Twitter Business Mastery - Twitter Home Business Empire

How to make 1000s every month from a Twitter account, grow out a following and dominate Twitter

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

How to grow out a massive Twitter following

How to Monetize Twitter

How to sell products from Twitter

How to get paid promotions on Twitter

How to create fire content that hits with the viewer everytime


If you’re reading this, you’ve got a Twitter account.

What you may not realize is…

You own a digital ASSET.

Let me teach you exactly how to use this asset... for profit.

Look, I’m not a genius marketer.

I’m not a copywriter and I don’t know much about design either.

I’m just a normal guy that didn’t quit until I hit consistent 10K months.

That’s 350 dollars every single day, from simple tweets I write down here in South America.

This new course, “6-Figure Twitter”, is what I wish I had from day 1.

I’ve poured all my “lessons from the streets” in here....

So you can skip all the trial and error.

Sure, I’ll teach you how to think strategically…

But most importantly, I’ll unveil hyper-specific tactics you can replicate to WIN BIG.

In this course, you’ll learn 3 things.

How to write tweets that get HIGH engagement

The best ways to grow your account

And most importantly, how to build credibility to turn followers into BUYERS

What can you expect to discover inside, exactly?

How to use silly jokes to "prime" people to want to buy from you

The best way to turn skeptics into buyers

My secret to turn gossip and current events into sales

The bizarre tweet template that's almost guaranteed to get people to click on a link

A non-hypey way to create urgency

The truth about tweet length and formatting

How to use your past failures to create irresistible promo tweets

These techniques work if you have your own product or service… or if you have nothing to sell (yet.)

I’ll break down 6 different income streams available to you (or anyone with a Twitter account and a pulse!)

This video course is perfect for you if your goal is to build a new online business with

-> Easy to follow success Roadmaps

-> Dirt cheap startup costs

-> Step-by-step instructions

-> No copywriting or social media experience

You get to see real life examples of Twitter sales results in action.

And I hold absolutely nothing back.

What else should you know?

Discover how to write Tweets people like and retweet

How to write content that SELLS

The fastest mechanisms to grow your following

How to automate twitter so you can make money in your sleep

What NOT to do to win at Twitter short-term… and long-term


Twitter Business Mastery - Twitter Home Business Empire
Twitter Business Mastery - Twitter Home Business Empire
Twitter Business Mastery - Twitter Home Business Empire
Twitter Business Mastery - Twitter Home Business Empire




My Twitter Journey

Proof Of Income

Why Twitter?

Account Creation

Anon Or Personal Brand?

Most Popular Niches On Twitter

Your Digital Real Estate

Twitter Mastery

Finding Content idea

Creating 6 Figure Content

Leveraging Other Twitter Accounts

The Do Not Of Twitter

A Day In The Life Of Me

The Game Plan From 0 to 10k Followers

The Game Plan From 0 - 1000 Followers

The Game Plan From 1k - 3k Followers

The Game Plan From 3k - 10k Followers

The Art Of Selling

Social Proof

The Art Of Selling On Twitter + My Sales Results

Income Streams

Income Stream One

Income Stream Two

Income Stream Three

Income Stream Four

Income Stream Five

Income Stream Six


My Automation Journey

What You Are Going To Need

Have A Sneak Peak Inside

Finding Content

Creating An Account

Step By Step Process

Behind The Scenes

The Golden Rules Of Automation

Automated Income Streams


Tony24 March 2021

Great, actionable content, dispensed in nice bite-sized pieces which I plan to apply to a new Twitter account idea in the near future.


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