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2021 Ultimate Guide to YouTube Channel & YouTube Masterclass

TubeHeroes - Practical & Complete Guide to YouTube Growth, YouTube Channel & YouTube Masterclass

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

What YouTube Is & How To Use YouTube

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Tips to YouTube Growth

How To Create & Grow YouTube Channel From Scratch

How To Record Your First YouTube Video

How To Scale YouTube Channel

How To Get More YouTube Views

How To Get More YouTube Subscribers

Constant Updates as YouTube Evolves


Welcome to TubeHeroes 1.0!

An Only Course you need to start making and growing your YouTube channel!

Here we concentrate on building your Youtube channel for the WIN and use methods that worked from the very beginning of YouTube and will work forever!

  • Learn How to Start a YouTube Channel

  • Learn How to Create a YouTube Channel

  • Learn How To Record YouTube Video;

  • Learn How To Create YouTube Thumbnail;

  • Learn How To Grow Your YouTube Channel

  • Learn To Nurture YouTube Audience

  • Everything is here, from basic software to advanced YouTube practices!

This course is going to be great not just for YouTube Beginners, but with all YouTube users, no matter their level.

Disclaimer: This is an initial version of this course. The course will be updated constantly with newer versions releasing from time to time. Buying the course will give you access to current and all future versions of the course.

TubeHeroes YouTube Course Version History:

1.0 - Initial Launch;
1.5 - Added 4 New Section & 19 New Lectures


2021 Ultimate Guide to YouTube Channel & YouTube Masterclass
2021 Ultimate Guide to YouTube Channel & YouTube Masterclass
2021 Ultimate Guide to YouTube Channel & YouTube Masterclass
2021 Ultimate Guide to YouTube Channel & YouTube Masterclass



Introduction to YouTube Course

Disclaimers: What You Can Expect Here

Sections Explained

Rules of TubeHeroes

YouTube Level: Beginner

Introduction To Beginner Section

What is YouTube

Mindset of YouTube Before You Will Start

Creation of YouTube Channel + About Section

Topic & Type of YouTube Channel (Beginner)

Naming Your YouTube Channel

YouTube Logo & Banner (Beginner)

Equipment for YouTube Videos

YouTube Software for Beginners

First YouTube Video Ideas

Recording Your First YouTube Video

Editing Your First YouTube Video

Uploading Your First YouTube Video

YouTube Level: Intermediate

Introduction To Intermediate Section

Channel Layout

Better Logo & Banner

Channel Topic (Intermediate)

Types of Videos (Intermediate)

Video Workflow & Recording Techniques

Intermediate Editing

Live Thumbnail Creation

Uploading Workflow

Visibility & Publishing

Uploading Schedule & Consistency

Understanding Analytics

Music & Copyright

Additional Tools

Batch Producing

Channel Growth Time

YouTube Level: Advanced

Introduction To Advanced

Video Codecs

Channel Banner From Scratch

Keyword Research

Title Research & Structure

Using Advanced Analytics

Thumbnail A/B Testing

Audience Retention Analysis

Description Template & Upload Defaults


Multi Channel Networks (MCNs)

Contact with Audience




Mr11 October 2020

This course is very good but in the future, I hope you will provide more reliable information on the youtube course.

حسن2 October 2020

Very Helpful, Thank you so much. I've created my brand new channel and I really needed this information.

Kayle27 September 2020

The only struggle I faced with this course is that I felt like the instructor talked a bit fast for me. Other than that I am glad that I purchased this course. I did see some comments stating that the instructor was a small you tuber and I guess they were not pleased with that. I felt like the instructor has made quality content and does know what he is doing. If you want to start a you tube channel this is a good course to purchase. If you work on your own channel and use the information in this course than you could possible end up with more subs than he has. He could also be making money or have more subs on another you tube channel or something. I mean we don't know his whole life story. Purchase the course and start your You Tube channel. Their is enough information in this course to do just that.

Malik26 September 2020

I am very thankful to Udemy for giving me an opportunity to learning successful videos for my own Growth as well.

Ayesha22 September 2020

Here I learn more and good things about youtube. I also want to be a YouTuber that why I learn this course and the teacher is very nice to teach us to thank you!

Massinissa3 September 2020

I do not recommend this course, Luck of details You gave your gaming channel as an example while for 3 years even yourself didn't get more than 500 subscriber which means you are not qualified to make a course about youtube, add to that all information can be found on free youtube videos, plus You even didn't put some efforts to activate your windows that's annoying and not professional at all, don't take it personally I am just being honest, wish you the best!

Praveen30 August 2020

In the beginning Instructor says, he is a YouTuber. If you are a YouTuber then why you are having less than 1000 subscribers? Whole course had 40% valuable information rest are complete BLUFF. He is explaining every software or tools only on Apple platforms.

Nayan29 August 2020

Yeah. The Instructor and the overall Course has satisfied me and fulfilled my expectation. But I think there are something missing as it was a masterclass course. Editing Video (Cut, Removing or Swapping Music may be claimed by someone or Creator wants to change for A/B Testing) through YouTube Creator Studio should be added. I hope this section will be added in the bonus section. One Email, One Adsense along with multiple channels -how they work, what are the problems or what are the benefit ---these should be included. There should be atleast one lecture about Adsense. But overall I have to agree that the course was just amazing and outstanding. And definitely I like it and enjoy it. Last but not the least I have learnt many new things. Thanks a lot Dear. By the way it is a matter of fun and I must refer that both of us was born in 1992! We are friends in this respect! Best wishes for you my year borned FRIEND! : )

Jim29 August 2020

I needed help with the Advance section and this course came through with the information that I needed. Copyright, free music, etc. was covered very nicely.

Aklilu25 August 2020

the way the instructures tone and description on issues and also conseltation not push but pull towards him

Benjamin25 August 2020

Very helpful. As a 400+ upload "veteran" of YouTube (for fun), I found the lecture format helpful (beginner, intermediate, advanced) to navigate what I needed.

Danish1 August 2020

very amazing your knowledge and the method of teaching is beyond excellent thank you so so much for providing such a good content

Bhimesh30 July 2020

yes this course is good for the beginners or intermediate but for advanced user it doesnt satisfied my expectations

LakshmiVaraPrasad29 July 2020

the way the teaching is very understandable, everything i have learnt so far is very useful and explained in detail, so beautiful lessons..

Yogesh11 May 2020

Great Learning with you. Thank you very much sir, you are great teacher. thank you for your advise on crucial topics like how to communicate with the audience.


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