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Unreal Engine 4 - Build Your First Game with UE4!!

Become a Game Developer! From empty project to full game. Create your own effects, gameplay mechanics, menus, and more.

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine

Basics of UE4

Simple Game Theory

Installing the Unreal Engine

Managing projects

Blueprint code

How to create all the basic components of a small game from start to finish.


Unreal Engine 4 is one of the most powerful and accessible game engines currently available and with the release of Unreal Engine 5 just around the corner, there's no better time to start your Epic journey.

Learn to not only use UE4 but gain transferable skills that will assist you in any game development endeavour.

Build a complete game from an empty project up to packaging and sharing your work while getting an understanding of:

  • The Unreal Interface and ecosystem

  • Player Input and character movement

  • Working with Splines

  • Level creation

  • Creating custom level design tools

  • UI and Widgets

  • Textures

  • Materials

  • Effects

Using a familiar "Roll a Ball" style game as the template for the course you'll get the opportunity to learn a huge amount about the Unreal Engine and understand how to transfer that knowledge into your projects.

Not only that, but as we go through the course we will take the time to not only get things functional and leave it there as in many beginner examples. We'll take deeper dives into refining player movement to be more enjoyable for the user. Looking at efficient ways to make reusable tools. Adding particle and sound effects to add impact to our game, all while keeping a focus on good programming practices.


Unreal Engine 4 - Build Your First Game with UE4!!
Unreal Engine 4 - Build Your First Game with UE4!!
Unreal Engine 4 - Build Your First Game with UE4!!
Unreal Engine 4 - Build Your First Game with UE4!!



Making the Most of the Course

Complete Project - Download

Assets - Download

Section Slides - Download

Intro to the Engine

Module Introduction

Installing the Epic Launcher

Exploring the Epic Launcher

Installing the Unreal Engine

Project Creation


BONUS - Minimal UI

BONUS - GUI Compression

Navigating Unreal

Module Introduction

The Unreal Interface

Project Folders (Importing Assets)

Default Pawn Movement


BONUS - Default Window Open Location

Intro to Blueprints

Module Introduction

Class Types



Function Execution Order

Simple Movement

Framerate Independent Movement

Alternative Movement Logic



Module Introduction

Player Setup

Player Input Bindings

Player Collision


Player Movement Part 1

Player Rotation

Player Movement Part 2

Player Class Tidy


Intro to GameMode

Module Introduction

Creating Game Modes


Interactive Classes

Module Introduction


Interactive Base

Interactive Pickup


Interactive Magnetic Pickup

Interactive Level Goal

Interactive Level Goal


Module Introduction

Spline Creation

Level Spawner Implementation

Using Splines

Improving Level Spawner

Coin Pickup Spawner

Coordinate Space



Module Introduction

Widget Designer

Widget Graph

Widget Buttons


Button Interactions

Displaying Widgets

Player Controllers



Module Introduction

Cascade Vs Niagara

Cascade Mesh And Scale

Cascade - Rotation, Life & Drag


Cascade - Jump Pad Effect

Cascade - Goal Effect

Cascade - Playing Effects


Module Introduction

Exploring Materials

Creating Materials

Material Instances


Unlit Material

Level Creation

Project Tidy

Module Introduction

HUD Pickup

HUD Timer


Menu Wrap-up

Level Goal

Bringing it All Together

BONUS - No Bindings!


Course Conclusion

Module Introduction

Player Improvements

Building Projects

Course Conclusion


Søren24 June 2021

It's a good all-around course. It will tell you alot of "good to know" stuff and what to look out for. There is also some challenge along the way, which i think is a good thing for the students in the course.

Siegr18 June 2021

This is THE starter course for beginners. Rob won't just do things step by step with little to no explanation, quite the contrary! He takes the time to explain how things work in Unreal and in programming in general. Besides that, it's a slow paced course where he let the problems show up/happen and only then provides the steps to implement what is intended. Now, sum this with small challenges that you WILL be up to the task, because Rob prepared you before hand...the result is you getting more and more engaged and, thus, actually learning instead of repeating. It really helps you cement what does what and how your actions impact what is going on on the screen. TL;DR: If you want real classes and a teacher that takes the time to explain stuff, go for it! If you want a quick "how to" that only shows what buttons to press - this is the complete opposite!

Jamie25 May 2021

I love how this course relates the explanations to the context of how you would potentially set up a game from scratch. many courses only teach you the relevant theory to create the type of game they are making whereas you get much more of a general grounding that helps you to understand how and where things should be used.

Christian5 April 2021

This is a great kick start to learn the core basic of Unreal Engine. The examples are easy to follow and very well explain with a lot of good information event if the concepts are deep stuff. I love it !

Val1 April 2021

The instructor explains everything clearly and does not rush in to anything that might potentially scare off begginers (like me!) wanting to learn Unreal and Blueprints. Really great introductory course that is both challenging and rewarding in a way that isn't overwhelming or seems impossible to complete.

Krillinator27 February 2021

What a journey it's been. The course is constantly being updated and talked about in both Discord and Udemy. The feedback has been tremendous and the community: helpful! Things started clicking by the end of each section and i would suggest writing notes for yourself on what you thought was difficult, to improve your knowledge. Also google terminologies you do not understand, and you're pretty much good to go. 5/5 - satisfied Thanks!

Ahmed5 February 2021

Instructor teaches you how to think like a game designer in addition to teaching the engine, very well designed course.

Jan24 January 2021

This course thought me alot as a newb. the in's and outs of the program. how too start thinking about solving problems. Kudos really great tutorial serie's

Grant16 January 2021

There are a number of wonderful UE4 instructors here on Udemy. Dev's (Rob) in one of my favourites. This course really does reflect his years of experience. I am not completely new to gamedev but I found I learnt alot from this course. I really look forward to buying more of Dev's courses.

Nasser12 January 2021

By far one of my favorite courses. Normally with a lot of unreal courses many of the logic that gets created comes prebuilt with the character class. This is fine if you are already working on a game and you don't want to put to much thought into certain game mechanics i.e how to get the character to move. Many tutorials out there use character classes to demonstrate a certain functionality and to me this just feels like their glossing over the concept and not really talking about the core ideas behind it. With this course Rob uses a pawn class which does not have a lot of built functionality. Which means he actually goes through and talks about how to make each gaming mechanic in depth. Unlike a lot of unreal courses I don't feel like the concepts presented in the course were ever rushed. I also like that he goes over how to debug in blueprints which was something I had never seen before. He also gives a good amount of time in making the blueprint look very organized which is something I greatly appreciate. My first review did not cover these important aspects and now having complete more than half the course I realized that these concepts are really important if your trying to make any long term project.

Christopher8 January 2021

An excellent course that provided a great understanding of the basis of the engine, and how to get into making your own games. I felt the lectures were well structured, and each part was thoroughly explained and walked through in a way that would help a new developers and those who have experience in programming but want to get into UE a bit more.

Jack5 January 2021

Clear concise explanations with a lot of really useful and reusable topics covered that should extend to my future projects. They cover things like programming practices, blueprint readability and maintainability, things I haven't really seen in intro unreal tutorials so far and I don't have any programming background so it seems like that might help going forward.

Jarom16 December 2020

There are two primary things that set this course above others from here on Udemy or youtube. - First, this that the instructions are clear but explanations are given for the instructions. So many youtube videos or even other courses simply give a step by step, click here, type this, without any of the reasoning behind it. This course brings the WHY, not just the HOW to do things in Unreal. - Second, is the attention to detail in showing how to set good habits and to keep clean and readable blueprints. This is rare if touched on at all in other courses. To anyone interested in real professional instruction on Unreal Engine then this course is essential!


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