Man vs Machines: Spot The Trends To Get Ahead

Be a smarter human; technology is advancing rapidly and shaping the world, learn 4IR case studies and principles

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Nov 2020

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What you will learn

Introduction to topics like disruption, displacement, automation, autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence

The future of work and why presidential hopeful Andrew Yang is deeply worried about automation

How technology impacted the Luddites, digital losers like Kodak, Gary Kasparov and Tilly Lockey

Cognitive computing, The 4th Industrial Revolution case studies and exponential growth

The impact of automation on blue collar workers in a capitalism-driven world and what we can do about it

Introduction to Human Capitalism, The Singularity and Universal Basic Income such as $1000 / month

The impact of autonomous vehicles on jobs in America and how self driving trucks are a use case

Why Gary Kasparov likes the quote "Computers are useless, they can only give you answers"

The role of humans in asking great questions to keep moving us forward on a quest for a better life

How Gary Kasparov really felt about the machines that beat him and why that changes our perception of chess AI

Future generations and the type of world and machines that our children inherit and the role we must play

What’s next for society and what we should learn from the 4IR case studies to ensure we stay ahead


"This course was a perfect match for me. It has increased my knowledge on technological advancements" - Immaculate

"This was great, I learned a lot about the Fourth Industrial Revolution" - Gugu

"Very insightful" - Sakyiwaa, "Great insight" - Abdurrahman

Become the smartest person in the room about technology trends! Impress your friends and your kids by explaining why and how the world has changed. Learn about the impact of technology on our changing world and how these trends will impact the next generation.

Why you should do this course:

  • Confidently talk about technology trends in your next conversation with friends and family.

  • Become familiar with topics like disruption, displacement, artificial intelligence, the singularity, human capitalism and Universal Basic Income

  • Know how technology impacted the Luddites, Kodak, Gary Kasparov and Tilly Lockey and why its important

  • Learn from presidential hopeful Andrew Yang about why he is worried by the rise in automation and its impact on humans and the jobs we do

  • Understand more about the great rivalry between man and machine in the game of chess and how this showcased a breakthrough in artificial intelligence

  • Help guide your children in their education and career choices through your superior knowledge of these trends and case studies.

  • Boost your own career prospects with this knowledge, especially in a world that has accelerated towards technology during a pandemic

Become a trend spotter today, transform your world view by understanding how and why these trends are shaping the future.


Man vs Machines: Spot The Trends To Get Ahead
Man vs Machines: Spot The Trends To Get Ahead
Man vs Machines: Spot The Trends To Get Ahead
Man vs Machines: Spot The Trends To Get Ahead



Introduction and Worksheet

Course Overview

Accelerated Change

Trends and Case Studies

Fourth Industrial Revolution

Digital Disruption

Digital Displacement (Part 1)

Digital Displacement (Part 2)

Artificial Intelligence

Looking ahead

Future Generations

Wrap Up Trends and Case Studies

Humans and Work


Impact of Automation

Autonomous Vehicles

Human Capitalism

What’s next?

Man vs Machine

The tournament

Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough

Kasparov's Perspective

The future of man vs machine

"Computers are useless"


celanba15 March 2021

For me, this course didn't live up to the stated purpose. The case studies and examples offered are nice as human interest stories, but they don't get too deeply into the relevant ethical and practical issues. I suppose that is part of the point, that we should all have a hand in imagining those circumstances for ourselves and it will be different for everyone. Still, I didn't really get much out of the information in the way that it was presented. Overall, the course was quite repetitive.

SATYAJEET23 January 2021

Good. Kind of short and some statements made but didn't get conclusions that I can feel satisfied with.

Neofytos26 November 2020

This is an interesting course. However, it could easily be improved by avoiding repetition of the same examples and also by adding more of them, along with concrete data and facts (easy example for instance Tesla and how fast it became one of the world's highest valued car manufacturer and company in general).

Refilwe27 October 2020

Was able have an better understanding of the 4th revolution. Having a clear understanding as to why jobs are changing. Trends-Enjoying the benefits of technology. Where the future of our children lies. Different types of technology trends.

Zakir2 October 2020

This is the second that I've completed of yours. Easy to understand and a whole lot of learning. Thanks Peter!

Ranjan6 September 2020

I would like to describe this whole session in just two words: Quite Alarming. This session was based on the battle between Humans and Machines.

Khan3 September 2020

This is a very short course and I don't like it too much. It's ok at some point but It is like a movie trailer.

Lynn3 August 2020

Clear and easy to follow. Covers the main aspects of management consulting which is useful for any career.

Lorna31 July 2020

This was a valuable course. I found it really expanded my knowledge of management consulting. I could reflect on my own career goals, my skill set, knowledge and experience and whether pursuing management consulting would be something worth pursuing.

Peter31 July 2020

This course answers all the questions for someone who wants to know how a career in management consulting is all about. It is explains how diverse management consulting is and how it is a good career to pursue as it makes one an all rounder. Great course from Peter especially for those seeking a career in Management consulting.

Fernando24 July 2020

I liked the pace, structure and personal experience provided. It provided insightful and implementable recommendations

Rijesh24 July 2020

Definitely yes and thanks Peter for such an insightful course. Looking forward to going through some of your other courses and articles.

Khaviso22 July 2020

Yes it was because i am doing digital banking and most of the things that were said on this video was familiar with what i am doing.

Londiwe20 July 2020

Yes because now I understand the Technology is not invented to replace humans but to help humans do things fast and effective.

Lorna7 July 2020

It was interesting. I enjoyed the way it was packaged. A simple way to get insights into the topic. It might be good to have a follow on that show how these trends are linked with world of work and how they are being harnessed in different disciplines.


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