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MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 3 - Part 4

Ultra-Speed 3D Game Development using GameGuru (2021)

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Create 3D games at high speed with GameGuru without any kind of technical skills required

Create 3D characters like heroes and enemies for your game-play adventure

Have an expert understanding of the GameGuru software engine

Know how to get additional 3D models for importing in GameGuru

Learn how to render and publish created games in a leading game selling marketplace


Welcome to the fourth course in Level 3 as part of the series "MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation".

Say "Hi" to the most awesome course on "GameGuru (Ultra-Speed 3D Game Development)", game making for everyone taught by digital marketing legend "Srinidhi Ranganathan" & Civil Engineering Mastermind "Saranya Srinidhi". We will teach you this mind-blowing software that will help you to create the easiest and most enjoyable game ever in 3D. Imagine creating a fantasy world that you and your friends come together and play... and creating it could be a matter of minutes with no technical or coding knowledge needed at all! Of course, you can happily spend hours, days..even weeks creating your masterpiece using other complex programs, but the great thing about using GameGuru is, you won't be held up by learning strange alien languages or using complex 2D or 3D modelling tools. The time you spend learning and using GameGuru is all about creating and having fun whilst doing it. 

We will train you by providing you an easy tutorial in this course on using the dashboard, the various tools associated with this software that includes the character creator, zoom, shape and asset tools etc to create your beautiful game in 3D at the fastest time possible.  When you first launch GameGuru, it may appear to be a simple level editor, but it's actually crammed with lots of knowledgeable tools you will need to make your own game, including a character creator, model importer, building maker, complete scripting language and of course, over 6GB of complimentary game assets to get you started with. The fact it's as easy as any in-game level editor is a plus, and unlike level editors, you get to save out what you've made and even sell your game, after you learn this course in a marketplace we recommend selling. What's more? We will also create a sample 3D game in this course, walk you through and play it too.

So, enroll now, let's start booming the show. The wait time is over.

Special Note: Access to GameGuru software from Steam is a must to practice the lessons taught from the course.


MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 3 - Part 4
MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 3 - Part 4
MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 3 - Part 4
MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 3 - Part 4


Introduction to installing and using the GameGuru Software

Installing GameGuru from Steam Store

Basic Interface Tools Walk-through in GameGuru

Adding 3D objects, checkpoints & buildings in GameGuru Engine

Game Creation Process Detailed

Character Creator Feature inside GameGuru & adding Jetpack

Using the Jetpack to fly in the game before Gameplay & Swim Zone

Playing your created 3D game in GameGuru

Exporting the game and posting to a popular game-marketplace for selling

Bonus Lecture: Take your prize


Edi5 January 2020

Speak too fast, strong accent, scream at the first, and two speaker at once. Terrible course. But if you are indian, this course maybe for you.

Raju5 December 2019

hi bro , short and sweet , i didn't know till now website like gameguru exists , thank you and we would like to know any of such technologies exists , and keep updated in your future courses . And i want to know if i can upload the created game into playstore, and is it capable of cross platform support.

Eric3 December 2019

The two people keep talking over each other. Very confusing. App knowledge is poor. They seem to be guessing what the functions are for. Poor Game Design. Don't pay money for this.

Maria12 September 2019

You have to be careful not to talk together. Good try, but when you both talk, it makes it difficult and confusing to understand what you are explaining!

Santhoshninja6 September 2019

Please do organise this course mr legend and sorry to say this it sounds like a market when two voices are mixed so please do stablize and adjust the speaking flow in a proper way, i like you are trying different but try worthful, it clearly shows that you two are doing for time pass better upload on youtube you may get views ???

Debottam20 August 2019

You both are jokers. This course was free and still not worth it. You should give me money instead for listening to this.


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