Unleash the Power of Creative Agility - 5 Techniques

Are we Creative? Innovative? The answer is YES! This reflective course will provide 5 techniques to unleash creativity!

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Sep 2021
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What you will learn

Understand what is creative agility

Uncover how creative we actually are as a person

Discover 5 techniques for ourselves to unlock that creative agility

Reflect on ways to continually practice creative agility daily


Have you heard such phrases before?

What if we try this new method? Yes, but it may fail, we have never done this before!

I think it’s time we came up with a new product! Yes, but our product has been around for over 10 years, and it is tried and tested!

Hey! I’ve got a new idea for the company! Yes, but don’t you have any work to do. You seem too free, coming up with ideas everyday!

The conclusion is simple. Being creative is necessary in our world today. If we want to stay on the forefront of this ever changing world, we must be ready to hold up the torch, light the way. In the words of Dr Spock of Star Trek, we need “to go boldly where no man has gone before!”

By taking this reflective course, you will learn 5 simple techniques to unleash the creative agility that is deep inside you!

With over 25 years of experience, as a creativity author, management consultant, career coach, and music composer, I have researched and explored many interesting techniques to unlock creativity in adults and children alike, in teams and across organizations!

Based on some of the concepts from my books, I believe this course will benefit you and those around you!


Unleash the Power of Creative Agility - 5 TechniquesUnleash the Power of Creative Agility - 5 TechniquesUnleash the Power of Creative Agility - 5 TechniquesUnleash the Power of Creative Agility - 5 Techniques


Unleash Creative Agility
Introduction to Creative Agility
Abolish the Yes Buts
Technique 1 to Unlock Creative Agility
Technique 1 - Coaching Development Questions
Technique 2 to Unlock Creative Agility
Technique 2 - Coaching Development Questions
Technique 3 to Unlock Creative Agility
Technique 3 - Coaching Development Questions
Technique 4 to Unlock Creative Agility
Technique 4 - Coaching Development Questions
Technique 5 to Unlock Creative Agility
Technique 5 - Coaching Development Questions
Final Recap of the 5 Techniques
Application Quiz


30 September 2021
The 5 Techniques are simple to understand and easy to apply. The coaching development questions and reflection exercises at the end of each lesson is helpful because it facilitates personal insights and commitment to change. I enjoyed the course from start to finish.
23 September 2021
The trainer gives lots of illustrations and practical tools on how to adopt the 5 techniques of agility. And the pairing of soothing music during self reflection time is so thoughtful.


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