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Stock Option Day Trading with Chart Pattern Trading Tools

Level 2. 10% in 10 Minutes. Secret Proven Stock Options Strategies & Systems Revealed using Chart Pattern Trading

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Jan 2020

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What you will learn

Choose profitable Call and Puts

Understand basic strategies for entry and exiting of trades

Know the "10% in 10 Minutes" Options Strategy and How to Implement It


Can you make 10% in ten minutes trading stock options with Chart Pattern Trading? No one but you knows the answer to that question.

What we do promise is that you will learn the tools in this course to make make 10% in ten minutes on a regular basis. Those tools include how to use our exclusive Waves of Profits software, how to control Fear and Greed, journaling, and identifying patterns of success. This course builds on our first Stock Options Trading course, "Stock Options Trading - Make Money & Income From Day Trading".

If you are very new to day trading, options or the stock market, we strongly recommend you shortcut your learning curve by building a strong foundation for success.

If you are an experienced Day Trader, the tools you will learn in this course will take your success rates through the roof.

The most important part of trading is protecting your capital and that comes from managing risk. What can you do to minimize your exposure to capital losses?

One thing you can do is to make sure you are not gambling. Day trading is not investing. You don't buy a stock and hold on to it for a year. You buy a Call or a Put, and sell it ten or fifteen minutes later.

And if you follow the right rules and use our exclusive tools, you will find with practice, trading options becomes easier and more profitable the more you do it.

We have back tested our theories over 50+ years of stock data. We have refined our theories and rules with a small group of diligent 'beta-testers'. We have grown our own accounts.

But what we do isn't as important to us as what our students have done and their successes, nor it is as important to us as how you can do.

In this course, you will learn:

  1. How to choose the best stock option opportunities with Chart Pattern Trading
  2. The basic rules of options trading success
  3. How to make 10% in 10 minutes
  4. The best way to practice
  5. How to protect your capital
  6. How to minimize your risk
  7. The secrets to successful practicing
  8. How to access our exclusive Day Trading software for a month FREE! Discover for yourself this system works.
  9. What indicators you should watch
  10. How to access our eleven exclusive proven indicators
  11. Our proprietary rules for option success
  12. How to practice in near-real market conditions without risking any capital
  13. How to practice at normal market speed or at double market speeds so that when you are trading live everything looks like it is unfolding in slow motion
  14. How to stop yourself from self-sabotaging your success
  15. Why you should only trade once a day
  16. How to use the Waves of Profit software to increase your success rate
  17. Entry and exit strategies
  18. Case studies
  19. And much more

There's no better time than the present to make money trading options. Start today and find out what successful traders know to make 10% in ten minutes with Stock Options and Chart Pattern Trading!


Stock Option Day Trading with Chart Pattern Trading Tools
Stock Option Day Trading with Chart Pattern Trading Tools
Stock Option Day Trading with Chart Pattern Trading Tools
Stock Option Day Trading with Chart Pattern Trading Tools



Introduction to Day Trading Options

Your Two Biggest Enemies: Fear and Greed


Review of Calls, Puts, and Candlesticks

Introduction to the Wall Street Genius

Why 10% in 10 Minutes

Is 10% in 10 minutes real or scam?


Tour of the Wall Street Genius

Practice Securely Without the Risk of Financial Loss

The Replay Function

The Three Windows to Options Success

The Short List

Buy Sell Buttons



Indicator Introduction

Indicator: Support and Resistance

Indicator: Y-Point

Indicator: Volume and Volume Genius

Indicator: Breakouts

Indicator: KBand and Signal System

Indicator: Moving Average Genius

Indicator: Profit Zones

Indicator: Target Prices

Indicator: Multiple Timeframes

Indicator: Market

Indicator: Time of Day


The Rules of Option Success

Trade Rules Introduction

Rule: Confirmation

Rule: Agree with MAG Line

Rule: Higher Highs, Lower Lows

Rule: Consistent Candles

Rule: Mindset for success

Rule: Fresh Trades

Rule: Dont Chase

Rule: Market Strength

Rule: Time and Timeliness recap

Do the Rules Always Work?


Extended Abilities - Optional

More Features than one person needs

Lists of Stocks

Types of Charts

Toolbar and Settings

Knowing when the Basket is strong!

Cool Stuff

Finding Missing Forms


Options Success Strategies: Entry

Entry Rules Summary

Entry Strategies

Options Success Strategies: Exit

Exit Strategies

The 10% in 10 MInute Strategy

What is the "10% in 10 Minutes" Strategy?

A Year of Successful 10% in 10 Minutes = Financial Freedom

Examples of "10% in 10 Minutes" Calls

Examples of "10% in 10 Minutes" Puts

More Trades

Case Study 1

Case Study 2

Case Study 3

Case Study 4

Case Study 5

Case Study 6

Trading in the Afternoon


Next Steps, 10 Day Free Trial of Waves of Profit with a Coach & Conclusions

Can We do a Trade?

Continuing Education

Bonus Lectures

Making a Trade with the Broker

Knowing when to leave an investment

Investing Examples

How to upgrade after the free trial

Daily Option Trades Making 10% in 10 Minutes (Updates)

Getting Live Data for Free from Interactive Brokers

Our Student Makes $45,000 in a Day!

FOMC Day - What Happens When The Fed Makes a Scheduled Announcement

Stock Trading Review for January 19 and 21, 2016

Daily Stock option Reviews

2020-01-16 Daily Review


Giri18 September 2020

The course material based on a tool, which is absolutely ridiculous. How about people option for this if they are based out of outside US?

Yon7 August 2020

I just cannot believe the immense level of content and depth of knowledge offered in this course. I will definitely have to comb through this NUMEROUS times. I am just floored at how much was presented in this course. You guys really outdid yourselves on this. Kudos to you and the Waves of Profit system!

Obaid15 June 2020

The course is based on specific software. I was looking for a general course. Also, it is a little confusing the way the course was presented

Bhavin4 June 2020

so far it is basic, so can not comment, still contents very good, will give rate after finishing the course.

Raj2 February 2020

The course content and the way it is delivered in exceptional. I am really excited to put what I have learnt into practice. Thank you very much guys :)

Kris17 December 2019

I really enjoyed going through this course. Scott and Allen did a great job of explaining how their software works.

Kaka23 March 2019

The system is great and practical, but it seemed a bit problem about the software installing. I can't successfully login the software, after trying and asking help for over a week. Also, hope it can be developed into Mobile app and iOS. Thanks!!

Greg4 December 2018

Excellent follow up to the first course in the series. I'm hooked and can't wait to get my practice in to make this a lifestyle! Thank you for the great content.

Craig30 November 2018

it was a bit confusing also outdated . It is 2018 and most of the course refers to 2012-2015 not sure if that matters.

Rose7 June 2018

Perfect! Just like reading "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator" the first time I said I would never make those mistakes and now I've re-read the book and I made every single one! This course is a review of that.

Satya26 May 2018

Though of sharing my experience in this review rather than saying good or bad. I am Software engineer for 20 years and traded options for more than 4 years until 2012. Since my day job demanded more of my time, I couldn't able to continue trading. I have used different brokerage tools from ScottTrade, TDAmeritrade, eTrade and have some basic understanding with their indicators (used to compare between them). By Jan this year, thought to start the trading again and thought of explore different areas like futures trading (do some automated trading in eMini-S&P), Option Spreads trading (paid and bought some option data from third party vendors to analysis). To learn more around Futures & Spreads, I was surfing in Udemy courses and found this course, bought it. In the starting of the section 2 of the Course, the moment I heard about the WOP tool, I just paused. Felt like this is another course to sell their Software and already I have enough tools to break my head. But as a second thought after a day, I thought of taking the course (anyway paid, why not and I am not serious). When the section 3 started with Indicators, they draw my attention and by end of the course, Allen & Scott totally convinced me to explore more. With the commercial tools, finding and getting the combination of indicators and test them with different scenario is near to impossible. Here its already combined and ready to use….. Contacted Scott and got the trial version of the software and played for a while, One word - AMAZING…… whatever I want to do with the data that I bought from third party vendor, is already laid out in Red carpet for me in this WoP tool. REPLAY IS A HOLY GRAIL for me. I am still spending time with the WoP software, not in live yet. With my experience on other Brokerage tools, this one was very thought out and laid out with clear objective. Yes, you need to pay $250 per month for using this in live. So what, if someone gives you a very nice road(path) with a high performance car(tool) which is easy to drive & practice, teach you how to drive, would you be taking it for a small premium, I WOULD. One of the best course I had after a long time. Already gone thru 4 times. Staring the next course on filters. Thanks to Allen and Scott…

Rob20 February 2018

Allen is a wealth of knowledge. I wish I could pick his brain at least once a day while practicing or live trading, but this well-thought-out and enlightening Udemy course serves as an outstanding consolation prize! Thanks, Rob

Clay29 January 2018

Similar to my review of the first course in this series, I give this course more than 5 stars. Allen and Scott are great and the instruction is excellent. I have yet to begin practicing with the software, but based on the instructions I have received from these courses I am very confident that I will be successful.

Calvin25 January 2018

Very interesting course. I gained familiarity with concepts I had never heard of. The software is very powerful and it seems like it supports application of a customizable set of trading rules. I am an engineer, manager, and former software developer, so I was intrigued by the content. I am looking forward to taking Course #3.

Liz16 January 2018

After finishing the beginners course on options trading, I felt like I had learned the basics of what I needed to know about options day trading, coming in with no knowledge on the subject. I even watched it twice and got more out of it the 2nd time. With the 2nd course, I am learning how to be an effective options day trader with WOP and I have a better understanding of how to do so because I did the first course.


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