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Socket.IO and TypeScript

Learn Socket.IO, TypeScript and NodeJS To Create Multiplayer Realtime Interactive Content for the Web

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Aug 2020

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What you will learn

TypeScript Annotations, Types, Interfaces, Classes

TSC and tsconfig for browsers and NodeJS environments

Setup NodeMon and Concurrently

NPM, NodeJS and package json

Understand SocketIO communications between the Server and Clients while writing it all in TypeScript

Build an example multiplayer, realtime mini game along with a chat component that allows players to guess the lucky numbner and win/lose points accordingly

You'll get exposure to Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML and CSS animations

Learn about Express and serving static content through NodeJS

Learn how to build robust and interactive applications using TypeScript and SocketIO

Provision and Deploy to a cloud server, Setup Nginx proxy, Point a Domain Name and Add SSL


In this course you will learn about how to use Socket.IO in order to create multiplayer real-time interactive content that runs in the browser and on the web. We will also write it using TypeScript.

At the start of the course, there is a TypeScript crash course, suitable for those with no experience at all of using TypeScript. It will cover the most common and major concepts of TypeScript that are applicable to all TypeScript projects and will be used throughout the remainder of this course.

Then, we will move onto learning about Socket.IO, and covering the major features that are also applicable to all Socket.IO projects, and will also be demonstrated throughout the remainder of this course.

Then we will apply all of the Socket.IO concepts we've learned so far, to create our selves a complete working multiplayer, real-time game example with several game configurations running concurrently, with client and server components and hosted using NodeJS.

We will also deploy the finished project to a cloud server, run it behind an Nginx proxy, point a domain name and install an SSL certificate.

When creating the main course project you will also get exposure to Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML and CSS animations.

You don't need any experience to take this course, since all the code is provided in the accompanying documentation that will be presented to you in a gradual format as each lesson progresses to the next.

Before taking this course, note that executing code snippets, copied from the supplied documentation is a major part of this course. The examples provided in the course were 100% created by me and were explicitly created for use in this course. You are invited to experiment with each new code addition after each lesson, by changing parameters and deleting or extending sections, in order to understand more about what each new addition of the project is doing.

So if you know that you like coding, you like seeing it work for yourself, you like to experiment, and have millions of ideas that you want to achieve, then this course is for you. Because at the end of the course, you would have built a generic working prototype that demonstrates many of the concepts involved in creating multiplayer real-time interactive content that runs in the browser and on the web.

Thanks for taking part in my course, and I will see you there.


Socket.IO and TypeScript
Socket.IO and TypeScript
Socket.IO and TypeScript
Socket.IO and TypeScript



Setup Development Environment

Install TypeScript

Build your First TypeScript File

Type Annotations



Run it in the Browser

Create the Socket IO Project

Install Dependencies and Types

Compile, Run and Setup tsconfig.json

TSC Watch, Nodemon and Concurrently

Create the SocketIO Client

Use TypeScript to Generate Client JavaScript

Server Connection and Disconnect Events

Server Socket Emit

Server Socket Broadcast

Server IO Emit

Server Emit to Specific Socket

Client Connect and Disconnect Events

Client Emit

Build an Example Mini Game

Install Bootstrap

Setup Initial HTML Layout

Add Custom CSS

Add Chat Functionality

Add Screen Name Functionality

Create a Player Object and Score Property

Build the Basic Game Engine

Push Game Events to Chat

Generate Result in the Game Engine

Add Guessing Buttons

Add Winnings Functionality


Kim27 November 2020

OK so far but...Video L10 needs updating - npm install of socket io by default installs latest version 3.0.3 and invalidates the io assignment syntax in server.js - crashes build - had to downgrade to 2.3.0 - would be nice to have a note/slide at very least to save some pain!

Antony25 September 2020

A little explanation on the flags you use in command line, would be nice. if you do so while using them.

Mayank11 August 2020

Good, was expecting a bit more detailing and explanaition on the socket.io and control transfer in game development session. Will have to review the course and then whiteboard in order learn the control transfer between server, client and the engine. Overall It's a good course for seasoned developers.

Syed-Mohammad27 July 2020

Lots of new information I did not know about! High quality course! They should fi the website it wont let me load resources, other than that its 5/5!

Clarisse8 April 2020

Half of the course is quite interesting. We learn a little how socket.io works. But... for the rest of the course, I am disappointed. In fact, quite a lot of copy and paste. It would be great to take the time to explain deeper what is going on. It would be interesting to talk about deploying on the production. But thank you for this. That will help me to start my project.

Jay8 February 2020

Helped me learn SocketIO. I will use it for other applications that gaming. I appreciate the instruction. Thanks!


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