Generative Modeling - Designer Based Structural Optimization

Topology Optimization - Creating Optimal Next Generation Designs with 3D CAD - Solid Edge - Solidworks - Blender - FEA

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Optimize products for minimal mass with goal driven generative design


Generative Design is a radical departure from conventional design practices and is by definition the creation of shapes decided by a set of rules, or in other words, software algorithms.

In essence the 3D CAD designer is no longer the primary creator, taking the position of a “problem framer” specifying up front design goals such as design space, constraints and keep out areas.  The computer software then decides where material should be removed.  Constraints define, then decide the structural results by generating an optimized part that look eerily similar to creations found in nature.  The potential benefits are striking.  This class will teach you how to get started with Topology Optimization.


Generative Modeling - Designer Based Structural Optimization
Generative Modeling - Designer Based Structural Optimization
Generative Modeling - Designer Based Structural Optimization
Generative Modeling - Designer Based Structural Optimization


Introduction to Generative Modeling

01 Download the 3D CAD Software and Class Files

02 Generative Design Basics

03 Generative Design Basics - Force on Square x 4 Sides

04 Equal Force - Square All 4 Sides - Normal to Each Face

05 Force on Square - Same Direction - Top to Bottom - Left to Right

06 Force - 4 Outside Faces Fixed - Force Added on Center Hole

07 Introduction to Finite Element Analysis

08 Generative Modeling - An Extension of Finite Element Analysis

09 Controlling the Direction of Force

10 Modifying Your File With Synchronous Technology

11 Comparing Conventional Design Results with Optimized Results

12 Adding Mass to Your 3D CAD Parts for Better Optimization Results

13 Understanding Basic Design Constraints

14 Preserve Regions Command - How and When to Use

15 General Overview and Review

16 Force and Direction - Considering Options

17 Assembly Links - Removing Sharp Edges

18 Fixed Constraints - Where to Place - Force Directions

19 Moving the Fixed Constraint for Better Results

20 Center of Mass and Where to Place Fixed Constraints

21 What Moving the Locations of the Fixed Constraint Does

22 Using Split Face to Manipulate Balance

23 Advantages of Sychronous Technology with Generative Design

24 Section Views - Planar Cuts of Optimizations

25 Generative Design Settings & Modeling Options

26 Units of Measurements

27 Wall Mount Support Bracket

28 Wall Mount Bracket Quality Improvements

29 Study Quality - Time Versus Quality - Wall Mount Bracket

30 How Study Quality can Dramatically Improve Results

31 Stepper Motor Mount Optimizations

32 Adding Mass with Synchronous Technology for Better Results

33 Aviation Bracket - Generative Design Optimization Options

34 Design Improvements - Aviation Bracket - Sharp Edges

35 Split Face and Center of Mass

36 Wall Mount Arm - Generative Optimization Basics

37 Wall Mount Art - Part 2

38 Combining Parts - Manufacturability - Wall Mount Arm

39 Wall Mount Arm - Optimizing the Part that Connect to the Wall

40 3D Metal Printing

41 Wall Mount Arm - Combining Parts - End that fits to Monitor

42 Design Mistakes - How Generative Design Can Help Find Errors

43 Why Will We Still Need Mechanical Designers?

44 Why We Will Still Need Mechanical Designers

45 Commercial versus Academic License

46 How to 3D Print Genereative Design Parts

47 Torque - Understanding Loads

48 Visualizing STEM - Comparing Load Constraints

49 Showing Stress Results & Adjusting Results

50 Study Quality & Stress

52 Random Combinations

51 Detail Sheet of Generative Design


Dylan6 October 2020

The instructor gave detailed explanations on the subject matter and provides examples that are useful for learning

Shriyanka2 August 2020

This course was much more extensive and useful. Having done something similar for an internship at Siemens PLM documenting examples of topology optimization within NX, this course makes me look back and see how much more I could have achieved. It was a great learning experience and it is a great tool to visualize Mechanical Engineering concepts outside of extensive technical jargon. This tool integrated with classroom learning can help students immensely.

Iago6 April 2020

One of the most qualified professional giving classes here. Perfect didactic, smooth explanations, excellent slides.

Rocio31 March 2020

Demasiados videos en los que no se explica nada. Muchas repeticiones. Sin embargo, al final acabas entendiendo mucho del diseño generativo y con bastante experiencia en los resultados. De todas maneras, se podrían reducir los videos a la mitad y se seguiría contando lo mismo.

Haggai6 February 2020

Still can't figure out if Generative design is an engineering software or just an intuitive design helper. most cases shown - especially this chapter of a bracket will not explain why I need to improve something that is optimized and why I use engineering constrained on a something that looks like a statute, and not as the actual recommended result. What Do I need it for if I can't analyze the quality of the results?

Eugenio1 February 2020

Estou obtendo conceitos que irão me permitir aprofundar nos estudos relacionados a design generativo/optimização topológica. Entretanto, gostaria de aplicar processo de fabricação para obter a simulação ideal para determinado produto.

Akara16 November 2019

This course is wonderful with a step by step process with very very detail and clear explanations for each single process in the topology optimization in Solid Edge Software.

Mayank7 June 2019

It's a good course but I feel that the tutor could emphasize more upon the physical significance of the functions.

Alberto7 June 2019

Conocía el diseño generativo con Rhino y Grasshopper, pero no sabía que con Solid Edge era tan sencillo y potente.

SUMIT21 September 2018

The experience of this program was good although I took a long time as I was implementing it on my solid edge software. The mentor was teaching superbly nice and I would surely take some more courses in the future!

Juan11 May 2018

Excelente, con esta herramienta, quedan de lado los modelos rígidos y cuadriculados para dar paso a eficiencia y eficacia que se necesitan en los modelos actuales al tener tanta competitividad en el mundo globalizado. Muchas gracias.

Ruben2 January 2018

Because the software seems very intuitive and aligned with how we commonly explore and establish direction in design optimization. I have two decades of product design background in the automotive and cleantech industries.

Mohamd2 January 2018

As a senior manufacturing engineering student, I find the tutorials by John and Solid edge Generative Modeling program very useful. Thank you.

Tushar17 December 2017

I have started to understand the basics of Generative Design clearly due to the simple and emphatic approach of the course so far.

Douglas27 October 2017

Basically an infomercial for Solid Edge. Hard to complain since it's free, but to call it a 'course' seems rather generous.


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