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vSphere 7 Professional Practice Test (VMware VCP 2V0-21.20)

Prepare for the VMware 2V0-21.20 VCP 7 (Valid for VCP-DCV 2021) Datacenter exam and pass on your first try!

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vSphere 7 Professional Practice Test (VMware VCP 2V0-21.20)


120 questions


Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Pass the VMware Certified Professional Datacenter Virtualization (VCP-DCV) 2V0-21.20 exam


This exam is valid for the VCP-DCV 2021 Certification!

Welcome to the VMware 2V0-21.20 VCP 7 Datacenter Virtualization: Practice Tests from Rick Crisci.

Are you ready to pass the VMware vSphere 2V0-21.20 exam? Find out by testing yourself! This practice test includes 120 questions to help you confirm your mastery of the topics and providing you with the confidence you’ll need to take the exam.

The tests are timed in a manner similar to the actual certification test, so you’ll know when you’re taking more time than the official test allows. At the end of the test you’ll receive a personal breakdown of the questions you answered correctly and incorrectly, complete with explanation and links to external resources to help fill in any knowledge gaps!

In this practice test set, we’ll cover all the topics included in the VMware vSphere 2V0-21.20 VCP 7 DCV exam objectives, including:

·         vSphere, ESXi, vCenter

·         Security, SSO, and Role-based Access Control

·         vSphere Networking and Storage, including vSAN and VVOLs

·         vSphere Upgrades

·         Troubleshooting, Clustering, DRS, HA, FT, EVC

·         And much more!

Make sure you are ready to pass the VMware vSphere 2V0-21.20 VCP 7 DCV exam by using these practice tests, which are written to mimic the kinds of questions you will see on the actual certification test.


Omari4 September 2021

Minus points for duplicate questions and some of the answers not providing references. No overall a very solid question bank. More questions should be added per exam to better simulate the actual exam.


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