AVOID Travel Scams & Scammers Complete Course: Travel Safety

Travel hacks on avoiding scams. Vulnerability | Travel tips: spot a con artist, SAVE MONEY & have travel security.

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What you will learn

Have knowledge about common scams throughout the world

Know how to spot a scam or con-artist

Learn the best defense and tools to use to avoid getting caught up in a scam

Save yourself and your loved ones hundreds of dollars by not getting ripped off or cheated!

You will have practical tools to assess different situations and scenarios and have an exit strategy or action plan ready!


Do you plan to travel to places like India, Turkey, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and more "off-the-beaten-path places?

Are you worried you might be seen as a "wealthy tourist" when you travel to Bali (for example) and don't want to be seen as simply a walking wallet?

Wouldn't it be great if you knew in ADVANCED all the travel tips and tricks and hacks for saving money during your travels?



  • How Prices are swapped for Tourists & How you can fight it

  • How to save hundreds of dollars on locals trying to take advantage of your situation when you get "stuck"

  • Common scams around the world such as the "Cambodian Motorcycle Scam" or the "Indian Western Union & Credit Card Scam "

  • How to combat Police Bribes

  • What is the "mafia" and how it affects you on your travels internationally

  • Voluntourism and Animal Scams - How to spot if they are "real" or a FAKE!

  • How international travel can put you in a vulnerable situation and what to do to be more secure

  • Tourist traps and real life scenarios happening today which you may encounter

Getting "cheated" while traveling is actually VERY COMMON. More than most people think! In fact over 20,000 reports have already been made in 2019 alone. Nearly $5 MILLION DOLLARS has been reported stolen! That's insane!

CNBC has also been quoted to say, "Millenials Fall for 'Financial Scams' more than any other..." (2018 Report)

"Holiday booking Scams rise by a Fifth-victims lose £1,200 each..." -Source Independent UK

Travel scams are common around the world, but how do we spot them?

And more importantly, how do we avoid getting caught in a scam? What does a con artist look like? How can I avoid getting caught up in a scam?

Whether you plan a trip to Morocco, Turkey, Vietnam, India or Italy, there is something for EVERYONE in this course! Because spotting a real con-artist requires practice, skills and TOOLS. They are never who they seem and the information in this course is something I personally wish I had known prior to my travels! 

This course contains lots of videos and personal stories and examples of some scams found in various countries including Egypt, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Romania and more! 

Any one can learn these skills and it is important to educate ourselves so we don't find ourselves in difficult situations with no cash or means! 

Krystal, a Public Speaker, Coach and world traveler, uses her expertise and knowledge living in countries such as India, Egypt and more to share her inside tips, tools and encounters with con artists around the world! Join her in this easy to follow course and in less than an hour you will find you have the confidence to travel to any country and NOT get scammed! 

If the information in this course prevents you from being scammed ONCE you would have already have saved enough money to pay for this course a DOZEN+ times. So what are you waiting for? ENROLL TODAY!


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Asia Scams

Motorcycle Scam - My Personal Encounter in Cambodia
Asia Scams
Western Union Scam in India
The Moral of this story...
Mongol Rally Bonus - Pink Yak Trailer
Kyrgyzstan Story - A Mongol Rally Tale

Africa Scams

Africa Scams

European Scams

Mafia, "Voluntourism" & Animal Tourism Scams
European Scams
Turkey Scam
The Moral of this story...

North America / Australia Scams

North America / Australia Scams

Middle East Scams

Egypt Taxi Story
The Moral of this story...
Middle East Scams

Final Message

Best Tools
Scams Overview
How to Put all this Information to Good Use
Final Message
Final Message


October 8, 2019
She is the kind of lady that always seems to get into trouble. Just kidding. She offers very valuable and honest advice based on her experiences as a traveler. If this course saves you from getting scammed, then it is worth every penny and more. You will also learn how not to get tricked into paying "tourist prices" which is an added benefit. Good course!
September 14, 2018
Thanks, Krystal. I enjoyed your videos, appreciated the scenery, excellent content and hands-on approach demonstrated by real-life examples. All the best, Janice
September 14, 2018
Kelly takes your attention back to really basic key things that we take for granted as well as thoroughly explaining the consequences of using/not using her methods clearly.
September 14, 2018
I love traveling and i already have been to some amazing places in the past. anyway, this course taught me some new really cool things that i will definitely use on my future trips. i took quite a lot of Kelly's courses and i fully recommend them to everyone!
September 14, 2018
I enjoyed this course because it gives useful and interesting tips to travel more and better. If you don't travel enough, Krystal Kelly will motivate you. If you usually travel, she will give you tips that she learnt from experience.
September 14, 2018
Great course, this is a real deal. Really valuable insight into travelling tricks and your experience best case practise. Thanks for sharing!!!
March 18, 2018
Overall, you certainly did cover some topics worthy of consideration, but I would recommend using more examples that apply to a wider audience. For instance, you related in great detail your experiences in Kyrgyzstan, which I think maybe only a tiny fraction of your audience might have any idea of or have any ability to use. You jumped right into that story assuming your audience understood the setting and why you were there. So right off, I was lost and quite confused for most of that presentation for lack of background. But beyond that, I could not see how that information would apply to anything I would ever encounter. Other examples you gave were kind of similar in that it was a little hard to envision how to use the information in a more general case. Also, please minimize or eliminate the plugs for your other courses -- I dislike sales pitches during a course.



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