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Udemy Course Creation 15 Errors to Avoid (Unofficial)

Udemy Course Creation Secrets to Discover (Unofficial)- Improve your Udemy Course Creation - Get More Udemy Course Sales

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Select Course Topics which address student needs and have commercial potential

Understand the need for a medium term course strategy

Create course titles which will captivate potential students

Discover how to create course images that really stand out

Discover the magic of the Psychology of Colour from Professor Kristen Palana, another Udemy course instructor

Create courses of just the right length - and understand why that is the case

Avoid wasting time by creating their lectures in the wrong sequence

Write course descriptions which sell your courses to potential students

Make the most of lecture titles and descriptions to intrigue new students and get SEO benefit at the same time

Quickly create course transcripts using Dragon Dictate (Disclosure: this is software is not free)

Discover the essential common content everyone of your courses should have

Find out about the importance of the final bonus lecture you must include in every course

Create a sophisticated promo video that sells your course without being salesy!

Discover how not to mess up with their personal image

Understand the importance of the personal biography and how to write one effectively that communicates both expertise and authority

Discover my simple framework for course pricing that applies to ANY course

Understand the simple formula for being successful on Udemy in the long term


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Course Update July 2016: I have incorporated this course content into my Udemy MasterClass Level 2 and Level 3 Courses. However, if you would like dip your toe in the water here, then you can do so without getting a second mortgage. For that reason, I have reduced the price on this course and brought it back to the market place.


Are your Online Courses struggling to sell? You must be doing something wrong - but don't know what it is?


Hello, I am John Colley and welcome to my Course. I am really looking forward to working with you.

After putting all this effort into your course and publishing it, now you should be sitting back and watching the money rolling in. Right? Wrong!

I made this mistake when I started out! Just make the courses and the students will lap them up! No, sorry there is more to it than that - a lot more!

Up to now the only way to get this right has been trial and error, endless A/B testing (which is never easy anyway). All very time consuming. And time is one thing you cannot afford - every day equals more lots sales!


This is why I decided to put this course together. I have reviewed many instructors courses to help them to increase their sales. So many courses and so many questions to answer!


As a very experienced Udemy instructor, with over 20 courses, 27,000 plus students and over $30,000 in life time earnings, I know what I am doing.

In addition, I have intereviewed over 100 instructors about their course in my Online Learning Podcast (which is available on Udemy for nothing!).


When you enrol in this course, you will discover step by step how to by pass all the mistakes we have all made when starting out with our courses. This is your fast track to more enrollments and greater student satisfaction. Make your students happy and you will sell more courses!

This course is not theoretical, this is based on my direct experience helping lots of instructors, just like you. I had to make this course. I was being asked these questions all the time.


In this Course you will discover 15 of the most common mistakes made by instructors and how to put them right! It wouldn't be fair just to tell you what they are - I want you to avoid them all together!

  • Four major course planning errors that can cost you days of extra work
  • Seven signficant production pitfalls which can often mean loads of retakes, extra recording and more lost time
  • Two Lecture in which you will discover how to project your authority and experience
  • Two Simple Secrets to Udemy success - learn how to play (within the rules) to WIN!


Take action now - Click on the "Take This Course" button in the top right hand corner of this page and follow the simple instructions that follow.

Don't forget if you have any questions - I am always here to help. I check my messages and course discussions daily - just start a thread or drop me an email, I am here to ensure your success!


Don't forget this course is covered by my 30 Day "no quibble" money back guarantee! Well, Udemy has one exactly the same too! Isn't that a happy coincidence! :)

By enrolling today, you also lock in all future updates to this course - nothing further to pay - ever!


Take Action and Click on the blue "Take This Course" button Now

I look forward to working with you and welcoming you to my community of students

Best regards

John Colley, The Six Minute Strategist

Business Strategist, Online Course Expert and Founder and Host of the Online Learning Podcast


Udemy Course Creation 15 Errors to Avoid (Unofficial)
Udemy Course Creation 15 Errors to Avoid (Unofficial)
Udemy Course Creation 15 Errors to Avoid (Unofficial)
Udemy Course Creation 15 Errors to Avoid (Unofficial)


Welcome to the Course - Lets get started!


Please Introduce Yourself

Course Planning

Topic Selection is a Science Not an Art - What's in it for Me?

Planning Your Courses - Why You Need a Road Map from Day One

Why Your Course Title is Vital and How to Get it Right

How to Make Your Course Image Stand Out

Discover What Professor Kristen Palana can teach you about Course Images

Course Production

Getting Your Course Length Right - Don't waste time and effort!

Lecture Creation Sequence is Simple - Don't put the cart before the horse!

Why Your Course Description has to Sell Your Course and How to Do it

How to Get the Most Out of Your Lecture Titles and Descriptions

How to Create a Transcript of Your Lecture using Dragon Dictate

Some Essential Content Every Course Should Have

Make A Promo Video That Sells You and Your Course!

Time Out: I Would Love to Get Your Feedback on this Course

Getting Your Public Profile Right - Communicating Authority and Experience

Personal Photographs are Vital - Dont Mess this Up

What Does Your Personal Bio Say About You - And What it Should Say!

The Simple Secrets to Udemy Success

Lets Talk about Price and How to Get it Right Now!

My Udemy Success Formula - Three Simple Metrics to Maximise

Wrap Up and Summary

Course Summary and Wrap Up



Fuad7 September 2017

Excellent course, brilliant teacher! The only thing I didnt like is purple color in slides and too much blue - caused perhaps by so called "professor" from the podcast: from usability perspective, dont play with colors too much, if you course is business related - check business websites such as apple or microsoft (especially documentation pages) to get idea. And of course everyone should know that green is cold and red is hot :)

einat27 July 2017

extremely valuable advice if you intend on creating a udemy course or an online course in general. it's my second course with this instructor, great content. wasn't dissapointed the last time ether with the udemy course creation mastery.

Anthony19 April 2016

Clear, actionable steps to follow in order to improve your comprehensive Udemy teaching strategy. This is the way to polish your apple (course) to make a difference in your Udemy success.

Chad23 December 2015

This is an awsome course. John does a create job of highlighting the common errors and provides tips on how to avoid them. I've taken John's previous courses before and they have helped me to become a better Udemy instructor. Thanks for all of your help John!

J16 December 2015

Lots of good information. I wish I could take his three masterclasses - but as a dis. vet my $$$ is limited ;-(

Sel9 December 2015

Hi John - I've been a fan of your podcast for a while and like one of your guests on your show mentioned, you've taken over from Pat Flynn as my favorite podcast. This course is no-nonsense and no fluff - it's just great to hear someone being so honest about what works and to be a great role-model for all instructors. Please keep up the great work!

Bibhash8 November 2015

The course was good one - concise and highlighting important areas of course creation and it's pitfalls! It could have been a bit more elaborate. Nonetheless, it's value for money!

Matt10 October 2015

What can I say more then when I need to have a question clarified about Udemy course(s) I first go to check if John Colley already has an answer. And I've received more than one answer again. I was surprised and then again I wasn't. :-) Thank you for the effort put into this and other courses.

Laurens9 October 2015

I signed up for this course to flatten my Udemy course creation learning curve. This course delivered on multiple levels. First, the topics covered are all great eye openers. My course planning has improved greatly based on John's advice. Second, the course itself serves as a great example on how to get it right. It's well structured, concise, with great audio and video. I'm very happy with the results so far, and have enrolled in another one of John's courses immediately!

Sean18 September 2015

I took this course hoping to learn something. I have a number of courses and are always looking to improve my course material and look. Some of the info in this course I already knew but there were still things I learnt and certainly things I want to implement. If your looking to learn some great times on course setup and creation then I would say give it a look.


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