Stock Option Day Trading with Chart Pattern Trading Tools

Level 2. 10% in 10 Minutes. Secret Proven Stock Options Strategies & Systems Revealed using Chart Pattern Trading

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What you will learn

Choose profitable Call and Puts

Understand basic strategies for entry and exiting of trades

Know the "10% in 10 Minutes" Options Strategy and How to Implement It


Can you make 10% in ten minutes trading stock options with Chart Pattern Trading? No one but you knows the answer to that question.

What we do promise is that you will learn the tools in this course to make make 10% in ten minutes on a regular basis. Those tools include how to use our exclusive Waves of Profits software, how to control Fear and Greed, journaling, and identifying patterns of success. This course builds on our first Stock Options Trading course, "Stock Options Trading - Make Money & Income From Day Trading".

If you are very new to day trading, options or the stock market, we strongly recommend you shortcut your learning curve by building a strong foundation for success.

If you are an experienced Day Trader, the tools you will learn in this course will take your success rates through the roof.

The most important part of trading is protecting your capital and that comes from managing risk. What can you do to minimize your exposure to capital losses?

One thing you can do is to make sure you are not gambling. Day trading is not investing. You don't buy a stock and hold on to it for a year. You buy a Call or a Put, and sell it ten or fifteen minutes later.

And if you follow the right rules and use our exclusive tools, you will find with practice, trading options becomes easier and more profitable the more you do it.

We have back tested our theories over 50+ years of stock data. We have refined our theories and rules with a small group of diligent 'beta-testers'. We have grown our own accounts.

But what we do isn't as important to us as what our students have done and their successes, nor it is as important to us as how you can do.

In this course, you will learn:

  1. How to choose the best stock option opportunities with Chart Pattern Trading
  2. The basic rules of options trading success
  3. How to make 10% in 10 minutes
  4. The best way to practice
  5. How to protect your capital
  6. How to minimize your risk
  7. The secrets to successful practicing
  8. How to access our exclusive Day Trading software for a month FREE! Discover for yourself this system works.
  9. What indicators you should watch
  10. How to access our eleven exclusive proven indicators
  11. Our proprietary rules for option success
  12. How to practice in near-real market conditions without risking any capital
  13. How to practice at normal market speed or at double market speeds so that when you are trading live everything looks like it is unfolding in slow motion
  14. How to stop yourself from self-sabotaging your success
  15. Why you should only trade once a day
  16. How to use the Waves of Profit software to increase your success rate
  17. Entry and exit strategies
  18. Case studies
  19. And much more

There's no better time than the present to make money trading options. Start today and find out what successful traders know to make 10% in ten minutes with Stock Options and Chart Pattern Trading!


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Introduction to Day Trading Options
Your Two Biggest Enemies: Fear and Greed
Review of Calls, Puts, and Candlesticks
Introduction to the Wall Street Genius
Why 10% in 10 Minutes
Is 10% in 10 minutes real or scam?

Tour of the Wall Street Genius

Practice Securely Without the Risk of Financial Loss
The Replay Function
The Three Windows to Options Success
The Short List
Buy Sell Buttons


Indicator Introduction
Indicator: Support and Resistance
Indicator: Y-Point
Indicator: Volume and Volume Genius
Indicator: Breakouts
Indicator: KBand and Signal System
Indicator: Moving Average Genius
Indicator: Profit Zones
Indicator: Target Prices
Indicator: Multiple Timeframes
Indicator: Market
Indicator: Time of Day

The Rules of Option Success

Trade Rules Introduction
Rule: Confirmation
Rule: Agree with MAG Line
Rule: Higher Highs, Lower Lows
Rule: Consistent Candles
Rule: Mindset for success
Rule: Fresh Trades
Rule: Dont Chase
Rule: Market Strength
Rule: Time and Timeliness recap
Do the Rules Always Work?

Extended Abilities - Optional

More Features than one person needs
Lists of Stocks
Types of Charts
Toolbar and Settings
Knowing when the Basket is strong!
Cool Stuff
Finding Missing Forms

Options Success Strategies: Entry

Entry Rules Summary
Entry Strategies

Options Success Strategies: Exit

Exit Strategies

The 10% in 10 MInute Strategy

What is the "10% in 10 Minutes" Strategy?
A Year of Successful 10% in 10 Minutes = Financial Freedom
Examples of "10% in 10 Minutes" Calls
Examples of "10% in 10 Minutes" Puts

More Trades

Case Study 1
Case Study 2
Case Study 3
Case Study 4
Case Study 5
Case Study 6
Trading in the Afternoon


Next Steps, 10 Day Free Trial of Waves of Profit with a Coach & Conclusions
Can We do a Trade?
Continuing Education

Bonus Lectures

Making a Trade with the Broker
Knowing when to leave an investment
Investing Examples
How to upgrade after the free trial
Daily Option Trades Making 10% in 10 Minutes (Updates)
Getting Live Data for Free from Interactive Brokers
Our Student Makes $45,000 in a Day!
FOMC Day - What Happens When The Fed Makes a Scheduled Announcement
Stock Trading Review for January 19 and 21, 2016

Daily Stock option Reviews

2020-01-16 Daily Review


June 4, 2022
Now that I am halfway through the course, I see how the puzzle pieces come together. I like the simplicity of just a few indicators and not too many lines. I am used to multiple S & R lines which cloud up your chart and make it very confusing. I like your system very much and look forward to proceeding. I am finally feeling some hope that I can become a successful options trader. Thank you
April 10, 2022
The instructor just wants to teach how to use his trading tool for $500 per month. What does this course for if you don't subscribe to his service for $500 per month? You will not learn anything about option knowledge or theory because the instructor just teaches you how to blind bolded to trade an option with 10% profit. Trading is a probability game. You just risk your capital.
November 25, 2021
I really enjoy this course but it need updates with a different site as the wall street genius is not functioning right now
December 24, 2020
Very interesting course. I'm planning a new career move after redundancy so this is vital learning for me
October 19, 2020
The course is easy to follow and approaches the market and return expectations from a realistic perspective. I’m a big fan of the course and can’t wait to dive into this one and part three!??????
December 10, 2015
I have learned a tremendous amount from Allen and Scott in this class. Allen and Scott deliver the subject matter in a clear and concise way and you see personality from them as they do it. I was a little skeptical at first because it seemed like they were pushing their software, which it true, yet if you look at this from a positive place then I say good for them. They have created a wonderful piece of software that enables you to live life on your terms. How cool is that?! Thank you guys!
November 2, 2015
First: A sincere thanks to you guys to make, maintain and preach the WPG. These are great 3 videos. From the start to the finish, all good quality stuff and with ample examples (case studies if you will). Second: A down to earth course. Not a hype to invest in something that will make you rich in no time. I loved the idea of minimum wage comparison. It is a great way to understand since nearly all minimum wage people want to buy the winning lottery ticket. Third: A course that understands that day trading is a personal and personality matter. Someone really wants to learn the bread and butter 10 minutes trades and go about their way, others want to sit all day, catch the big fish (not bad for a party treat). Then the consideration to the time zones in which people stay. (Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific, Hawaiian, etc). All in all a meritorious and excellent premium course to give you a firm understanding of their system, not the market as a whole (for that you need to self educate yourself continually). It is presented clearly with the idea to fish the 10 in 10 their way. After that sitting longer is just personal choice. The only current cons are: 1.No MAC version is available. Although I have installed it perfectly on Windows 8.1 Pro using Fusion Pro 8 on MAC OS X. Parallels I did not go for as a personal preference. With prior experience I am sure Parallels will perform the same if not better than Fusion Pro 8. 2.You have not touched on trading over a slower internet connection, satellite for example (maybe the speed is more but the latency is there). 3.The trial needs to be renewable to without smart tweaking like new VM every time, etc. So that the prospective student and trader will need to get the feel. 4.One module for super-noobs to tell them exactly how to setup and look the charts (module 3 touches on that in a way). 5.The idea of using USB monitors for travelling people. (AOC makes great 16 inch USB powered monitors)
October 30, 2015
It is a powerful tool suited for any entry level or experienced trader. The course covered all the important element how to trade properly. It is like one stop software that make the trading so easily. The replay is the A plus tool to sharpen our trading skills. I also took the course from coach steve. It is very useful and enhanc my confidence on the trading. He is a great teacher because he wants people to be successful on trading. The only areas I thinks it is good to include is how to deal with loss. It is good if we can see some trading examples how to cut the loss. Thanks for putting the course and software together.
October 30, 2015
This is honestly the best course I took. The lessons are very visual and easy to follow, even for a complete beginner like me. I would never have imagined to understand how to trade so easily! Nevertheless the informations given by the instructors are complete and high level. Allen is a top specialist on his topic and an excellent teacher.
October 29, 2015
I definitely learned some theory but mostly, it is about driving the software. Training was very good and paced just right with plenty of content. Even if you don't have $10k to open a brokerage account, this course will certainly show you the power of market trends.
September 18, 2015
The course provides a great look at what is needed to be successful with day trading options. Lots of good quality content and nicely produced.
September 8, 2015
This course reminds me of my Math teacher in high school. A brilliant guy. He would come along empty handed, writes a formula on the blackboard, and from there builds up the lecture of the day with all the class participating and feeling smart doing it. And we didn't even have to write down anything (writing down was forbidden anyway). That feeling of getting smart is what this UDEMY course gives me again. The teaching is clear and very practical. And Allen sounds and feels like the Man coming back from the Front Line, he knows what he's talking about a he makes sure you get (all) that you need to survive your battles in the market. And like he makes it very clear "Surviving = Winning" in the market. So you walk away from this course with a real, and very useful new skill under your arm, something that have the potential to ... let's say it: Change your life. I'm very eager to hear more from these guys. I love it.
September 3, 2015
it teaches specific and interesting topic in options trading which is simple and profitable. I just started to try it and practice it. nicely presented and taught in a proper and systematic way
August 21, 2015
I've been day trading for a bit now and was coming to the conclusion that I needed more help to be more successful consistently and this course delivered! The indicators were new to me and both Allen and Scott gave such clear descriptions which were very helpful. The Wall Street Genius makes the process of knowing what and when to buy and when to sell so easy. What I also love about this course is that there are so many little nuggets that these two share that aren't even the focus of the lessons. The main program plus all these nuggets make this course invaluable to any trader. Thanks Allen! Thanks Scott! Karen.
August 11, 2015
A great course! Took all three available courses and they are all very informative. I really liked the way how the information was delivered. All instructors are very relaxed, so it was a pleasure for me to watch! The software is a bit expensive, but hey... 10% in 10 minutes :) so, I think its an absolute fair price. I am really looking forward to seeing the next course! Thank you!



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