Unstoppable Self Confidence - Your Key to Success!

5 practical steps you can apply to increase your confidence today

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Unstoppable Self Confidence - Your Key to Success!


1 hour


Jan 2020

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What you will learn

Be more confident

Have much more self-awareness

Discover how to use failure as feedback

Understand how to apply self-care without being selfish

How to implement the 5 steps to use on a daily basis and boost their confidence daily

How to overcome fears and take action steps


‘’Confidence is something you create within yourself by believing in who you are’’ - Unknown

Do you feel stuck? Do you feel like your life will never change?

You’re not alone. Often, the root of feeling stuck is a lack of confidence. How to become more confident is exactly what you’ll learn in this course.

This course is going to help you build your confidence step by step. It includes 7 major confidence hacks to show how you can take action immediately.

You can use any one of them at any time or day. You can choose to use these tools in any order you wish, and the more you repeat them, the higher you’ll climb on the ladder of confidence.

The higher your confidence, the more benefits you’ll acquire, including:

  • Improving your job performance

  • Becoming healthier and more positive

  • Gaining greater self-esteem and self-awareness

  • Better focus on achieving goals

  • Feeling more energized

  • Greater feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction

  • Remaining loyal to yourself, your values and beliefs

  • Accepting new challenges without fear

  • Achieving more with less stress

  • Setting realistic goals and getting the results you want

By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to let your light shine and take charge of your own success. You’ll not only feel confident, you’ll show your confidence to the world.

So go on and discover how to awaken your confidence and forge your own destiny.




Your Instructor: Rachel Smets

[Activity] Powerful Questions

5 Steps to Confidence

What is Confidence? How can it help you?

#1 - Take Action, Face Fears & Repeat it

:#2 - Connect Mind & Body

#3 - Compare Yourself to Yourself, Not Others

#4 - Surround Yourself with Supportive People

#5 - Let Go of the Past

[Activity] Courage to Change


Next Steps

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Hritik25 November 2020

At Initial stage I Thought this course would normal basic and all that stuff But while going through it I've learned understood many things .I was able to relate every single point . I am grateful to have this course and rachel as my mentor.

Dikshant16 October 2020

This was the perfect lesson for me to gain confidence. It was above my expectation. And I want to suggest that please improve transcript.

Muhammad14 September 2020

After learning these materials of confidence. I felt I am better than before. And it grows my confidence

Mona9 September 2020

All thanks for you, I have a very big benefits from this course, and i advice all people to take this course.

Khyati8 September 2020

Yes it helped quite a bit. Rest I look forward to bring these changes in practical life as well. Thankyou!

Joy8 September 2020

I was already a bit confident in myself, I decided to take this course to improve it. This course was really well explained and it gave me several tips to improve my confidence that I didn't know before. Thank you!

Patricia3 September 2020

J'ai déjà beaucoup lu et étudié sur ce sujet. Ce fût un beau rappel de l'essentiel pour augmenter la confiance en soi. Facile à comprendre même si ce n'est pas dans ma langue maternelle. Le professeur est motivante.

Adeyemo31 August 2020

I have been enjoying the lectures so far and putting what I have learnt to good use (it's not so easy but I must build my confidence!). This is a really helpful lecture. Thank you so much.

Hammed27 August 2020

Is a good course that can help every students who seeks knowledge to redirect their energy towards a positive direction.

Bekezela27 August 2020

The lesson was incredible, I really loved point #5, This connects so much with #1 because I always fear the past especially on points that I did not do well. I realize it is the past failures that I keep holding on to and this kills my confidence

Sandi27 August 2020

I will definitely have to go through this at least once more without as many distractions I had this time! It really makes sense that we help ourselves in order to help others because it doesn't work the other way around. Walk the walk. Thank you Rachel

Victoria30 November 2019

Este curso me ha encantado porque me ha ayudado a entender los obstáculos que me impiden ser feliz y recuperar la confianza en mí misma. La manera como Rachel comunica es muy sencilla y fácil de practicar. ¡Hace fácil lo que vemos difícil!

Thomas13 October 2019

Many aspects of this course are commonsense. We should know this as second nature. However, life isn't so straightforward and when we're mired in doubt, fear and insecurity about ourselves and our plans, we procrastinate. Thus begins the spiral downwards to failure and regret. This course appeared at the right time for me. I have my ideas and I have goals but lacked the requisite spark of self-belief to make those ideas become my reality. This course has reminded me that I'm actually a good guy and the white noise of everyday life has been deafening me to my own personal truth. Thanks to Rachel and her crew for opening my eyes and rekindling my self-belief. Obviously, things happen for a reason and life offers us endless lessons and opportunities. This course has helped me to unlock my beautiful future.

Rupinder26 September 2019

Its a good course which helps an individual to understand their weak areas and work on strengths. Its a wisdom of goodness packed into a concise lecture. Fact that it is free of cost makes it more accessible by millions across the world, which in turn is good for humanity and productivity.

Daljeet31 August 2019

What I am learning by this course, is helping me to build my CONFIDENCE step by step and I know the more I use the tools and techniques in my life, the higher I'll climb on the ladder of confidence. Really it was a great step towards learning skills to improve our self confidence.


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