn how to define your audience so you can provide solutions to problems, speak their language, and drive targeted traffic. 

You will be walked through a 4-step action plan to identify and define the target audience with a data-driven approach. 

You'll be shown how to use Facebook Audience Insights, so you can find out detailed information about an audience in a specific niche market.

You'll be taught what kind of content to post, what the ideal length is, and when to post. 

Two lectures will reveal 10 easy-to-implement strategies to boost fan engagement instantly. These strategies will trigger viral fan engagement, which will result free viral traffic.

Delegating fan page management is next. You will learn about which deadly pitfalls to avoid, and what the best resources are to find and hire a community manager.

Towards the end of course, you will be shown Likealyzer. This a free tool to measure the performance of your fan page, so you identify what metrics should be optimized to achieve maximum fan engagement and reach. 

By the time you complete this course, you will be in a position to leverage your businesses and trigger viral engagement and traffic.


Entrepreneur's Guide to Creating Facebook Fan Page Content
Entrepreneur's Guide to Creating Facebook Fan Page Content
Entrepreneur's Guide to Creating Facebook Fan Page Content
Entrepreneur's Guide to Creating Facebook Fan Page Content


Core Training

Meet & Greet

Overview - What Will We Cover?

Strategy Of Preeminence - Explained

Define Your Audience

4 Step Action Plan

My Secret Weapon - Audience Insights

Action Time!

The Secrets Of Great Content

Viral Engagement I: Let's Break Conventions

Viral Engagement II: Viral Content

Action Time, Baby!

Delegating Your Fan Page Management Like A Boss


Congratulations, We Are Done!

Bonus Materials

Battle Plan

Pre-written Job Swipe

Empathy Map

Bonus Lecture: Get Any of Sandor's Course for Up to 95% OFF!


Dana8 September 2019

I liked this one because it didn't just gloss over the details and actually gave you great idea's for creating Fan content.

Elda14 July 2018

Great course, the Instructor did not waste my time. I really do recommend this bundle, it turned out to be much more than I expected!????????????????????????????????????????

Peggy10 August 2017

Really enjoying the info - having a problem with the recommended likealyzer and don't know how to get it to work - not the instructor's problem, but frustrating. Otherwise some really good info in this course.

Patricia19 April 2017

Excellent training. The strategies outlined in the course are simple but extremely effective. I love the fact that I was given links to resources which will enable my business to grow exponentially.

Donald1 February 2016

Sandor Kiss has shown me in this course that he is sincere about helping businesses make an impression on Facebook. Great content and the information was very helpful.

Monica5 December 2015

I really got a lot out of this course! It was easy-to-follow, made a lot of sense, and offered creative and practical ways to engage fans and develop more material.

Fred21 November 2015

Entrepreneur’s Guide to Creating Facebook Fan Page Content by Patrick Dermak and Sandor Kiss was short but well put together. It was full of ideas for creating engaging content yet I was able to go through it in one session. Well done!

Reno11 January 2015

This is a topic I feel I know a little about but still managed to get several good tips. A knowledgeable, personable and well prepared instructor.

William4 January 2015

I enjoy this course and learn some new things. it might be good to include live demonstration from facebook pages you already admin.


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