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Editing mobile Video: VN Video Editing App (iOS and Android)

Mobile video editing for beginners. Video production and mobile video editing with Robb Montgomery - Android & iOS

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Shoot professional-quality images that viewers (and clients) will love.

Edit a travel video using a free video editor app

Feel confident with a camera in any travel situation

Visually document a story subject to create a great travel tale.

Learn how to make music videos using beats and photos

Master filming techniques that will hook viewers right away, maintain their interest in a story, and leave them feeling satisfied after watching.

Know what the rules are and, more importantly, how to break them

Master text over video and voice-over narration for your travel films


You can edit professional quality video with your phone.

The VN video app (free for both iPhone and Android) is a powerful pocket video editing app that every mobile photographer and filmmaker needs to know how to use.

This course includes a step-by step masterclass in professional editing techniques using travel photos from a smartphone

The Best Camera Is The One That Travels With You

We carry amazing cameras in our pockets, but most people simply do not know how to get the best results when filming with their phone.

Everything is included in this course.

Who doesn't want to take better travel photos and videos with their phone? 

Whether you’ve got the new iPhone  or some other mobile phone, this course will unlock your potential to create great looking photos and videos from your travels.

Join this travel photography masterclass and learn how to:

  • Film scenes that capture the imagination and catch people's eye

  • Techniques for capturing those fleeting, candid moments

  • Simple tricks for capturing great action photos and video clips

  • Tips for capturing incredible landscape and cityscape photos in different lighting conditions

  • Making your photos look great with simple post tips.

VN Video editing masterclass - Learn to shoot and edit shots that tell stories with the free VN App for iOs, Mac OS and Android.

This class goes through various real-life scenarios that ultimately will get anyone with a mobile phone shooting pictures they are excited to share.

Travel video expert: Shoot & edit amazing smartphone travel videos & photo stories while on holiday.

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Editing mobile Video: VN Video Editing App (iOS and Android)
Editing mobile Video: VN Video Editing App (iOS and Android)
Editing mobile Video: VN Video Editing App (iOS and Android)
Editing mobile Video: VN Video Editing App (iOS and Android)


Getting started

Meet the instructor

Travel light

The best video apps for smartphones

The best photos and videos

Engineer or artist?

Types of video

Get away from it all

Get lost

Challenge yourself

Connect the shots

Name the six shots

Film and edit a sequence

Filming a walking shot pattern

EXERCISE: Film a walking shot sequence

EDIT: Video editor (IOS & Android)

Ultimate Travel Filming Tips

Be a people watcher

Be safe

Film in manual mode

Change your routine

Wake up early

Stay out late

Play with time

Exercise: Make a video postcard

Speed ramping

Follow your instincts

Remain curious

Ditch the group

Embrace strangeness

Make videos to offset travel costs

Top freelance video opportunities

Business and Corporate video

Stock footage

Demonstration videos

Tutorial videos

Feel light, observe the unseen

Chase the light

Take a hike

FILM FESTIVAL: Eight minutes in Ireland

Find the story

Tell a story

Plan ahead

Anticipate action

Talk to people

EXAMPLE: Share the journey


Tyrone4 February 2018

Some descent knowledge on angle and views. But not much on the exact set up of the camera, also the photos are they panorama photos that he can move from one side to the other or is it the software he is using? not enough info, i thought i would also be learning more about camera set up but still very knowledgeable.

Devon26 January 2018

Really enjoyed all the tips and tricks. Background stories of how the pictures and videos were created helped a lot to get me thinking in that direction. Thank you for this course.

Ana2 September 2017

Course is good to punch in the artistry of film and the prof is encouraging in the sense that he will give freedom but will only give guidelines. I dont like that the last part was in word format, when it could have been a video where good examples could have been showed.


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