Understanding weight loss

Understanding the science of weight loss, the psychology of eating and how exercise can help you live the life you want

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Understanding weight loss
2 hours
Jun 2022
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What you will learn

Understand the (often untold) science of weight loss

Explore how psychology affects our relationship with food and eating

Find ways to have a healthy relationship with food

Learn about the impact of exercise on body weight and health


This course will empower YOU to understand the science of weight loss and make choices that will really benefit your health.

Written by Dr. Esme Banting (Clinical Psychologist) and Heather Pursey (Chartered Physiotherapist) who specialise in weight management, this is a course you will not want to miss!

What this course offers, that most other similar courses don’t … is an exploration of how our PSYCHOLOGY affects our relationship with food and eating. And written by a Clinical Psychologist specialising in weight management this really is too good to miss! 

We start by exploring the (often untold) secrets behind why, for many people, it is SO difficult to lose weight and keep it off in the long term.

Then we turn our attention to the role of diets, and the unexpected and unintended consequences they can have on our weight!

You will learn about what actually happens to your body when you go on a diet, and how this can make diets so difficult to stick to over time!

Are you a yoyo dietier? We explain how and why this happens to so many people. And don’t worry - we provide the essential first step towards changing your relationship with food and establishing healthy eating patterns for the long term.

Next comes an introduction to Set Point Theory which explains why two people can eat the same amount, yet one person gains weight whilst the other stays the same. We explain why the calories in, calories out equation doesn’t quite add up.

We talk through the science of how set point theory affects our weight and importantly… how we can use this knowledge to work WITH our bodies…rather than against them!

Topics that are covered include: how genetics influence our eating behaviour, how life experiences shape our own unique ‘food fingerprints’, how eating habits develop over time, the psychology of cravings – why we get them and how we can better understand them, emotional eating and how the world around us shapes the way we eat.

Finally we look at the evidence behind how exercise affects our weight and health. We de-bunk myths about fatness and fitness and explore all the incredible ways that physical activity can benefit us.

Written by a Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in helping people find movement that works for them we talk through how exercise can contribute to living the life your want.

Short on time to sit and watch a course?  Our courses are designed so you can watch them as a video OR listen to them as an audio track.

We have created helpful worksheets that complement the content and will support you in applying the techniques that are discussed.

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Why is it so difficult to lose weight?

Why is it so difficult to lose weight?

The Diet Cycle

The Diet Cycle
The importance of regular eating
What happens when you go too long without food?
The impact of skipping meals on blood sugar levels
What does regular eating look like?
Hints and tips to establish regular eating habits

Set Point Theory

What is set point theory?
What is my set point?
How does set point work?
It's just calories in, calories out...right?
Dropping below set point
Inheriting set point
Going above the set point
Going above the set point and how it can go wrong
What can we do about it?

The Psychology of Eating

Genetics and Psychology
The food fingerprint
Eating behaviours
Introduction to cravings
The role of the world around us
It's complex!

Why do YOU exercise?

Understanding your relationship with exercise and weight loss
Why doesn't exercise always help with weight loss?
Societal misconceptions about weight and fitness, what IS exercise?
Finding YOUR reasons to move - the benefits of physical activity
Putting it all into practice


July 4, 2022
I have just completed section 1 and really like being able to listen to this information. I noticed with the science and biology it offered a compassionate perspective about our bodies’ response to dieting. It makes sense that our brain does it’s best to protect us. I’m looking forward to the other sections!
July 2, 2022
Clear, interesting information from two experienced specialist professionals - I'm looking forward to viewing the other videos.
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