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Translation Editing: A Practical Introduction

Learn how to copy edit and proofread translated works through practical strategies and real-world examples.

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Sep 2020

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What you will learn

In this course, students learn how to edit translated texts. They will be given an overview of the steps needed to prepare a translated work for publication, including editing/revision, copy editing, proofreading, and the essential role that editors and proofreaders play in this process. Students will experience a crash course covering a wide variety of the aspects of writing that editors must examine and correct—from punctuation and grammar to readability and conventions of style. These principles will be demonstrated through examples taken from real novel translations and commentary from professional editors. Finally, students will be introduced to the workflow management, teamwork, and communication skills needed to excel as a professional in this field.


Are you fascinated by the intricacies of written language? In today’s interconnected world, translations and translation editors are in high demand. Learn about the skills you need to edit translated texts and explore a career in this vibrant and rewarding field.

This course provides an overview of the various aspects and guiding principles of translation editing, interspersed with tips and real-world editing examples that demonstrate how to turn theory into practice.

If you are…

· An aspiring editor preparing to work professionally in this field;

· An experienced editor branching out to work with translated texts;

· A writer or translator seeking to hone their technical language skills;

. . . Then this course is for you!

This course covers:

· A general introduction to the fields of translation and editing, and their intersection;

· The basics of copy editing and proofreading, including a walkthrough of the major aspects of language this work involves, from punctuation and grammar to idiom and consistency;

· Workflow management and communication strategies for the professional editor, with an emphasis on translator-editor teams;

· Real-life examples of errors in translated fiction from Nyoi-Bo Studio’s editorial team!

Instructor Bio:

Jenny Han Simon is a copy-editor with a BA in English and Linguistics, and a Fulbright alumna. She has always been an avid reader with a passion for education and teaching. She was a writing tutor for two and a half years before moving to Mongolia as a Fulbright grantee to teach English at the university level. She has worked as a copy-editor for Nyoi-Bo Studio for almost three years. In addition to her work with the studio, she does freelance writing and editing, and is a writing and English language tutor. She is happy to get to share her insights with aspiring editors through this course.


Translation Editing: A Practical Introduction
Translation Editing: A Practical Introduction
Translation Editing: A Practical Introduction
Translation Editing: A Practical Introduction


Session 1: Introduction to Translation Editing

Lesson 1: Why Do We Need Translation Editing?

Lesson 2: The Work of a Translation Editor

True or False

Lesson 3: Types of Translation


Lesson 4: Audience

Session 2: Editing

Lesson 1: The Glossary

Lesson 2: The Editor’s Role


True or False

Lesson 3: Types of Editing


True or False

Lesson 4: The Editing Process

Session 3: Copy Editing

Lesson 1: Spelling and Grammar

Choose the correct version of the following sentence:

Correct the issues with the following sentence:

Correct the following questions for any mistakes:

Lesson 2: Parts of Speech

Label the part of speech that each word in the following sentence represents:

Label the part of speech that each word in the following sentence represents:

Lesson 3: Conventions: Part 1

Choose the correct version of the following sentence:

True or False

Correct the following sentence:

Lesson 4: Conventions: Part 2

True or False

Correct any mistakes in the following sentence:

Lesson 5: Editing Fiction: Part 1

Lesson 6: Editing Fiction: Part 2

Correct the following sentence for issues of fluidity and sentence structure:

True or False

Session 4: Proofreading

Lesson 1: Proofreading

Lesson 2: Style Guides

Lesson 3: Proofreading Fiction: Part 1

Correct the following for issues with verb tense, punctuation, and/or idioms:


Lesson 4: Proofreading Fiction: Part 2

True or False

Lesson 5: Consistency and Localization


Session 5: Management

Lesson 1: Workflow

True or False

Lesson 2: Proofreading Software

Session 6

Lesson 1: Professional Teamwork

Lesson 2: Mentoring

True or False


Lesson 3: Closing Thoughts


Sagi24 April 2021

The course is well organized, and offers solid advice. Some lessons are unnecessarily long, though, with the presentation providing all the - often straightforward - information. This time would be put to better use providing more practical tools and in-depth analysis.

Todd1 December 2020

I thought the instructor explained was very thorough in her explanations. Even though this is a small thing being able to see the instructor, made the course interesting as opposed to just hearing a voice and a PowerPoint slide.

Edgardo21 September 2020

I really enjoyed this course and although I am starting to get acquainted with this industry and want to dabble on the translation side, I realized that editing gave me a closer look at what the whole organization of this industry is like. Thank you Jenny for all the information and technical knowledge that I got from this course.

Indineiby12 August 2020

Excelente curso de introducción. Creo que cada una de los temas podría dar para hacer un curso entero.

Rafaella29 June 2020

I loved how easy-going and educative this course was. It's a very nice content for those who want to start working on this field. Very good!

Joseph9 June 2020

This course is an excellent introduction to translation editing, particularly editing within the webnovel genre! In addition to helping new editors construct a knowledge base for their future work, these lessons demonstrate the perspective that editors need in order to be thorough and efficient. Thanks again for the course!

Carol8 June 2020

Interesting insights into a quickly-developing industry in the 21st century and very helpful guide, not just for editors but writers as well in order to understand how your work gets and is translated into another language. I think this course is essential for everyone who wants to make a living writing/editing fiction because it covers everything you need to know simply and concisely! Recommended!

Taj3 June 2020

This was a really well constructed course, and it was very detailed. The information was clearly presented, and the quizzes also helped to reinforce what was being taught.

Amy2 June 2020

This course was very well constructed. It was organized and the flow of the lessons made sense. The instructor wasn’t monotone and the language was clear and easy to understand! Thank you for this course! I’ve learned how a Translator Editor can be more efficient at their job!

Chiang2 June 2020

The course is informative and easy to follow along. The instructor is experienced and she explains the materials clearly. Thank you for great input.


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