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Unreal Engine 5 Beginner Blueprints: Make your first game!

Become a game developer in 6 hours by creating an entire puzzle platformer in UE5 without a single line of code!

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

How to make an entire game that doesn't suck!

A foundational knowledge of UE5, that can be applied to any project

How to install UE5, create new projects, and navigate the engine

How to program without a single line of code

How to edit levels

Basic lighting, fog, and post processing fundamentals

How to create menus, like pause screens, death screens, and level selection menus

How to add additional improvements to take your games to the next level


As a complete beginner, learning game development can be hard. My goal is that this course will make the process as fun and easy as possible!

In just 6 hours, I'll teach you how to create an entire game without any prior game development experience. Throughout every video, I thoroughly explain the necessary systems we're using in a clear and comprehensive way, so that by the end of this course, you'll not only have completed a game, but you'll also have a foundational knowledge of Unreal Engine that you can use to start making games on your own.

(Course owners will also get a free download for the project files I created for this series, that can be used for anything you like!)

Here’s everything that this course will cover.

The Basics:

I’ll teach you how to install UE5, make new projects, and edit levels with custom imported objects.

Programing a Professional Player Character:

We’ll add sprinting, customize our characters movement settings specifically to fit our game, then implement realistic, 3D sound effects and camera shake to enhance the games feel.

Reusable Blueprints:

Throughout the course I’ll show you how to create multiple Blueprints that you can reuse in all your levels, and easily set custom parameters for the important variables in them. We’ll be able to drag and drop these Blueprints to create full scale levels in just minutes. We’ll make things like subtitles, dangerous spikes, moving platforms, and pressure plates to activate them.

We’ll also create a dynamic item collection system, where the collectables are used to open the exit for each level. You’ll learn how to make systems that dynamically react to how many collectables are in your scene.

Level Design and Creation:

We’ll also take some time to go over a few basic level design principles, and draw out designs for each of our levels. After designing our levels, we’ll drag and drop our reusable Blueprints to construct every one super quickly and efficiently.

I’ll even teach some basic lighting and post processing systems that you can use to bring life to even the simplest scenes.

Programing Menus using Widgets:

After creating our levels, you’ll learn all about creating different kinds of menu, like a main menu where you can select levels you want to play, a pause screen that stops the game and allows users to return to the main menu, as well as a death screen and end screen.

Polishing and Improvements:

Once we’ve essentially finished our game, we’ll go back into our Blueprints, and make some tuning adjustments, bug fixes, and add extra sounds.

Become a video game developer today, you won’t regret it!


Unreal Engine 5 Beginner Blueprints: Make your first game!
Unreal Engine 5 Beginner Blueprints: Make your first game!
Unreal Engine 5 Beginner Blueprints: Make your first game!
Unreal Engine 5 Beginner Blueprints: Make your first game!


The Basics

Downloading Unreal Engine 5

Creating a new project

Basic hotkeys, and engine navigation

Importing objects to use in your projects

Project setup, and player character mechanics

Creating our project

Introduction to Blueprint

Cleaning up our character Blueprint

Adding a sprint ability

Tuning our player movement

Adding a head bobbing effect

Adding player sound effects

Moving platforms

Creating our moving platforms

Adding pressure plates

Adding sounds to our pressure plates, and platforms

Adding spike obstacles

Creating a fade in/out widget

Adding spikes and a death screen

Adding gems and our exit door system, and subtitles system

Adding gems and our exit door system

Subtitles system

Designing our levels

Level design overview

Designing level 1

Designing level 2

Designing level 3

Designing level 4

Building our levels

Lighting and prepping our template level

Building our first level

Building our second level

Building our third level

Building our fourth level

Linking our levels

Adding menus, and end screen

Creating the end screen

Adding our main menu, and level selection screen

Adding the pause menu

Polish and improvements

Improving the character blueprint

Improving our spike blueprint

Test you game, and adjust the difficulty

Adding reliable play area boundaries

Adding a looping soundtrack


That's all, now go make something awesome!


Daniel30 August 2021

Thanks to this amazing course i am now able to create some pretty cool stuff in unreal engine. At first i thought I wasn't really learning anything but when i went to create my own in-game functions, i was fully able to create them without the need of doing much research thanks to this course. I really recommend this course if you want to start out with unreal engine 5 .

Origional29 August 2021

Well that was worth every penny penny and hour spent. I really enjoyed this and well not one single line of code and that makes things even better. Buy this course and you will not regret it,.

Jonas26 August 2021

Fast paced and to the point makes it quick to get results. Clear and direct teching style with emphasis on how and sometimes why. The sound is a little low, and I would have preferred 1080p resolution of videos, but mayby thats nitpicking. It was a fun experience overall.

Viktor19 August 2021

The instructor doesn't do a great job at explaining stuff. Also says "Umm" a lot which I don't enjoy a lot!

Scott15 August 2021

This is a fantastic course. The instructor does an excellent job of presenting the major functions of a video game (level concerting and design, menus, collision) so much so that I can see myself coming back to this project to see exactly how it was done so that I could implement it in my game. Great work and I look forward to taking more classes from this instructor.

Georg31 July 2021

Nice and quick walk through of the basics. I've worked in Unity for several years, but want to test Unreal

Scott10 July 2021

Haven't finished yet, but it's excellent so far. I'm having a ton of fun. The instructor is clear and concise. Loving it.


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