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VideoScribe Expert Training: Producing Professional Videos

How to use third party tools to create professional audio and customized images for your VideoScribe projects

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

How to prepare your recording area with the equipment and audio software you’ll need

How to record your voice-over using third party software such as Audacity

How to make edits to your voice-over, such as removing mistakes or changing the length of the pauses

How to apply audio effects, such as noise reduction, to your recording

How to mix multiple tracks, such as a voice-over and a backing track

How to create images that draw well in VideoScribe using Illustrator

How to use layers to add colors and reveal paths to your images

How to customize the way your image colors will be drawn

How to convert complex images into SVGs that will draw well in VideoScribe


My name is Jonny Finch and I’m the Head Trainer here at Sparkol, the creators of VideoScribe. I’ve been working with VideoScribe and teaching people how to get the most out of our software for over 7 years now.

In this course, I’ll show you how you can use third party tools to help your VideoScribe projects stand out and make them even more captivating.

This course is aimed at experienced users who already know the basics and have created a number of videos using VideoScribe. In the first section you’ll learn how to use Audacity to create professional quality audio which you can use in your videos. Then in the second section you’ll learn how to use Adobe Illustrator to create your own customized images which will then draw in VideoScribe.

If you haven’t already, I recommend you complete our 'VideoScribe Fundamentals Training: Creating Animated Videos' course and/or our 'VideoScribe Advanced Training: Mastering Whiteboard Animation' course before starting this one.

This course focuses on how to use specific features within these third party tools to create your own audio and image files that enhance your VideoScribe projects. And you won’t need any existing experience using these tools as I’ll be showing you everything you need to know. Enroll now to get started!


VideoScribe Expert Training: Producing Professional Videos
VideoScribe Expert Training: Producing Professional Videos
VideoScribe Expert Training: Producing Professional Videos
VideoScribe Expert Training: Producing Professional Videos



Welcome to the course

Producing professional audio

Preparing for your recording

Recording your voice-over using Audacity

Editing your audio using Audacity

Applying audio effects using Audacity

Mixing multiple tracks using Audacity

Creating drawable VideoScribe SVG images

Creating outline images using Illustrator

Using layers to add colors and reveal paths

Customizing how colors are drawn using Illustrator

Revealing a complex image


Sarah12 April 2021

This was so helpful! My voice-over recordings already sound so much more professional from learning Jonny's audio editing tips. Thank you!

Ash7 April 2021

10/10 could not recommend enough! Just when I thought I had my VideoScribe skills covered, I came across this course and learnt a whole lot more. Thank you for the informative course, Jonny and Sparkol.

Henriette2 April 2021

Once again the course trainer has surpassed himself! Brilliant course on how to improve your audio in your scribes with 3rd party audio tools. Great tips and ideas!


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