SAP S/4 HANA - What You Need To Know (Enterprise Management)

Upgrade your SAP knowledge to S/4 HANA Enterprise Management (formerly known as Simple Logistics)

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May 2021

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What you will learn

Understand what has changed from SAP R/3 to SAP S/4 HANA

How to participate in a S/4 HANA project

Let to leverage the power of S/4 HANA in the project

Explore the new SAP S/4 Product suit

Learn how to use HANA new function in your code - CDS and AMDP

Introduction to SAP Fiori UX


Upgrade your knowledge to S/4 HANA - Unique content not found in any other course on the web

With SAP S/4 HANA now at version 2020, a lot has changed and business are starting to migration to S/4. Can you afford to be left behind in the S/4 HANA skillset? 

What has changed and how do companies leverage S/4 HANA as to gain a competitive advantage? What are you expected to know as you join a S/4 HANA project?    

This course cuts through all of the marketing and training hype to deliver a course that just focus on delivering the information you will require as you participate on S/4 HANA projects within the Enterprise Management area (or as it was known before, the S/4 HANA Simple Logistics)

While all other courses focus on individual technical changes that can be found in the SAP simplification list or regurgitate SAP training literature, this course is the distillation of experience of the two instructors on their S/4 HANA projects. It focus on understanding S/4 HANA core changes, how to find out more on S/4 HANA and more importantly, how to leverage these changes in the new SAP S/4 HANA environment.

Note : This course does not cover each change item in the simplification list, but rather a introductions to the core changes of S/4 HANA

Because it is built on the experience of our instructors, this represents unique context on S/4 that cannot be anywhere else. 

In this course, the instructors will cover

  • What is S/4 HANA, and how do you get access to SAP trail version  

  • What has changed in S/4 and what can be leverage. Examples given  

  • The various types of S/4 HANA projects, and key decisions points in the project   

  • SAP new database, HANA and why it is important to S/4    

  • Using SAP Core Data Service - Leveraging SAP HANA database in a business process.   

  • SAP new UX Fiori, and why it is a game changer  

  • Debugging a Fiori application  

  • What is the simplification list, and how it is used   

  • Delta changes in S/4  

  • SAP Roadmap for S/4

Note : This course primarily focus on S/4 Enterprise Management functionality, but also contains content for general S/4 HANA knowledge. As the S/4 HANA solution is still evolving, this course will be updated on a regular cycle (4 - 6 months) for the next 2 - 3 years.   

So why waste hundreds of dollars and taking another SAP S/4 HANA course, only to be show the basics or standard SAP material that at the end, teaching you nothing. This is the course to take. 

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SAP S/4 HANA - What You Need To Know (Enterprise Management)
SAP S/4 HANA - What You Need To Know (Enterprise Management)
SAP S/4 HANA - What You Need To Know (Enterprise Management)
SAP S/4 HANA - What You Need To Know (Enterprise Management)




Type of S/4 HANA project and Your Role in the Project

Getting Access to S/4 - SAP Trial version

Introduction to HANA

HANA database Part 1

HANA Database Part 2

HANA Tables and CDS

New Transaction SE16H - Demo

HANA Database - Illustration on Speed & Performance

Implication of HANA on SAP S/4

Introduction to HANA Core Data Service (CDS)

S4 Simplification list

Simplification List

MRP & ATP Changes

MRP - Changes

ATP - Faster

Fiori UX

Introduction to Fiori UX

Implication for the new Fiori UX

Fiori - A Technical Overview

Building a Fiori app

Demo Fiori

Fiori App Demo - Adding a new Tile

SAP Fiori Launchpad and adding a business role

Debugging a Fiori App - Part 1

Debugging a Fiori App - Part 2

Business Partners

Business Partners Explain

Business Partners - Concept

Business Partner Demo

Delta Changes in S4 HANA

Foreign Trade


S4 HANA Roadmap - Future

S4 HANA output managment


Doreen10 May 2021

Took this course as a starting point to refresh my memories in SAP and to start with S/4 Hana. Good course!

Syed15 March 2021

The information provided with the diagrams was very useful to understand. I will surely recommend this course to anyone who would like to learn the simple facts and usefulness of S/4 HANA. Great job.

Marcela5 February 2021

The order of how the contents were presented could be better, sometimes you would explain something without he proper context before hand, making it confusing. I also think you sometimes dove too deep into the technical aspects and I didn't see a lot of value in that. But overall it is a great course to introduce people so S/4 Hana and it definitely delivered what it promised.

Phil11 January 2021

Good but lots of jargon / assumed knowledge. And a few things said differently from what was on-screen.

Satish19 October 2020

So far so good. I like the way you structured the course but yet to see if I can get enough value out of it.

Cihan18 May 2020

This course aims as a quick way of grasping what's going to happen with S/4 HANA at HIGH level. It would be just a basis for further study and some guidance not to loose track where you are.

Sinnasamy19 November 2019

Detailed explanation. Good Communication. But all examples/updates/changes in S/4 are provided from SD background. Being a Plant Maintenance or Quality Management guys, those examples are hard to follow. On the other hand SD guys will enjoy the content. Overall Good.

Donabet12 September 2019

Have reached Section 3 now. Very poor didactics; e.g. highlighting a field but explaining another field; executing a function which didn't work, ignoring it and jumping to something else. Some confusing or misleading comments or explanations, leaving me to think "so what now, which one now?"

Serena24 June 2019

very clear in how to start the S/4 Trial. I like how he uses visuals to describe Fiori concept. Very information on how he gives an overview on the direction of the application stacks - CRM, SRM, GTS, … I'm looking forward to more info about SCM. Is it going to stay the way it is ?

Saurabh19 April 2019

Yes till now i guess this one apt to me. I want to know more about sales & Distribution configuration.

Pat19 March 2019

The mispronunciations (Flori instead of Fiori) and misspellings were very distracting. In general the main changes were listed, but some barely addressed - ie Classification and Output Management. Way too much time was spent on developer/technical debugging of Fiori Apps. I recommend you skip this and purchase S/4 HANA Training - in plain English instead.

Gábor17 December 2018

The course is good and clear, I could understand everything. One feedback to check the subtitels as they have wrong words inside. (Like Fiori > Flori)

Kaveri5 December 2018

Very well organised course for those who are new to S4 HANA & trying to figure out the real difference between ECC & S4. For sure, this course removes the marketing pitch that is all over the internet & does provide great hands on stuff for project managers. Would have loved to see a section on how companies decide between choosing migration from ECC to HANA or, decommission ECC & move to S4 from scratch. Kudos to the trainer for a very good job!

Varun22 May 2018

It is only functional, nothing technical which I was looking for Being an SAP Basis Consultant, this course doesn't help at all from technical point of view

Bruce14 October 2017

Generally very helpful for those needing an overview, but some of the over-simplifications are inconsistent. HANA, for example, is (as stated) a database. But the columnar representation is not presented in a way that an early user can understand. The tables on the screen are correct, but incomplete, and the verbal description doesn't quite match those tables.


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