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Advanced Typescript programming with NodeJs and Webpack

Watch Typescript, NodeJs, WebPack and AWS in action! Write and deploy your own NodeJs application with Typescript!

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9 hours


Dec 2020

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What you will learn

Basic and advanced features of Typescript, like classes, access modifiers, OOP, decorators

Write a complex NodeJs server from scratch

Use Typescript with Webpack to run it inside the browser

Create Typescript dynamic views

Manage internal and external dependencies

Create a full stack application with clean Typescript


Use modern syntax (async/await)

Deploy NodeJs application to AWS(EC2 and S3)


TypeScript is one of the most loved languages of the moment. How can you learn it properly and go beyond basic examples?

By writing a full-stack, complex, real-world application:

  • Create a NodeJs server

  • Implement a database

  • Create a web client and bundle Typescript with WebpackPreview

Even if it's relatively new, Typescript has reinvented the way we code JavaScript, first of all by adding type safety, but also with many other great features like access modifiers, generics, interfaces, classes, decorators and many others.

Typescript combines the flexibility of modern JavaScript with the power of strongly typed languages like Java or C#, making it a great choice for your full stack app.

Welcome to my course, in which you will learn Typescript and NodeJs by practice. We will not waste much time on presentations or reading the documentation, which you can do yourself, no course needed. Instead we will focus on coding a real, full stack application.

Typescript features covered:

  • Installation and and setup inside a NodeJs project

  • Compiler options and how to integrate them

  • Private, public, protected access modifiers and where to use them

  • Objects, Interfaces and Classes

  • Abstract classes and inheritance

  • Generics

  • Decorators for Classes, Methods and Properties

  • Many more

Other great topics covered in this course:

  • Coding environment setup - Visual Studio Code

  • Typescript installation and initial program

  • Advanced debugging techniques

  • Strict null checks for an even better code security and robustness

  • Complex REST application architecture

  • Writing asynchronous code in Typescript, with modern async/await syntax for great code readability

  • Handling NodeJs database calls and abstracting the Db access, for easy extend, refactor or replacement

  • Secure login architecture - credentials and session tokens

  • API documentation for a NodeJs application

  • Building an user interface with Typescript using Webpack - integrate them inside HTML with routing

  • Application services

  • Adapting a NodeJs server for access from the browser - CORS headers setup

  • Dynamic UI update using decorators

  • Running the application on the web with AWS EC2 for the NodeJs server and S3 for the UI

This course stands out with many advantages and highlights:

  • Concise and with deep respect for your time: only learn what you need. Most of the instructor typing is cut, focusing on why we write a certain way the code.

  • Unitary Typescript course theme - the same NodeJs application, so you don't get bored and get a rewarding sense of completion

  • Experienced and programming active instructor: a great teacher never looses touch with the industry. This is especially true for software development, where the industry is so dynamic. This helps the instructor stay up to date with the best coding guidelines and present you the challenging parts, not the "hello world"

  • GitHub Code diffs - for each lecture - this way you can keep up and quickly get an overview of the lecture, in case you missed something

  • Great visuals - dark background, big font, 1080p resolution

  • Certificate of completion

The best way to learn is by exercise, so I'll see you in class.

There will be code!


Advanced Typescript programming with NodeJs and Webpack
Advanced Typescript programming with NodeJs and Webpack
Advanced Typescript programming with NodeJs and Webpack
Advanced Typescript programming with NodeJs and Webpack


Getting started

How to take this course

TypeScript and NodeJS installation

Visual Studio Code installation

First steps with TypeScript

Section intro

First TypeScript program

Server initial setUp

Access modifiers

Compiler options

Node project configuration

Debugging Node TypeScript

Web server basic setUp

Section intro

Server implemetation

Strict null checks

Application architecture

URL parsing

Login handler



The authorizer

Handling promise rejection

User credentials database

Nedb introduction

Authorizer database

Session token generation

Http codes and methods

Method filtering

Data server setup

Section intro

User database

Users handler

Refactoring with Abstract classes

User query

Using the authenticator

Testing the authenticator

API extension - put user

Database query with RegEx

Deleting users

API documentation

TypeScript inside the browser

Section intro

Initial UI setup


First page

Login page

Base view controller

Switching views

Login service

Accessing APIs

Section intro

Http call from the browser

Adapting server for browser access

Generating access buttons

Query from the UI

Deleting users


Section intro

Decorators introduction

UI update with decorators

Class decorators

Method decorators


Section intro

Debugging UI


Understanding object creation

Installing Git

Git basic commands

Github interface overview

Git in VSCode

Git commit


Handling conflicts

Deploying the application

Section intro

Deploy server to AWS EC2

Deploy UI to AWS S3

Development environment

Closing words


Richard21 February 2021

Excellent course Great breadth Instructor answered all my questions within a day Look forward to taking additional courses with him

Andrew5 December 2020

I'm only in the early videos but what I like about this course is it shows you how to setup a Typescript / node project from scratch (arguably the hardest part of Typescript development). The videos are also extremely clear and well explained with clear steps to follow at each stage.

Jean4 December 2020

There is no proper explanation of how everything works under the hood. For example, the modularisation of the Server.ts file is just described like: "I like to do it like this...", while under every functionality of js or ts there is an explanation of the reason it is architectured this way.

Julien19 November 2020

This course was very good to find out more about Typescript in a real, contextual use of it. I really appreciated the fact that I have access to the diffs at the end of each lesson. Idea for improvement : add a chapter about how to write tests.

Lorenzo5 November 2020

This course is awesome. Alex is very kind and very active on QA Section. This is a must for a Udemy Course. This is not a "Yet-Another-Introductionary" course on TypeScript, this is course on "how-to use TypeScript for real project". The content is very well presentend and you need to be more than a novice in JavaScript world to get the most awesome experince from the course, but Alex is here and he can help you if you have any doubt! Really A+++ Udemy course.

Grzegorz1 November 2020

Seems good so far. Right now mostly watching what I already knew, but found a few tidbits here and there that made it worthwhile.

NIck14 October 2020

Great examples and well articulated, clear instructions. Instructor is confident, and the course is up to date with the latest setups and coding practices. Kudos to instructor

Nico20 August 2020

Well made tutorial on the basics of typescript. It starts from zero and in no time you’ll be capable of doing everything you want

Wesley24 July 2020

The course is not perfect, but it makes so much difference. The instructor digs deep into complicated use-cases, as described, the ones you can't understand just by reading the docs. This makes a huge difference and makes me much better prepared for serious coding.


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