Tricks of Trump: His best Manipulation Techniques

Sneaky techniques, social domination, logical fallacies, psychological and rhetorical tricks with video footage of Trump

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Mar 2020

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What you will learn

best psychological manipulation techniques

best logical manipulation techniques

best rhetorical manipulation techniques

...and how to refute all those tricks!


"How does Trump get away with alternative facts?"

"Why did so many people elect him?"

"What techniques did he use to win over his opponents?"

One thing is clear: Donald Trump is a master manipulator. And if you want to win in life, even if you don't like that man, you should use some of his brilliant manipulation techniques. And also be able to counter them if you face people like Trump.

In this online course, Wlad is going to reveal Trump's best manipulation and domination tricks. And every lecture contains video footage of the President, so you can easily see and unterstand each of the techniques.

---TESTIMONIAL: "Dear Wlad, I completed your "Tricks of Trump" course. What a unique course! Enjoyed your presentations. Well done! Insightful, inspiring and true. Best regards, Ettienne"

---TESTIMONIAL: "I am enjoying your course so much. Like him or not he is a remarkable man at 72 years. My goal is to passionately study him. Also, you are a very good and effective teacher and speaker. Don."

Course content:

1. How does Trump get away with alternative facts?

2. What 3 types of manipulation tricks are there?

3. Trump's psychological tricks

4. Trump's logical tricks

5. Trump's rhetorical tricks

6. FAQ on Donald Trump's success from enrolled students

The trainer, Wlad, is a professional communication trainer in Germany. He is one of the most successful debaters in the world (TOP10 speaker in Europe, World Championship Quarter Finalist). He worked as a lawyer in Munich and as a political scientist at the United Nations Head Quarters in NYC and now shares his knowledge on rhetoric and argumentation via online courses. He strongly believes in the benefits of online education --- and invites to test the course right now! 

Wlad offers a 30 day money back warranty. So just try out a few lectures -- and be blown away by the sophisticated manipulation techniques of Donald J. Trump!!


Tricks of Trump: His best Manipulation Techniques
Tricks of Trump: His best Manipulation Techniques
Tricks of Trump: His best Manipulation Techniques
Tricks of Trump: His best Manipulation Techniques



How does Trump get away with “alternative facts” and lies?

In a nutshell: How does Trump manipulate?

About the Trainer & About the class

Trump's psychological tricks

Super self-confidence

Halo effect

Your feedback!

Strong body language

Strong voice

Good Jokes

Playing with the audience



Slogans & simple language


Trump’s logical fallacies

Introduction into logical fallacies

Quoting the “right” statistics

Personal attacks


Quoting authorities

Red herrings

Straw man

Hasty generalization


Dark Consequences

Killer phrase

Trump's rhetorical tricks

Introduction into rhetorical tricks





Loaded words





Rhetorical question





FAQs about Trump

Introduction into FAQs

FAQ1: Is Trump a pretender or is he really competent?

FAQ 2: How does Trump compare with other successful speakers?

FAQ 3: How does Trump resonate with so many people?

FAQ 4: Why do poor people vote for Trump?

FAQ 5: Why do people follow Trump, although he tells bullshit?

FAQ 6: How does Trump think?

FAQ 7: Who is susceptible to populism?

FAQ 8: How should politicians deal with Trump?

FAQ 9: Do you have to be like Trump in order to succeed?

FAQ 10: What's up with his hair?

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Norbert1 October 2020

Super- Danke für die Erklärungen - Ich konnte es ohne tiefes Wissen mir nicht erklären, was abging. Aber ich bin für die Umwelt und für die Gesundheit, aber auch für eine nachhaltige Grenzkontrolle wegen Drogen und Kriminalität. Kommunikativ ist dies schwer widerlegbares Vorgehen, wenn man keine Fragen beantwortet und nicht den Dialog eingeht. Aber wie und was ist heute wo Politik ?. Bin da interessierter Leihe, bin da wissentlicher Leihe und bin da nachhaltiger Leihe, vielleicht versuchter Problembewältigungsleihe in der Kommunikation. Das sieht man bei sowas.

Rich16 August 2020

Great content and very well organized and presented by Wlad so far! I am learning more about how Pres Trump gets people to believe in him (misleads?) via some of psychological, logical and rhetorical devices.

Lawrence28 November 2019

I am a fellow instructor on Udemy and to be honest, I am pretty critical of other instructors. However... this course is very excellent and very timely. I would love for every American to watch this course so they understand how they have been manipulated. I posted a recommendation to this course on my own Facebook page that goes to 2000 friends. I hope they all watch it.

Tom20 March 2019

Learnt to become a lot more successful/manipulative in negotiations by painting my face orange. Business partners looked at me in a funky manner at first, ... but only until I grabbed my huge charts powered by my huge hands with logarithmic scales to provide insights on how to save our dear money through spending less on pollution control within our manufacturing environment. Carbon footprint my butt! Thank you, Wladislaw! 10/10 would meet business objectives again. PS: Would recommend to normalize the sound between the Trump clips and your explanations as the volume differs, so I was always moving my sound mix slider back and forth to adjust the volume. Was a bit annoying as I primarily watched your videos while working out in order to train my massive biceps. Biceps should fit the huge hands, right?

Nicholas1 February 2019

I enjoyed this course and I got what I expected I learnt about Donald Trump's rhetoric skills. The tutor spoke accurately and offered tips from his good personal experience as a debater/speaker Mr. Jachtchenko made a helpful course about Donald Trump with lots of useful and relevant clips of the United States' president.

Colleen17 January 2019

This was a super entertaining course, with great content. If you want to improve your listening, critical thinking, speaking and communication (and manipulation!) abilities, take this course. Be warned however, you might find yourself speaking in a "trump tone" in meetings :)

Grant8 November 2018

It's a psychological trick making this course, What I see so far are the true colors of President Trump. He's being an American and you want to refuse him of his right to change his mind dependent on outcomes of particular situations.

John6 November 2018

This is actually my favorite course on Udemy. I was looking for a course on udemy about manipulation. For my job, I have the same personality as Trump. I didn't understand what I was doing wrong or right. My boss didn't like the style I used because I was becoming unlikeable. The insights helped me greatly to tweak my message and body language better. It also explained why I made a lot more money in the past with better body language. I'm so glad typed in manipulation. This was the best I have ever seen before. Thank you for making a course on this topic. I can't recommend it enough, 5 stars for me.

Jeff11 October 2018

This the course I was looking for. All trump and his mind trainings A great way to spend time & money and get better At life. I guess I have to write more words to get to the next screen. Please lef me go to the next screen or I am going to use my trump tricks to take you out. Here’s more words. Good words. Bad words. Red words blue words. Words I wished I had shared with my loved ones before I got trapped in a text box can I please go on to the next screen or do I just get to swear at this. Please buy this course and save me from this review option. Please

Spuling31 July 2018

Wie immer sehr empfehlenswerte Inhalte vom Wlad. Ich habe mir schon einige Kurse von ihm durchgearbeitet und kann auch diesen bestens weiterempfehlen.

John1 July 2018

I won't tell you I have learnt how to be more convincing and engaging while learning to handle people who are manipulative but you will soon find out..Stay tuned

Ettienne19 June 2018

Dear Wlad, I completed your "Tricks of Trump" course. What a unique course! Enjoyed your presentations. Well done! Insightful, inspiring and true. Best regards, Ettienne

Oliver20 April 2018

Top Inhalt, er weiss wo von er spricht. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass er richtig einen drauf hat im Debattieren, Vortragen, in der Kommunikatioin. Da gibt es nichts auszusetzen. Top Top Top Das einzige, was ich schade finde ist, dass er selber die Unterschiede der Körpersprache nicht darstellt. Wenn er Donald Trump ist, dann hält er seine Oberarme am Oberkörper und das wirkt schwächlich im Gegensatz zu Trump.

Martin27 March 2018

A very enjoyable presentation of Trump's tricks, which manages to be both informative and satirical, while staying unbiased in its presentation.

Tabea15 March 2018

well done analysis of how manipulators like Trump get away with it. It's true that we know more about grammar than about these psychological tricks. Mr. Jachtschenko changes that.


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