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Unity C# Mobile Game Development - Make 3 Games From Scratch

Make and publish mobile games & apps for Android Play Store & iOS App Store using Unity and C#

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

How to develop games for mobile devices (phones and tablets) using Unity

Use Unity's mobile simulator to test the resolution and layout for all of the most popular mobile devices

Implement touch controls using Unity's new input system

How to implement ads for mobile games

How to use push notifications for mobile games

How to use deploy your games to mobile devices for testing and playing

How to prepare and submit your game to be published on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store


Build 3 simple mobile games using the free Unity game engine. Learn all the ways mobile games differ from pc games (including touch inputs, push notifications, ads for revenue, screen resolutions and layouts and more). Develop your own awesome mobile games and publish them on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

This course is not for absolute beginners. You'll need a basic grasp of Unity and C# (understanding variables, methods, if statements, loops and other similar concepts) before you get started, so you're ready for the more advanced concepts taught.

By the end of this course you will be able to...

  • Create games specifically designed for mobile devices using touch input controls.

  • Ensure that your game will work well no matter what device size or resolution is being used.

  • Create push notifications to inform players about changes in status for the game (eg. their energy has recharged).

  • Implement Unity's advertising system so that you can make money from displaying relevant ads in your game.

  • Use Unity's profiler to identify what, if any, performance issues users will have in your game.

  • Prepare your game and understand how to submit it to be published on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

This course is created with both Windows and Mac users in mind, meaning you can get full benefit whether you are a windows or mac user. We'll also walk you through deploying to both Android (Google) and iOS (Apple) by showing you how to set up your developer account and submit your game.   

All students have access to the Q&A forums where our Instructors, Teaching Assistants and Community are ready to help answer your questions and cheer on your success.


Unity C# Mobile Game Development - Make 3 Games From Scratch
Unity C# Mobile Game Development - Make 3 Games From Scratch
Unity C# Mobile Game Development - Make 3 Games From Scratch
Unity C# Mobile Game Development - Make 3 Games From Scratch


Introduction & Setup

Welcome To The Course

Set Up Unity & VS Code

Overview Of Unity Interface

Reminder Of C# Fundamentals

Community & Support

Links & Resources

Accessing Our Projects

Ball Launcher

Section Intro - Ball Launcher

Project Setup

Looking At 2D Physics

Using The Spring Joint

Reading Touch Input

World & Screen Space

Move Objects With Touch

Launching The Ball

Respawning The Ball

Cinemachine For Dynamic Zoom

Building to Android

Building To iOS

Simple Driving

Section Intro - Simple Driving

Project Setup

Driving Forward

Steering The Car

Camera Follow

Crashing The Car

Building A Track

Score System

Main Menu

Energy System

Android Notifications

iOS Notifications

Asteroid Avoider

Section Intro - Asteroid Avoider

Project Setup

Processing Input

Spaceship Movement

Screen Wraparound

Spaceship Rotation


Creating A Starfield

Asteroid Spawner

Game Over

Score System

Implementing Ads

Mobile Profiling

Publishing Preparation

Google Play Preparation

App Store Preparation

Course Wrap Up


Łukasz25 July 2021

Overall good, but I expected a bit more after learning from other gamedev.tv courses. Got what I came for (mobile specific stuff) and I'm happy with a purchase, but there's a room to improve.

Peter21 July 2021

The good: I really liked this course, as with all GameDev.tv courses it is presented well and is full of good information. Teachers are very knowledgable about this area and they present it clear and well. As with most(all?) gamedev.tv courses they have challenges in each video which is very nice and I like it, I do however have a small issue with them in this course, more on that later. The games you create a rather classic examples which is nice and the last two you get assets to use to make it look a bit more attractive but can't be used for commercial projects unless you pay for them which is entirely fair. You will get to learn some proper touch handling systems, notifications and ads. There is also good tips and tricks for handling different screensizes etc. Good stuff! You also get a walkthrough of publishing a game on both apple appstore and google which is nice. So why only 4,5 stars? So there are a few issues I'd like to see them either improve or add. In my opinion I think they missed a oppertunity to add also In app purchases, its quite a major feature in many mobile games, granted I've seen in comments that they are working on it, but currently its not in the course. Also it's hard to call the first game a game, it's barely a prototype. No win conditions is added and it really feels basic.(But there is still good info in the game to be learned) The challenges in each lecture is nice but I felt they where too easy, usually they already told you the solution or showed it just before. I do have quite a bit of experience so this could just be me as well and I dont feel this is entirely a negative as they have not specified anywhere that its a course for experts or average users.

Steven16 July 2021

Finished! I really have no complaints to make. Lessons are perfectly clear and I've understood everything.. I really enjoyed the "challenges" part way through some videos where we are tasked with doing it ourselves first ... Instructors are super knowledgeable. This course is 100% worth investing into.

Steve15 July 2021

Really good course, full of useful material, with good communication. Would have been even better if some of the objects and methods used in the scripts were explained in a bit more detail as it did feel just a little bit rushed in places.

Sagiv12 July 2021

The course is exactly what I was looking for! basic, for beginners who start with mobile game development. I'd love to see more courses in this series as Nathan Farrer is a great tutor, a small advice for later- (Atleast for myself) I would love to hear more in-depth information about main features we're using while the course. Their abilities, when and how to use them etc. Other than that- I am extremely pleased with this course and enrolled with a few more (pc version, until you release more mobile versions aswell :-) ) Thanks alot and keep up the good work!

Praphul12 July 2021

Crisp and highly structured course. Great fun to make the games. Super value for the money and time spent.

HoangQuy12 July 2021

It's easy to understand, but the course is a bit short, it can be seen that there is only one course on Game Dev.tv on mobile games, so please add more content to it later (just don't make other games, let's talk about mobile game performance and some technical about mobile games etc).By the way, thanks to all instructor in the course, you guys are awesome.

Karl7 July 2021

Very good course. I like all of GameDev.TV's courses. Succinct, and informative. I was hoping for more input related content. Things like swiping, pinch to zoom, stuff like that. But it's still a great start and I highly recommend it.

Kós6 July 2021

So far so good. I've taken some of your courses before like the Unreal Engine Dev Course, the Unreal Engine Multiplayer Master course, and now i bought this for some variation, and i'm loving this. You guys are making awesome content with these amazing courses! Keep up!

Vitalii6 July 2021

Отличный курс, всё актуально и понятно, для ios android. Стоит добавить больше функций телефона для игр - звук, гироскоп, gps, сохранение результата!

David4 July 2021

Really enjoyed this course. This course is very properly described as a beginner+ course which shows you how to get started with mobile. You aren't going to be making fully fleshed out games in this course, but you will learn how to make games that scale with different screen sizes, how to use basic touch and drag interactions, scaling and positioning UI without having to use layout groups, and a lot of useful strategies that will help you adapt more complex games to a mobile format.

Philip4 July 2021

Very good tutorial for an intro to mobile game development and publishing. Clearly explained and well presented.

Carl30 June 2021

The Ads and push notifications were good in helping to demystify past interactions with the technology. It could be beneficial to talk more about some of the other services Unity provides that pertain to mobile development. All in all it was good content but it felt like there was something missing.

Carlos30 June 2021

I came from Unreal Engine with 0 experience in Unity and I wanted to learn unity to make mobile games. Videos of perfect duration going directly to the important points. Very interesting course content to learn how to make games for mobile with cool game prototypes. The course is too short, I want more.

Neil29 June 2021

Short and sweet course for creating games for mobile devices. Another great course from rick and nathan


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