Understanding Personal Branding

Discussing it in terms of 5 key factors.

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Personal Brand Building
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Mar 2022
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What you will learn

1. As an artist or creative learn how to reach out to a larger audience.

2. Sharing your idea and message.

3. You'll learn how to hone and craft your message and learn avenues where you can share your idea and help people.

4. How to grow your personal brand and grow a related business simultaneously.

5. Identify your needs and goals and create specific timelines for acquiring both.

6. Learn specific methods to grow your following.

7. Learn how to craft your message and understand the power of "Singularity of Purpose".

8. Learn how to grow your brand bit-by-bit.


Are you an artist or a creative who wants to reach out to a larger audience with their message, but don't know where to start? If you answered yes to this question, then this course is for you!


I'm Dr. Ujjwal Bikram Khadka, a certified leadership coach, a published author, and an online teacher. My courses on Udemy are followed by 100s of students from more than a hundred countries.

In this course I'll help you identify your message or 'big idea' and share it with the world. I will also help you explore various avenues to share your works.

We will discuss Personal Branding in terms of 5 factors:

1) Needs

2) Overall Goals

3) Everything that feeds into that goal

4) Multiple Avenues of Professionalism,

5) and finally, starting big vs building up!

In your journey to getting your message out there, there are few questions to ask. These queries help you form a roadmap.

Needs: 1) What are your needs?

2) Why is it that you want to do what you want to do?

So, asking questions or gauging your motivations are important. Then you move on to your goals: what are your goals for your brand?

We'll also explore various avenues or social media sites where you can post your messages, and that can deem you professional and credible. And thus, we'll also learn both the principles and practice of exceling in various social media outlets.

Last not least, the course will enable you to distill your message and allow you to have singularity of purpose. (Not that I do so many items, but I do one thing supremely well). Why? Because when it comes to reaching a larger audience that's so key.

Disclaimer: The tips and ideas on success, money making, and productivity mentioned in the course are for educational purposes.


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2. Goals.

2. Goals.

3. The Class Project.

3. The Class Project.

4. Make Sure That Everything Feeds into That Goal.

4. Make Sure That Everything Feeds into That Goal.

5. Multiple Avenues of Professionalism and Starting Big vs Building up!

5. Multiple Avenues of Professionalism and Starting Big vs Building up!

6. Recapitulation.

6. Recapitulation.

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