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TypeScript Fast Crash Course

An Introduction to TypeScript main components

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

At the end of the course students will be able to use TypeScript


TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, which means that is language that was created to add features to JavaScript. You might be asking yourself why it was created and why not just add those features directly to JavaScript. 

Sometimes language foundatons take time to implement features because the committee has to approve it, test and get feedback before requests are answered. The soultion for that is to create another language that adds functionality to the language we need, and thats where TypesScript comes in. 

TypeScript has many advanced features that plain JavaScript doesnt have yet but the good news is that we can start using it now since TypeScript compiles JavaScript ES5 which at this moment is the most compatible version of JavaScript for all browsers.

Most people that want to learn TypeScript its because they need the skills to use with some Frameworks like Angular.

My goal with this courses is just give your the fundamentals of the language, show you what TypeScript is and how to use it. We as developers don't have time neither can we afford to spend too much time on any tehcnology.


TypeScript Fast Crash Course
TypeScript Fast Crash Course
TypeScript Fast Crash Course
TypeScript Fast Crash Course


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Reference files

What is TypeScript

Intalling Node.js on Mac OS

Intalling Node.js on Windows

Installing and Using TypeScript

IDE - Using WebStorm

IDE - Using VisualStudio

Using an Online Editor

Section 1 Quiz


Type Inference

Types part 1

Types part 2

Types part 3

Function as Types

Object as Types

Union Types

Section 2 Quiz


Defining and using Interfaces

Implementing interfaces to functions

Implementing interfaces to classes

Interface Inheritance

Section 3 Quiz

Using Classes

Class Definition

Class Access Modifiers

Class Inheritance

Class Abstract


Class Generics

Class Generics constraints

Section 4 Quiz



Using NameSpaces

NameSpace Import

Section 5 Quiz

Module Exports

Namespace Alias

Modules Exports

Loading Modules

Where to go next!

Section 6 Quiz


Jose24 June 2020

I am very happy with the way the course is explained so far. I really learn a lot taking this course.

Katie22 June 2020

Fantastic course. I loved Edwin's motivational speeches at the beginning and end of each lecture, which actually really brightened my learning experience. I would say though, PLEASE NOTE, the course is slightly out of date, specifically with regards to the SystemJS import/export section at the end of the course. To combat this, I used an older version of SystemJS, though it wouldn't be practical in real-world use. Thank you Edwin!

Stephen8 May 2020

Best course I have took in a long time, so easy to follow and I've been able to understand everything he explained.

Victor25 February 2020

So far it's very clear in the concepts and very important that he takes consideration on your level thus explaining in a thorough manner everything.

Daniel21 January 2020

I was able to get started with typescript on my own after watching this tutorial. This course could go deeper to better support learning

Nicolas23 December 2019

I little repetitive, but I guess if this is an introduction course then it should go at a slow pace... very clear until the TYPES and generics section, I didn't quite get the use of those. But it is a free course so I guess I am missing some basics or fundamentals.

L9 October 2019

I needed a quick overview of what Typescript is, and why it'd be used, and then introduction into using it too. Pitched at the right level. Great enthusiasm, with useful little aside comments throughout, from Edwin the instructor - many thanks.

Juan2 October 2019

I expected a bit more explanations, but is a good course to take an overview and main ideas about typescript.

Sarah25 September 2019

Great content, but in this course, the presentation needs a bit more polishing. I love Edwin's commentary, and how he starts off all of his lectures with "Hello my dear Student!". I took his ES6 course about 2 years ago and this seemed as endearing then as it is now, however, the constant button-smash style of typing and then having to correct typos does distract from the content delivery.

Paul15 September 2019

This is an excellent introductory course on TypeScript. This course covers the basic typescript to prepare developers to learn framework that use TypeScript. The instructor is very knowledge on TypeScript and explains in an easy to understand manner

Mickey24 June 2019

The course was what I expected for learning typescript in a nutshell, but it was also very thorough, so I learned a lot.

Karthik19 May 2019

Nice explanation of typescript. This only video cleared me what is generics. There are lots of YouTube videos on generics but this is the best one.excellent course. Nice explanation of typescript. This only video cleared me what is generics. There are lots of YouTube videos on generics but this is the best one.Excellent one.

Bhuvan5 May 2019

Amazing Course, Easy to understandable examples. Now I can proudly say I am TypeScript developer. I got issue while using systemJs. Because its latest version doesn't have same implementation which you already mentioned in your course. Just an input you can refer users to use same version of systemjs which you are using in course, this will definitely save others time. If someone wants to try the latest version then that is optional for him/her.

Victor2 May 2019

Is a great experience to start knowing this new and incredible world of typescript. Just some recomendations, upgrade the lectures because the last ones doesn't works.

LakshmiKorlapati27 April 2019

It is a great lecture, Thanks for this information but need some more information regarding Access modifiers and abstract classes.


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