Upwork Client Psychology I - How Freelance Clients Think

Understand how clients think, decide and act to give yourself the best chance to win the job!

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What you will learn

Learn the basic motivations driving Upwork client decisions and behavior!

Discover when, why and how clients search for freelancers to solve their problems!

Understand the most common client personality types and how they differ from one another!

Learn to discover client expectations based on common freelance industries!


Ever wondered how Upwork clients think and why they make the choices they do? Why do they hire other freelancers when you're more qualified? How do they search for solutions for problems, and what solutions do they really need? What about industry expectations, and how can you avoid upsetting clients without changing who you are?

In Upwork Client Psychology 1 we'll try to answer all of those questions for you. In this course I've done my best to share useful insights from my experience as a freelancer, psychology graduate student and professional personality profiler.

The goal of this course is not to make you an expert in psychoanalysis, nor is it to improve your Upwork proposal process. Instead, we'll focus on how clients think, decide and act. This is about getting inside their heads so you better understand how to engage, interact and communicate with each client for better results.

Consider this course the pre-cursor to Advanced Upwork Proposals II (coming soon). By learning a bit of client psychology you will have what you need to improve your proposal process, get more responses faster, and have better experiences overall.

Why learn basic client psychology? By learning some of the fundamentals of how clients think, you can tailor your solutions for their needs and deliver your services in the most effective ways possible. You do this because it's smarter than shooting at shadows in a room without light.

What will I learn?

  • The client problem-solving process and how they find and choose solutions

  • The 3 types of solutions and where you fit in

  • Why clients turn to freelance platforms and what they need to feel to hire you

  • Client expectations based on the industry they're in

  • The 7 most common client personality styles and how they think and act

  • 4 other client personality styles and which ones to avoid

If you're looking to improve your Upwork or freelance processes, then this is a good place to start. Learn how clients think, decide and act. Learn industry expectations and personality styles. Learn how each client likes to communicate so you can tailor your solutions for their style and needs.

This course isn't a deep psychology course, but it does offer insights that have helped me grow multiple freelance businesses from scratch. If that's what you need, I'd love to have you join us inside.

Scroll up and enroll when you're ready to learn Upwork Client Psychology!


Q - I'm new to freelancing, will this course help me get more proposal responses?
A - While the focus isn't on proposal writing, knowing a little bit of client psychology is helpful to get better results.

Q - What is the biggest benefit of this course?
A - The more you know your client, the easier it is to influence them toward better outcomes!

Q - How much psychology background do I need to understand this course?
A - Very little. We don't dive deep into traditional historical psychology models or jargon. Instead, I've tried to distill useful psychological insights in a casual format that anyone should be able to understand.

If any of that is what you need, scroll up and join us today!


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Psychology in Freelancing

The Search for Solutions

The Problem Solving Process
The Client's Problem
Supplementary Material
What Solutions Do Clients Look For?
3 Types of Solutions

When Do Clients Turn to Freelancers?

When Do Clients Turn to Freelance Platforms?
What Does a Client's Job Post Reveal About Their Personality?
What Do Clients Need to Feel Before They Respond to You?
Why It Pays to Be Quick on the Draw
Why It Might Be Worth It to Apply Anyway
The Psychology Fueling Client Communications

Common Client Verticals & Expectations

Small Businesses
Small Business Quick Look
E-Business Quick Look
SaaS Businesses
SaaS Business Quick Look
Agency Businesses
Agency Business Quick Look
Corporate Businesses
Corporate Business Quick Look
Creative Businesses
Creative Business Quick Look
Celebrities & Influencers
Celebrity Business Quick Look

Common Client Types

The Micromanager
The Micromanager Quick Reference
The Helpful Do-Gooder
The Helpful Do-Gooder Quick Reference
The Sly Devil
The Sly Devil Quick Reference
The Creative Dreamer
The Creative Dreamer Quick Reference
The Programmer
The Programmer Quick Reference
The Comic
The Comic Quick Reference
The Alpha
The Alpha Quick Reference

Other Client Personality Types

The Newbie
The Flight Risk
The Can't Make a Decision to Save My Life
The I Want the World But Can't Pay for It


Where to Go From Here?


October 21, 2020
I absolutely love this course. Yesterday I tried some of the tips and got a response to my proposal after a few minutes only. I bought other courses from Lex and he always comes through. Great course overall, highly recommended :)
September 13, 2020
Great course! Useful for freelancers. This can help you have a higher chance of winning gigs. It also helps you avoid bad clients and work around difficult clients.
June 30, 2020
Lex is the man! Basically bought every single one of his courses so far and was never disappointed. Always gives and gives and over-delivers. Listen to this man. If you do what everybody else is doing, you're gonna get what everybody else is getting. And that's shit... Lex has a rare mentality. BOOM! That's why he has rare results. Simple but not easy. Execute. #mostwontIwill
January 28, 2020
A detailed account (based on experience!) of different client psychology type characteristics, how to recognize them already in their job post and later in the interview and how to deal with them or find the best match for you. Lots of practical advice, which is great!
January 22, 2020
If you want to understand what different Types of Clients can meet as Freelancer, not only on Upwork, you should think about how you can identify and how you can communicate with them to increase your chances to get hired.



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