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Video Production Masterclass: Beginner to Pro Video Creation

Create Stunning Videos as a Youtuber, Filmmaker, Vlogger, Journalist or Cinematographer. Learn Sound, Lighting & More!

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Jan 2021

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What you will learn

Create amazing videos from start to finish

Choose the right equipment (camera, lights, audio) for your video production

Capture beautiful video with any camera

Record professional audio with a variety of microphones

Use lighting to enhance your video to look professional

Edit engaging videos with modern and clean techniques

Tell stories with your videos

and so much more!


Do you want to make your own professional videos?

Whether you want to make YouTube videos, short films, or feature-length films for Netflix, this course will teach you everything you need to make amazing videos.

You will master all of the following video production techniques:

  • Storytelling

  • Equipment

  • Cinematography

  • Lighting

  • Sound recording

  • Set design

  • Video editing

  • Video promotion

  • YouTube

  • and so much more

You will receive a film school education for a fraction of the cost.

Lead instructors Mitchell Bouchard and Phil Ebiner have taken what they've learned in film school and transformed it into this practical video production course.

You will get instant access to:

  • 17+ hours of video lessons

  • Downloadable 40+ page workbook

  • Practice files to follow along

  • Premium support from instructors who care

  • Lifetime updates to course materials

Our goal for you:

The goal of this course is to add value to all potential filmmakers across the globe - whether you're a complete beginner or someone with a basic understanding of video production. Advanced sections will give you the knowledge they need to produce Youtube Content, Short Films, Corporate Videos, Wedding Films as well as Documentaries.

Make professional videos on any budget

No matter how fancy your camera is or what kind of gear you use, you can make great videos. By learning the principles of a good video (storytelling, shot composition, lighting, and editing) you will be making more engaging and higher quality videos, even with a smartphone.

If you want to make better videos, this is the course for you.

There is no reason to hesitate. Enroll now, see if you enjoy the course, and start making better videos today!


Phil, Mitchell, Will & Kevin


Video Production Masterclass: Beginner to Pro Video Creation
Video Production Masterclass: Beginner to Pro Video Creation
Video Production Masterclass: Beginner to Pro Video Creation
Video Production Masterclass: Beginner to Pro Video Creation


Introduction, Welcome to this course!


Download Workbook

Let's Begin! Slow Motion Challenge

Camera 101

How Cameras Capture Video

Choosing the right camera for Video

Budget Camera Options for video.

Cinematography 101


Best Camera Settings for Video Pt I

Best Camera Settings for Video Pt II

White Balance Pt I

How to White Balance

Color Temperature Pt I

Color Temperature Pt II


Shutter Speeds



Dynamic Range

Frame Rates

Assignment #1 - Shallow Depth of Field!

Sound 101

Mic Types / Signal to Noise Ratio

Sound Recorders

Recording Levels

Budget Options

5 Tips for Better Sound!

Capturing Sound Indoors

Capturing Sound Outdoors

Video Accessories

10 Video Accessories

Sd Cards

Best Batteries

Lighting 101

Light Types Pt I

Light Types Pt II

Light Types Part III

Bouncing Light

Diffusing Light

Negative Fill

Story 101

Breakdown of The Image Pt I - Story / Characters

Filming for YouTube

How to Film Yourself Pt I

How to Film Yourself Pt II

Simple Lighting Set Up

Simple Sound Set up

Final YouTube Set Up

How to Film an Epic YouTube Intro

Video Editing in Premiere Pro

Download and Install Premiere Pro

Download the Project Resources

Understand the Premiere Pro Interface

Import and Organize Your Media

Working in the Timeline and Basic Editing

More Editing Tools

Add Transitions to Your Video

Video Speed and Time Remapping for Speed Ramps

Edit Audio in Premiere Pro

Color Correction and Color Grading

Add Titles and Graphics

Export Your Videos from Premiere Pro

Editing in Final Cut Pro X

Download and Install Final Cut Pro X

Download the Project Resources

Understand the Final Cut Pro Interface

Import and Organize Your Media

Working in the Timeline and Basic Editing

More Editing Tools

Add Transitions to Your Video

Video Speed Ramps

Edit Audio in Final Cut Pro

Color Correction and Color Grading FCP

Add Titles and Graphics FCP

Exporting Project

More Cinematography

Composition / Perspective

Focal Lengths


Creating Depth

Camera Filters

VND Filters / Creating Depth Outside

Perlescent Filter

More Lighting

Lighting / Atmosphere

Lipstick Ad - Pre Production

Intro - Download Worksheet

Project Goal / Budget

Story / Ideas / Info

Research and Moodboards

Script / Storyboards

Creating a Shot List

Actors / Ressources


Lipstick Ad - Production

Prop Prep

Filming the Project

Lipstick Ad - Post Production

Lipstick Ad - Students Ressources

Backup Project - Lipstick Ad

Editing the Rough Cut Pt. I

Editing the Rough Cut Pt. II

Editing the Rough Cut Pt. III

Folley Capture

Final Edit Pt. I

Final Edit Pt. II

Final Edit Pt.III

Final Shot BTS Set Up

Working in Photoshop CC

Student Ressources - Photoshop CC

Creating a New Project

How to Uninstall Photoshop CC

How to Install and Update

Save Project / Export

What is Photoshop?

Adding Text

Lasso Tools

Drop Shadow Tool

Eraser / Brush Tool

Getting Stock Images

Marquee Tool


Creating a YouTube Thumbnail

Advanced Lighting / Cinematography

Modifying Stills Lenses

Support Gear

Lighting Gels

Shapping Light

Shooting Flat

Booklighting Set Up

Advanced Cinema Rig

Magic Ad

7 Step Process for Filming Video

Student Ressources - Magic AD Template

Magic Ad - Pt 1. Camera Setup

Magic Ad - Pt 2 - Sound

Magic Ad - Pt. 3 Lighting

Magic Ad - Pt. 4 Interview BTS


Product Shoot

Download Student Resources

Dramatic Product Shoot Pt I

Dramatic Product Shoot Pt II

Editing the Product Shoot Pt I

Editing the Product Shoot Pt II

Editing the Product Shoot Pt III


Thank You!


Daquan4 December 2020

I can say that I have learned so much within 3 hours of this course than I have a year in Technical College. CHEERS TO THE TEACHERS IN THIS VIDEO!!!!! Thank you all so much!!

Harold12 November 2020

Great 'beginner' course. I wish I had taken this course before making videos on my DSLR. I would haveavoided a lot of mistakes.

Andrew11 November 2020

didn't know where to find my shutter speed had to youtube it. Which is fine but it could have maybe been explained more in detail where one would locate it or what it would be under

Shami8 October 2020

yes i can say that it is a blessing to take this lesson because since i was young i used to download different apps used to edit videos and i had smaller camera which i used to take those videos i could feel great to see the outcome after editing.

Wilko30 July 2020

I've done more courses made by Phil, and this is actually absolutely not one of his best. It is presented as a 'Video Production Masterclass', but actually as such the course itself isn't a 'masterpiece'. Sloppy editing with tons of jump cuts and repeating scenes, lower thirds full of spelling errors (several times 'Ligting' instead of 'Lighting' for example) and the scenes of Mitch and the illustrator (forgot his name) are irrelevant and pointless 'discussions'. The irrelevant discussions and sloppy editing really takes the potential fun away from this course. The idea is great, but this course looks more like a 'rough cut', than a final product.

Robert27 July 2020

Not very impressed by the lack of professionalism in this course. They didn't even bother to do second takes or edit out when they make mistakes.

Chris2 July 2020

I don't like leaving negative reviews, but this course is awful. For a filmmaking course to contain missed cuts and apologies for pour lighting is pretty bad.

John10 June 2020

A great course that starts with basic concepts and technical details and builds up progressively to cover all aspects of video capture, editing and production.

Koffi5 June 2020

"Jolie avec Rouge" now all things are clear for me. thank you guys, it was a bit difficult for me with some words because french is my main language, But I've learnt many from you. Thanks

Marcos5 June 2020

Great content. Honestly, English is not my first language. Therefore, I really enjoy watching videos with subtitles. Unfortunately, there are many videos with captions that don't match what's being said. This can be particularly noticeable in the videos covering lighting. All in all, this is a great course, and so far I highly recommend it.

Benjamin20 May 2020

Very helpful class. Using different examples between the lipstick ad, magic ad, and product shoot makes it easier to see what is being taught.

Abdull16 May 2020

Nice course, the content is very well done and did help me with new things I learned like editing, audio, and, lighting.

Khalid12 May 2020

You took this course, and previously you took the first course which is ((The Complete Video Production Bootcamp)) with your friends ((William Carnahan)) and ((Sam Shimizu-Jones)) Frankly, the first previous session of this course is very much for the following reasons: 1- Clarity and diversity in presenting information in an interesting and uninteresting way 2- I can feel the degree of variation in the level of experience between the speakers 3- This course (although it is supposed to be modern), but the way to record videos and products is less in level than the previous session 4- Practical experiences in the previous session are more practical and clear 5- The sequence in the videos is not sequential and shows that there is a large time difference between recording the videos, unlike the previous session completely My final evaluation: This course: 5 out of 10 Previous session: 10 out of 10 Note: The reason for taking this course is: I expected that there would be a better update of the information and experiences of the previous session, Unfortunately, I felt very frustrated and boring while watching this course ?

Dennis12 May 2020

I have taken other courses from this creator and have been very pleased. I am already enjoying what little extra I have already learned on top of what I already know

Mahendra9 May 2020

Very nice indeed. Happy with it. This course must be taken by anyone who is serious about making videos.


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