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Udemy Online Course Creation MasterClass - Unofficial

Online Course Creation - Create Your Online Business and Financial Freedom - Passive Income with Online Courses

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Apr 2021

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The hassle-free way for creators to earn a living from their passion
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What you will learn

Discover how to replicate my success as a best selling online course instructor - I share all my detailed knowledge from my experience of selling on Udemy for seven years

Select the ideal topic to match your passion and expertise

Step by Step identify the best topic for you that matches student demand and will sell

Use a clear framework for creating your online course - that you can use again and again for any course

Understand how to communicate the benefits of your course to your audience and their challenges and struggles

Launch successfully and grow your income from Online Courses here on Udemy and elsewhere

Earn passive income - money while you sleep (or go to the beach!)

And So Much More...


Udemy Online Course Creation MasterClass - Unofficial


Revised in 2021

Are you a Digital Entrepreneur or aspire to be one?

Are you a Stay-At-Home Mom looking to generate extra income?

Are you a Freelancer, Coach, Consultant or Author who has been struggling to earn extra income from your expertise with online courses?

In this course I show you the easiest solution to over come these challenges - creating and selling online courses!

Do you hate your job?

Do you dream of making a passive income from Online Courses but just don't know where to start?

Do you have a course you just know will sell but cannot get it off the blocks?

Have you launched a course but its sales are disappointing?

It took me six months to create my first online course

My first attempt at creating an online course failed - the audio was terrible

For my second attempt which also failed, I realised I had to get an HD camera and improve the lighting

On my third attempt, good audio and HD video my course made me $1,000 in the first month

Too many courses tell you what to do but keep the best parts of how to do it for their follow up course

Together we will discover how to:

  • Plan a course that will sell

  • Produce high quality, engaging and informative course content

  • Publish your course with a launch strategy

  • Promote to grow your sales

  • Profit from all your hard work

We are going to do this together- step by step.

Plan. Produce. Publish. Promote. Profit.

It’s all here and when I learn new tactics and strategies. So do you.

I want you to stop and think what you would do with $1,000 if you could make it from an online course -even if it took several months to earn it?

Now think of two good ways to spend some of that money investing in yourself!

This Course is not like any other and 149,065 enrolments in my courses with an overall instructor rating of 4.40 is the proof!

In the past seven years I have built a consistent 5 figure income from my online courses. Last year we moved house and I did little or no work for six months and my income went up!

Why takes THIS course creation course?

This course has been designed to be comprehensive - for all levels taking you from beginner to advanced!.

Bestselling course A has 3.5 hours of video and 4 downloadable resources.

Best selling course B has 6 hours of video, 10 articles and 4 downloadable resources.

My course has 13.5 hours of on demand video, 3,5 hours of on demand audio, 3 articles and 74 downloadable resources.

Which will be better for you?

Why the difference? Because I am putting everything into this masterclass. I am not keeping back the best bits for a later advanced classes.

Ask yourself which will help you more?

Is mine the best class you can take? Probably!

What are you waiting for? Enroll today!


Now Including the following additional Bonus Courses:

Planning: Using Udemy Insights to Help With Course Topic Selection

Publication: Udemy SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Promotion: Online Course Marketing Blueprint


Enroll Today!

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Udemy Online Course Creation MasterClass - Unofficial
Udemy Online Course Creation MasterClass - Unofficial
Udemy Online Course Creation MasterClass - Unofficial
Udemy Online Course Creation MasterClass - Unofficial


Master Udemy Course Creation - Introduction

Why you CAN become a Master of Udemy Courses!

12 of the Most Difficult Problems Faced by Course Creators

Please Introduce Yourself

Student Q&A - Answers to Questions which might interest all Students

Student Q&A: Structuring Courses, Sections and Lectures

What is the best >$50 Mic?

PLANNING: Positioning Yourself As An Expert

Expert Positioning Section Overview

What are you Expert at?

ACTIVITY; Brainstorm Your Expertise

Find Something You Are Passionate About

Who is your Audience?

What do Students want?

Problem Identification

Avoiding Subjects - What NOT to Teach

How are you going stand out?

Expert Positioning - Section Summary

PLANNING - What do you know about Udemy?

What do you know about Udemy - Section Overview

The Benefits of an Online Course

Why it makes sense NOW to become an Online Instructor

Why Online Courses Can Change Your Life Part 1

Why Online Courses Can Change Your Life Part 2

Three Reasons to Publish on Udemy

Six Habits of Successful Udemy Instructors

Why You Should Watch Courses By Other Udemy Instructors

How to Produce a Great Online Course

What do you know about Udemy Section Summary


Equipment and Resources Checklist

PLANNING: Topic Selection

Topic Selection Overview

Topic Selection is a Science Not an Art - Whats in it for me?

What is the Single Objective of your Course?

Which Topics do well in Udemy?

Evergreen Topics

Activity: Nine Step Topic Selection Exercise

Topic Selection Checklist

Topic Selection Section Summary and Wrap Up

PLANNING: BONUS COURSE -Using Udemy Insights to Help With Course Topic Selection

Udemy Insights - Insight in to Udemy - Watch This First!

Udemy Marketplace Insights - what is the Opportunity?

Marketplace Insights Initial Analysis - Information Intelligence Interpretation

Course Ranking Results - Look What You Could Achieve!

Udemy Marketplace Insights - What are Topics?

Udemy Marketplace Insights - Why Should You Use Udemy Marketplace Insights?

Udemy Marketplace Insights - How to Get Started with Udemy Insights

Before You Get Started - Download the Spreadsheet Template

How to Find Marketplace Insights and Opportunity Overview

ACTIVITY: Create an Initial List of the Topics

Now Open the Udemy Marketplace Insights Analysis Spreadsheet

The Course Supply Demand Equation in a Topic

ACTIVITY: The Course Supply Demand Equation Data Collection

Course Sales Revenues

Median or Average Monthly Earnings?

ACTIVITY: Collect the Course Sales Revenue Data for your Topics

Enrollments by Channel

Conversion Rates

ACTIVITY: Add the Channel Enrollments and Conversion Data to your Template

Course Competition

ACTIVITY: Use Your Data to Evaluate the Relative Competition For Each Topic

Market Opportunity

ACTIVITY: Evaluate the Market Opportunity for Your Topics

How to Find Keywords in Marketplace Insights

How to use Keywords from Marketplace Insights in your Course to maximum effect

ACTIVITY: Collect and Collate the Keywords for Your Primary Topic

Why are Related Topics Helpful?

What Can you learn from the Top Earning Courses in Insights?

ACTIVITY: Collect the information on the Top Courses in Your Topic

Udemy Updates the Rating and Review System

Udemy Marketplace Insights Adds Language Filters

Market Place Insight Summary

PLANNING - Getting the Details Right First Time

Why you need a Road Map for Your Course from Day One

Why Your Course Title is Vital and How To Get It Right

How to Make Your Course Images Stand Out

Discover What Professor Kristen Palana can teach you about Course Images

PRODUCTION: Create Lectures in under 30 min

How to Create a Udemy Course Lecture in Under 30 Minutes - Introduction

How to Create a Udemy Course Lecture in Under 30 Minutes - Overview

How to Create a Udemy Course Lecture in Under 30 Minutes - Equipment

How to Create a Udemy Course Lecture in Under 30 Minutes - Editing Process

How to Create a Udemy Course Lecture in Under 30 Minutes - Summary

OLP Bonus: Time Management Strategies for Udemy Course Instructors

Bonus: Udemy Course Creation, eMail Signups & List Building with James Burchill

PRODUCTION: Key Production Steps For Your Udemy Course

Udemy Course Length and Number of Lectures

Udemy Course Structural Recommendations

Udemy Course Structural Recommendations - Notes for Download

Getting Your Course Length Right - Don't Wast Time and Effort

Lecture Creation Sequence is Simple - Don't put the cart before the horse!

How to Get the Most Out of Your Lecture Titles and Descriptions

Why Your Course Description has to Sell Your Course and How to Do it

12 Elements of a Highly Effective Outline

Don't Mess Up Your Personal Image

What Does Your Personal Biography Say About You?

How to Create a Transcript of Your Lecture using Dragon Dictate

PRODUCTION: Master Essential Copywriting Skills

Mini Copywriting Course Introduction

Copywriting Training - Headlines

Copywriting Training - Sales Pitch

Copywriting Training - Power Words

Copywriting Training - Soft Skills

Copywriting Training - Common Mistakes

PUBLICATION: BONUS COURSE: Udemy SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

What is a Search Algorithm?

How to Use Primary and Secondary Keywords

Bonus: Effective Online Marketing Audio Book

How to Optimise Your Course Title for SEO

How to Optimise Your Course Sub Title for SEO

How to Optimise Your Course Description for SEO

Choosing Your Course URL

How Course Sales Affect Your Course Ranking in Udemy

Why Course Pricing can affect your Course Ranking in Udemy

How to Use Your Course Analytics to Improve Your Course Ranking

Level of Engagement

Why Course Quality Actions Impact Ranking in Udemy

What Can You Discover from Your Competitors Listing?

Organic Ranking vs Search Term Ranking in Udemy

Bonus CheckList: Udemy Course Search Engine Optimisation

PUBLICATION: Promotional Video Optimisation

Making a Promo Video That Sells Your Course

How to Create a High Converting Promotional Video for your Udemy Course

Case Study: An Example of a Udemy Course Promotional Video made using my Method

Udemy Course Promotional Video Slide Deck

Udemy Course Promotional Video Script Checklist

PROMOTION - Marketing Introduction

Introduction to Marketing for Udemy Instructors

The 4 Ps of Marketing

Push vs Pull Marketing

Three Types of Marketing Campaigns

Know Your Customer

How to Write an Effective Marketing Message

The Importance of Marketing Management

PROMOTION: BONUS COURSE: Online Course Marketing Blueprint

Introduction - What we are going to cover

Course Marketing Strategy - 1 Branding

Course Marketing Strategy - 2 Website

Course Marketing Strategy - 3 Content Creation

Course Marketing Strategy - 4 Lead Magnets

Course Marketing Strategy - 5 Email

Course Marketing Strategy - 6 Youtube

Course Marketing Strategy - 7 Facebook

Course Marketing Strategy - 8 Automation

Course Marketing Strategy - 9 Free

Course Marketing Strategy - 10 Podcasting

Course Marketing Strategy - 11 Webinars

Course Marketing Strategy - 12 Funnels

Course Marketing Strategy - 13 Traffic

ACTIVITY - Online Course Marketing Workbook

Course Marketing Strategy - Course Summary and Wrap Up

PROMOTION - Marketing Channels and Strategies for Udemy Instructors

Online Marketing Channels

Offline Marketing Channels

What is Search Engine Marketing?

What is Content Marketing?

Simple Seven Step Content Marketing Strategy

What is Video Marketing?

Effective Video Marketing Strategies

15 Ways to Entertain, Instruct and Inform with Video Marketing

Why You Must Use Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

How to Use Your Course Links

Marketing Section Summary

PROMOTION: Promotion Strategies

How to Optimise Your Udemy Course in the Udemy Marketplace

Six Actions to Take to Improve Your Udemy Course Students' Experience

How I Promote My Udemy Courses Strategically to My Udemy Students

PROMOTION - Tactics to Accelerate Sales

The First Rule Of Sales, A Framework and Tactics

CTAs, Seven Points of Contact and Where to Sell

Building Communities and Email Lists

How to Nuture Your List

Tracking, Training and Joint Ventures

AIDA, Launching and Business Cards!


Introduction: Is this Course for You? Watch this ONE Lecture to find out

Introduction: Is this Course for You? Watch this ONE Lecture to find out

Basic Structure: The Basic Structure of a Promotional Announcement

Basic Structure: How Do You Format Your Course Links in Your Promo?

Basic Structure: Please Do This One Thing For Me - Essential Building Block!

Basic Structure: Add this to your Announcements: Join My Facebook Community

Case Study Example: Long Form Promotional Announcements

Case Study Example: Compact Structured Promotional Message

Case Study Example: High Cred Promotional Announcement

Case Study Example: Image Led Promotional Announcement

Case Study Example: Why Not Try BOGOF?

Case Study Example: Try This Punchy Promo Announcement

Case Study Example: How to Market A Course Update with a Promol Announcement

Activity: Create Your Own Promotional Announcement Now!

Effective Titles: How to Create Effective Promotional Announcement Email Titles

Tips and Tricks: Should You Promote to ALL the Students in Your Course?

Tips and Tricks: Social Proof Your Signature In Your Promotional Announcements

Tips and Tricks: Boosting Sales with Bonuses

Tips and Tricks: Using Ratings and Reviews as a PS

Tips and Tricks: Promotion Expires Tonight!

Tips and Tricks: Anchor Text Simple But Effective

Tips and Tricks: Preview For Free

Images: Using Course Landing Page Images to Highlight Your Courses

Images: Adding Gifs to Your Promotional Messages

Effectiveness: How Effective Are Your Promotions?

Effectiveness: What are your Best Courses for Promotions?

Effectiveness: ACTIVITY: Create Your Own Promotional Analysis Spreadsheet

Key Questions: What is the Best Day of the Week for a Promotion?

Key Questions: What is the Best Date in the Month for a Promotion?

Key Questions: How Many Courses Should I Include In A Promotion?

Key Questions: What is the Best Way to Send Multiple Promotional Announcements?

Educational Announcements: Why Not Offer Free Coaching?

Educational Announcements: Why Not Run a 5 Day Challenge?

Educational Announcements: Why Not Offer A Free Webinar?

Educational Announcements: Why Not Send a Video Message?

Educational Announcements: Why Not Offer Office Hours?

Educational Announcements: Why Not Ask A Stimulating Question?

Create An Example: Lets Create the Promotional Announcement For This Course

Create An Example: Promotional Announcement Email Drafting

Create An Example: Promotional Announcement Email Final Draft

Promo Announcement Test: Simple Multiple Course Promo Test

Promotional Announcement Emails - Course Summary and Wrap Up

PROMOTION: Create a Lead Funnel

Udemy Course - Creating a Lead Magnet Funnel to Build Your Email List

Udemy Course - The Lead Funnel Process Explained Diagramatically

Udemy Course - How to Create Your Lead Magnet

Udemy Course - How to Create a Promo Video for Your Lead Magnet

Udemy Course - How to Create a Sign Up Page with a Promo Video

Udemy Course - How to Create a Sign Up Page without a Promo Video

Udemy Course - How to Create a New Email List in aWeber

Udemy Course - Creating a New Sign Up Form in aWeber

Udemy Course - How to Create Your First Follow On Message

Udemy Course - How to Set Up Your Thank You Page

Udemy Course - How to Create a Thank You Page in Lead Pages

Udemy Course - How to Create a Success Page in Lead Pages

PROMOTION: Using Images and Automation

Introduction to Udemy Course Image and Automation Marketing Section

Udemy Course Image and Automation Marketing Part 1

Udemy Course Image and Automation Marketing Part 2

Udemy Course Image and Automation Marketing Part 3

Udemy Course Image and Automation Marketing Part 4

Udemy Course How to Automate Tweets with Images using Hootsuite


How to List Your Udemy Course on a Coupon Code Site

How to promote your Udemy Course on BBHF - Instructional video by Syed Bukhari

Why You Need a Udemy Course Black Friday Marketing Strategy

MANAGEMENT - How I Structure & Plan My Udemy Courses Business

Introducing this Online Udemy Course Business Objectives and Planning Module

The Six Step Online Udemy Course Business Model

Discover My Content Creation Framework for Udemy Courses

Understand the Importance of Brand Building for Your Udemy Course Business

Why Udemy Course Pricing is Critical - Don't Make the Mistakes Others Make

Sharing my Primary Udemy Business Objectives with You

Describing my Online Udemy Course Business in a Simple Diagram

My Primary Udemy Course Execution Strategies Revealed

Detailed Measurement Metrics do I Use to Manage my Udemy Course Online Business

Discover the Detailed Strategies I am Implementing in my Udemy Course Business

Webinar Version: How I Structure My Udemy Course Online Business

Download the PDF of the Slide Deck for this Module

Master Udemy Course Creation - Conclusions and Wrap Up

Udemy Course - Conclusions and Wrap Up



Three Core Strategies to Make Money with Udemy

Overview of the Udemy Course Landscape Part 1

Overview of the Udemy Course Landscape Part 2

Competitive Analysis - Make Your Udemy Course Compete and Stand Out Part 1

Competitive Analysis - Make Your Udemy Course Compete and Stand Out Part 2

Key Questions Relating to Udemy Course Design

Some Essential Content Every Course Should Have

Come and Meet Me - I'd Like to Get to Know You

Connect with John Colley

Rate This Udemy Course - Single Slide Image

Special Udemy Course Promotional Materials

Udemy Course Affiliate Programme Promotion

Udemy Course Category - Business

Udemy Course Category - Technology

Other Udemy Course Categories

Udemy Course Categories and Sub Categories Updated

How to Choose the Udemy Course Right Sub Category - Mar 2015 Update

Update Oct 2017: Categories, Sub Categories and Topics

Mar 2016 Update: New Udemy Pricing Policies

Udemy Course Pricing Strategy - Introduction and Low Pricing

Udemy Course Pricing Strategy - High Pricing

Udemy Course Pricing Strategy - Mid Pricing

Udemy Course Pricing Strategy - Attendance

Udemy Course Pricing Strategy - Financial Return

April 2016 Pricing Update

Udemy Course Selling Strategy in the Udemy Course Marketplace

How to Price Your Udemy Course in Udemy - Be Progressive

Udemy Course - Pay What You Want Strategy

Udemy Course Marketing - Why Giving Free Coupons Can Work

Understanding Udemy Organic Sales

Understanding Udemy Insights

Are Categories and Sub Categories Important for Organic Sales?

How do Courses Rank Organically in Udemy?

Use Canva, Instagram and Flipagram in Your Udemy Course Marketing Part 1

Use Canva, Instagram and Flipagram in Your Udemy Course Marketing Part 2


Andrew20 August 2020

I like John's delivery and enthusiasm. He speaks very clearly and concisely and I like his honesty about his own mistakes. I feel that I will come away from this with a strong grounding in course creation, which I look forward to applying to my first course.

Isaac2 April 2020

Very helpful so far....very practical and engaging offering step by step guidelines for me as a beginner. Thanks John.

Miranda1 April 2020

I just started, but from what I'm hearing so far I've really enjoyed it. The instructor seems to know what he's talking about, very thorough and I've bought many online course creation courses, this one is one of the most enjoyable ones, and I'm still learning something new. I like the way he speaks, it's very clear, well modulated, it keeps me engaged, versus some instructors who seem to drone and I had to force myself to stay attentive. I listened to the free preview videos, and that really helped me to get a sense whether I'd enjoy this course or not. Being a trainer and a speaker myself, I think I'm going to enjoy the rest of the course and learn useful things.

David25 December 2019

The course is very good. John explains the subject very clearly so it is easy to understand. I will have to go back and watch the database lessons again as watching once is insufficient.

Anna20 September 2019

John Colley gives us a compelling overview of how to create courses on Udemy. I, personally, can use the information to create an online course on another platform as well.

Joyce3 April 2019

Love John's no nonsense approach and degree of information you get from his Masterclasses. I have purchased a few of them and never disappointed. Thank you John! Trust I will have my course up with the best of them soon... =)

Alan20 September 2018

I am a very experienced author and trainer with NO online training experience. I am learning a great deal about a fundamentally different market. I am particularly impressed by his honesty. Instead of telling us how wonderful he is and how great his course is, he has told us that he has lots of work to do. Not many people are so honest.

Sean19 June 2018

Very insightful! Makes the stress of creating a course from scratch and wondering if it's going to be any good a LOT more manageable. Thank you John!

Esteban7 February 2018

A unique approach for creating courses, and insights strategy from UDEMY, amazing case study of Social Media Marketing course.

Juan25 January 2018

Desde el primer capitulo el autor aborda los temas importantes que a uno le interesa al crear un curso en Udemy

Bill17 January 2018

John Colley has done his homework! His course is detailed and easy to follow. His passion for ranking Udemy courses is evident and the screenshots make it easy to follow.

Haritha15 January 2018

Based on what I have seen till now,it's the best course in this area.Thanks John,for creating such a wonderful course.

Tania10 January 2018

I found the course to be very detailed and informative. John is engaging and obviously is very knowledgeable in the field. His explanations are clear, concise and to the point. I'm looking forward to putting this information into practice. Thank you John!

David19 October 2017

I found this course to be very in-depth and covered the subject matter in a clear and methodical way, there were a few areas of the course that had me lost due to content that I found a little long in its delivery. Overall I really enjoyed this course and am happy to recommend it to others looking for a course on this subject. I have taken a few of John Colley’s other courses on Udemy and always enjoy them.

Ashley14 June 2017

He is great at answering to the people, not just filling the time with fluff. He seems like someone I can trust and will do what he says to be successful.


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