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Udemy Course Creation Your 1st Passive Income (Unofficial)

Udemy Course Creation (Unofficial) Start Creating your Online Business Passive Income - Create your 1st Online Course

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

The Key Steps to Udemy Online Course Creation

Understand the Six Stages of Online Course Creation

How to Plan your First Online Udemy Course, selecting the best Topics and Keywords

Discover the quick and easy process I use to create my Udemy Online Courses

Understand how to optimise your Course Title, Description and Promotional Video

The importance to your Online Business of Course Ranking in Udemy and how to measure it

Gain critical insights into Udemy SEO to help sell more courses and grow your online business

How to use KPIs to track and measure your Sales Peformance - remember, what you measure moves!


Udemy Course Creation Passive Income Beginners (Unofficial)

Udemy Course Creation (Unofficial) Start Creating your Online Business Passive Income - Create your 1st Online Course


This Course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.


Wouldn't you love to turn your experience and expertise into a Passive Income?

Are you ready to create your own Online Business?

This is why I have created this course!

I started my online business on Udemy in 2013. Today in 2021 its a strong five figure business and growing fast! I have over 86,000 students and love the passive income I generate from Online Course Creation - and you can too!

Getting started is the hardest step to creating an Online Business

The best time to start creating online courses on Udemy was eight years ago! The next best time is NOW!

This course has been expanded and updated to help get you started even faster and more easily. I also want to share some advanced ideas and concepts with you that most beginners courses just skate over. So you are in the right place!

In the next five hours (or so) of this course, you will discover:

  • A Beginners Mini Course on Online Course Creation - to get you started

  • The key steps to Udemy Course Creation

  • Why you should be creating Online Courses for your Online Business

  • How to create a relevant Course by focusing on a topic using Udemy Insights

  • The Key Elements to building your Online Course the right way

  • The Six Steps to Court Creation: Plan, Produce, Publish, Proof, Promote and Platforms

  • 12 of the most difficult problems faced by Online Course Creators - even Phil Ebiner!

  • How to get your Title and Course Description optimise to help sell your course

  • How to create effective Promotional Videos and why its important

  • The significant of Course Ranking to Organic Sales

  • How to master Udemy SEO to help promote your Udemy Course in the Marketplace

  • How to drive sales with announcements

  • How to create and publish a great Online Course

  • How to maximise your Passive Income by tracking and measuring KPIs

If you are struggling with your initial attempts to sell courses on Udemy, this course will help you to overcome those problems.

Don't forget that all Udemy Courses are covered by a 30 Day money back guarantee so all you are risking is your time!

Don't miss out! Take action today and Enroll today!

I can't wait to work with you inside the course

Best regards



Udemy Course Creation Your 1st Passive Income (Unofficial)
Udemy Course Creation Your 1st Passive Income (Unofficial)
Udemy Course Creation Your 1st Passive Income (Unofficial)
Udemy Course Creation Your 1st Passive Income (Unofficial)



Introduction and Welcome to this Course

How to Create an Online Course Step by Step

Lets Get Started...

Why you only need to master Six Steps...

And why you really need to master four of these

What makes a successful Udemy Instructor? Six Secrets of Udemy Success

Find out 12 of the Most Difficult Problems Faced by Course Creators

How to Publish a Great Online Course

Why You Must Install Google Analytics

Why Aren't You Making Online Courses for Your Business?

Stage 1 - Planning

Initial Course Insights

How to Get Started with Udemy Marketplace Insights

Step by Step Guide to Using the Insights Tool

Why Selecting Topics and Keywords First is Important

How To Find The Best Topic and Keywords For Your Online Course

Align Your Course Topic and Tags

Course Planning - Why You Need a Roadmap

ACTIVITY: Plan Your Next Course

Stage 2 - Production

Key Elements to Building Your Course Right First Time

Learn how to create a lecture in just 30 minutes

Discover how to standardise for high production quality and speed

Why you don't need to spend a fortune on Equipment

The exact method I use to edit my video lectures - really fast

Lets recap on how easy it is to create your own production process

Stage 3 - Publication

Why Your Course Title is Vital

Why Your Course Description Has to Sell

How to Create A High Impact Image

How to Make A Promo Video That Converts

How To Create A High Impact Promotional Video

What you need to know about how to sell lots of courses on Udemy

Why Course Ranking Helps Organic Sales

Why Should You Bother About Ranking on Page 1

Measuring Your Organic Course Ranking

ACTIVITY: Create Your Own Course Ranking Spreadsheet

Stage 4 - Promotion

Understanding Organic Sales on Udemy

The Importance of Search Engine Optimisation SEO

Udemy SEO: The Importance of Topics and Keywords

Udemy SEO - Course Factors

How To Use Your Announcements to Drive More Sales and Help Your Course Ranking

The Basic Structure of a Promotional Announcement

Discover what I have learned about Optimising your Course within Udemy

What You Need to Measure and How to Do It

What You Need to Measure and How to Do It

Activity - Create Your Own Udemy KPI Spreadsheet

Course Summary and Wrap Up

Course Summary and Wrap Up

Bonus Lecture: What's Next - Don't Miss This!


Jo23 April 2018

I really enjoyed this course. It has some really great tips, exactly what I needed as an introduction to producing e-courses. John's course is packed with useful information and his presentation style is really engaging and he makes it very easy to understand. Thanks John.

Loretta26 February 2018

I enjoyed the course because the information provided was direct and to the point. The information will be very useful in developing courses.

Fuad6 September 2017

Brilliant course, thank you! You mention desire, setting goals, knowing your audience, planning, being excellent teacher vs. being SME, perfect English vs charming second language, you got me and I got all your courses :) i am studying it now, I am seventh generation of teachers family temporarily working in IT LOL my first course will be... big secret!

David2 November 2016

This course is excellent. The presentation method and presentations are straight forward. The examples I can understand easily, John's presentation style is clear and concise. I have a few other courses on this topic and I find this one to be the best thus far. I have purchases other courses of John's based on this course presentation and flow. Super job conveying information in the manner that you do!

Patricia24 August 2016

Excellent content and delivery is spot-on! Worth every penny. I got it with a coupon, but it's worth full price. He kept me engaged and gave me a wealth of valuable information. I recommend it without reservation.

Vicky1 August 2016

The content was relevant. There was not only useful information but there were real life examples of how to utilize the information contained in the course so that your first Udemy course is one the creates value for potential students immediately. This course takes the student from conception to completion in well developed, clear, and concise lectures. It even provides proven strategies to market your course!

Craig16 May 2016

John's straight forward style delivers content of substance in a way that is readily able to be applied. As with all his other courses, this one delivered on its promised value and was well worth the price.

Sebastian15 May 2016

John provides excellent information, his method of delivery is exciting and engaging. I greatly enjoyed this course and it gave me inspiration and motivation to continue to create online courses. Great course!

Kathleen5 February 2016

I already have a course on Udemy, but it si not selling so I wanted to take this to see how to proceed with better marketing strategies. There is plenty of information shared here, but none of it really goes into detail in a step by step way.

James25 January 2016

John is brilliant in the delivery of the course. He delivers a fantastic amount of information in an engaging manner. It's well worth the money, and I shall be watching it again and again, as he inspires me to create and publish.

Holger7 January 2016

I love Johns teaching style. I have a few courses from JPD, and listen frequently to his podcasts. His stuff is content heavy, and what I like most NO fluff. Anyway it is easy to understand for everyone.

Laurens30 November 2015

I expect to get a little overlap with John Colley's big course, but this one was great to get the basics, and more, quickly. Also, John Colley tends to update his courses regularly, and this one is no exception.

Chris30 November 2015

John Colley knows his subject, it is well worth taking his course. John's style is straightforward and easy to watch and understand.

Andrew20 July 2015

This course gives you everything you need to start making money teaching on Udemy. The course is well produced and well delivered. John is a veteran Udemy instructor and podcaster which makes for an entertaining and informative course.

Rich11 July 2015

This is the second course of Colley's I have taken. Each of them have added to my knowledge base and I will be back for more!


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