Travel Photography: Take Beautiful Photos on Your Adventures

Capture amazing photos with our complete A-Z guide to travel photography: Equipment, Shooting, Editing, Sharing

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Take amazing photos on your next trip.

Travel smarter with the right equipment.

Be confident taking photos in any situation.

Edit photos to make them look even better.

Share your photos and grow a following on social media.


Welcome to the Complete Travel Photography Course!

Come home with photos that truly capture the magic of your experiences!

We are so excited to help you take better photos on your next adventure. You'll learn everything you need to know to take better photos with any camera - DSLR, mirrorless, smartphone, or point-and-shoot. 


Here are all the skills you'll learn in this travel photography course - starting with what you need to know before your trip, followed by how you actually shoot better photos on your trip, and finally with how you edit and share your photos like a pro!


  • Get ready for your next trip

  • Bring the best equipment for traveling

  • Choose the right lenses to capture your style of photography

  • Know the accessories you need to get great photos (tripods, filters, etc)

Taking Better Photos:

  • Portraits

  • Landscapes

  • Street Photography

  • Architecture

  • Night 

  • Long Exposure

Editing Photos:

  • Use the best photo editing apps for travelers

  • Learn how to edit your photos to make them look amazing

Sharing & Branding:

  • Share your photos with the world, get more followers, and inspire others

  • Build a travel photography brand using Instagram and other social media platforms


  • Downloadable photos to practice editing with

  • Live demonstrations - follow Sam on a travel photography shoot

  • Downloadable travel checklist

  • Premium support from your instructors


So, why should take this course from us? There are plenty of travel photography courses to choose from. We believe that we've created a course that can truly help you take better portraits in less time, better than anything else out there!

Video School Online has created some of the best selling online photography courses, and we always strive to help you learn new skills in a fun and engaging way!

Lastly, we have a 30-day 100% money back guarantee! Try out this course, and see if you like it. There's absolutely no risk!

We can't wait to see you in the course


Travel Photography: Take Beautiful Photos on Your Adventures
Travel Photography: Take Beautiful Photos on Your Adventures
Travel Photography: Take Beautiful Photos on Your Adventures
Travel Photography: Take Beautiful Photos on Your Adventures



Welcome to Class

DOWNLOAD: Travel Photography Checklist

Join the Official Student Photography Group

Introduction to our Photo Chats

Travel Photography Preparation

Overview of this Section

Using Research to Get Better Photos

Recommended Cameras for Travel Photography

Recommended Lenses for Travel Photography

Recommended Accessories for Travel Photography

Case Study - Sam Prepares for an Upcoming Travel Shoot

Photo Chat - Preparing for Your Upcoming Travel Photography Adventure

Take Better Travel Photos

Overview of this Section

Portrait Photography Tips

Landscape Photography Tips

Street Photography Tips

Telling Stories with Your Photos

Case Study - Follow Sam in Downtown Los Angeles

Photo Chat - Taking Better Photos while Traveling

Editing Photos While Traveling

Storing and Protecting Your Photos while Traveling

Recommended Applications for Editing on the Road

Case Study: Sam's Entire Photo Editing Workflow

Case Study: Phil's Editing Workflow

Photo Chat - Editing Photos while Traveling

Sharing Your Travel Photos

An Overview of Sharing Your Photos

Building Your Travel Photography Brand

Case Study: Sam Posts to Social Media

Case Study: Phil's Instagram Strategy

Photo Chat - Instagram, Sharing, Branding

Course Conclusion

Thank You and What's Next?


Marijana22 September 2020

I must admit I did not learn a lot of new things I did not know. If you know a bit of instagram and photography from general life sources I'm afraid you might find this course pretty basic and obvious.

David28 August 2020

Yes, We all travel around and a good knowledge of what to take and best ways to use your kit is great.

Maritza2 August 2020

I really enjoy taking classes with Will, Sam and Phil. they have a way of making the lessons easy to follow, informative and useful regarding the topics. Thanks Guys

Arun3 July 2020

The course was amazing. Sam explained very clearly what is essential for travel photography and the best part which I like most was the photo chat of Sam and Phil.

Melvin25 May 2020

Covered the subject in a complete manor from formal lectures to case studies and photo chats, also included many examples of travel photos taken by the presenters.

Michael2 February 2020

Course was decent, directed more to professionals than amateurs. Too much talking, not enough showing.

John28 December 2019

just want to take better travel photos on vacation, I think this course has now givem me a nice solid base to get started

Jeanmarie30 September 2019

Was trying to be nice and open minded in the beginning. Very disappointed in this course. From previews, I thought it was going to be more about more demonstrations out in the field and more specifics about travel photography in general. Was mostly listening to Sam across a desk talking about very general things. I'm sure he's a great photographer and passionate but this course was not very engaging.

Gianfranco26 September 2019

Highly Recommended. Once again Sam and Phil, great job I really enjoyed the course. Definitely something to add to the knowledge pakage. Thanks a lot. Well done.

Hemant5 September 2019

Could have added little more technical stuff. Rest assured it covers all the important topics and it was a fun class.

Jane3 September 2019

Great so far...need to finish for an honest review. Sam did a great job on this course! I love how he did the case studies of him talking about the equipment he used and him taking pictures in Downtown Los Angeles and both him and Phil editing their photos. I think this is one of the best travel photography courses I have taken. I can't wait to put these tips into practice when I go somewhere with my family. Thanks Sam Shimizu-Jones for a great class. Hope you do another one soon!!! :)

Paul2 September 2019

Title of course was somewhat misleading:...."Take Beautiful Photos on Your Adventures". Only a third of the course was on taking pictures. Pros: Instructors are knowledgeable and are good at instructing. Most of the information was useful. Cons: Most of photochats were useless; the section on sharing your travel photos was a waste of time. Being enrolled in the instructors masterclass in photography which is one of the best courses take, I was disappointed with this course.

Julian31 August 2019

The course was very interesting and thought provoking. It especially made me think about equipment, Lightroom editing and the use of social media

Peter30 August 2019

I liked it, one thing I wish was in the course was finding the right composition for various types of shots. Framing subjects and understanding how to use limited space to get decent shots when in crowded places.

Aldis23 August 2019

very informative, good that it takes you through all aspects from cameras and lenses to picture taking and editing, sam and phil seem to always give good informative courses


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