Udemy Crusher - Best Traffic sources Revealed! “Unofficial"

Learn how to increase the traffic you will get to your course landing page with Multiple sources of FREE Traffic!

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What you will learn

Students will gain a deep knowledge in multiple traffic sources

Students will be able to apply all the shared knowledge to Real world scenario (Students scenarios)

The students will have a premium support during the entire course and after finishing

The student will have access to the AMA sessions

Students will learn how to increase the number of visitors to their course sales pages.

Students will have access to the best Traffic Generation Case Studies.


“This course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.”

This course is focused to help any UDEMY Instructor to solve their biggest problem!

How to get Traffic to their Udemy Landing page without relying only in Udemy organic or promotional campaigns.

I will show you how to use some of the best Secret Traffic sources in order to increase your the number of visitors that will land in your Sales page and also will increase your conversion ratio and obviously your SALES!

I will not only share with you what are the traffic source BUT how to use it effectively to get you the best traffic quality and for FREE without spending money in the process!

Besides my practical cases how doing it and replicate in your own scenario, i also have included some of the best case studies about Traffic Generation.

For last but not least I will also offer 100% FREE AMA sessions!

You may ask: Paulo, what the heck is AMA Sessions?

AMA >>> Ask Me Anything sessions that i will offer for free and LIVE 1 session every month to answer to all my students' questions about this course! So you can be 100% clarified about the entire course!

Is awesome right! I only provide value to you guys!

But that´s not all guys :) i am also providing weekly updates with at least 1 new traffic source so the course can be fully updated for LIFE!

Don´t hesitate to Enroll while the price is really cheap!


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Welcome aboard!


Warming up!

Udemy Crusher - Students Mindset

Traffic Generation doubts.

Free Traffic Myth
FREE Vs. PAID Traffic Sources?
Udemy Traffic Vs. Your Own Traffic Sources
1 million dollar question: Quantity vs. Quality Traffic?

Free Traffic Sources

Traffic Source #1 >>> Content is King!
Traffic Source #2 >>> Influence is the key of success!
Traffic Source #3 >>> The Unrevealed power of Videos!
Traffic Source #4 >>> The Unrevealed power of Partnerships!
Traffic Source #5 >>> The Unrevealed Powers of the Media Partners!
Traffic Source #6 >>> The Unrevealed power of Social Media!
Traffic Source #7 >>> The unrevealed power of relationships everywhere!
Traffic Source #8 >>> The Unrevealed power of imagery!
Traffic Source #9 >>> The unrevealed power of the voice!

Udemy Crusher - AMA (Ask me Anything)!

Ask Me Anything (AMA)

Traffic Generation Case Studies

How publishing daily increased my traffic 46% and reduced my Joy 72%
How We Got 1,000+ Subscribers from a Single Blog Post in 24 Hours
8 Steps to Capturing 500,000 YouTube Views in 10 Months
An Insider’s Look at a Viral Blog Post: 220,000 Visitors and a TV Appearance

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts


June 7, 2016
For what i have watched so far its really good great content with awesome strategies. Loved the weekly updates so the course will be always fresh.
June 7, 2016
I have watched the latest Paulo´s course and loved it. This one is quite different but its awesome because it helps instructor to get much more qualified traffic to their course landing page and obviously conversions. I also loved the new AMA sessions i believe that will bring a lot of value to students!



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