Todo HTML5 y CSS3, de novato a experto

HTML5 y CSS3 son las tecnologías más innovadoras en el ámbito del desarrollo web moderno. La revolución apenas inicia!

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Todo HTML5 y CSS3, de novato a experto
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Aug 2023
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What you will learn

Crear páginas basadas en las mejores prácticas con HTML

Diseñar páginas web con los estilos en cascada

Aplicar las etiquetas estructurales de HTML5 en las páginas web

Crear formas de entrada utilizando los nuevos atributos y pseudoclases de HTML5

Agregar video y audio a las páginas web

Crear animaciones con los APIS Canvas y SVG

Convertir sus aplicaciones web en aplicaciones fuera de línea

Introducir mapas de Google a las páginas con HTML5

Manejar animaciones con los estilos en cascada nivel 3

Why take this course?

HTML5 y CSS3 son las tecnologías que han revolucionado la Internet. No sólo podemos hacer animaciones y reproducir video sin necesidad de plug-ins de terceros, sino que podemos hacer páginas que se reproduzcan adecuadamente (o que "respondan") al dispositivo donde se visualizan.

En este curso iniciaremos desde conocer qué es una etiqueta y una regla de estilo, hasta aplicar aspectos más avanzados como la realización de páginas "responsivas" hasta aplicaciones fuera de línea.

Todos los vídeos son descargables y cuentas con apuntes de la mayoría de las secciones en formato pdf, así como los ejercicios resueltos de todas las lecciones.

Es deseable que contengas conocimientos de JavaScript para el desarrollo de aplicaciones con los API's de HTML5.

Revisaremos los APIS de desarrollo como el CANVAS, para hacer dibujos en tiempo de ejecución, y realizaremos un par de juegos con esta tecnología. También revisaremos el SVG para la realización de dibujos vectoriales.

Por medio del API LocalStrorage realizaremos un sencillo sistema de altas, bajas y cambios (ABC) de un catálogo de libros.

Manejaremos los archivos del disco del usuario con el API File,así como agregaremos mapas de Google por medio del API de Geolocalización.

Si ponemos todos estos elementos tendremos un poderoso coctel para nuestros desarrollos Web… y es tan sólo el inicio. ¡Únete a la revolución!


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Our review

--- **Overall Course Rating:** 4.40 ### **Course Review:** **Pros:** - **Comprehensive Content:** The course is reported to be very complete, offering a thorough coverage of the subject matter. - **Clear Explanations:** The instruction is praised for its clarity and the way it explains concepts with relevant examples. - **Pace and Teaching Style:** The course is structured at an appropriate pace for beginners, with step-by-step guidance making it easy to follow. - **Practical Approach:** The inclusion of exercises and practical examples in the earlier part of the course is highly appreciated. - **Detailed Instruction:** The course provides detailed explanations that solidify knowledge and allows for revisiting content when needed. - **Questionnaires:** Some users find the quizzes at the end of each chapter to be a helpful tool for reinforcing learning. - **Engaging Content:** Many reviewers mention that the course is engaging and has helped them understand HTML and CSS effectively, even without prior knowledge. **Cons:** - **Outdated Content:** Some users point out that certain content in the later sections of the course may be outdated or no longer applicable. - **Subtitle Synchronization Issues:** A few reviews mention discrepancies between the subtitles and the video content, which could confuse learners. - **Lack of Advanced Exercises:** It is noted that later in the course, when more complex concepts are covered, some exercises are missing, which could hinder practical application. - **Repetition and Update Needs:** Some users feel that the course becomes repetitive and that it would benefit from updated content to reflect current standards and practices. - **Examples and Exercises in Later Videos:** It is recommended that examples and exercises be included in all video segments, especially in more advanced sections. **User Experience:** - The majority of users find the course to be a valuable learning tool, with many expressing their satisfaction with the quality of instruction, especially for beginners. - Users who already have some knowledge of HTML and CSS also find the course useful but recommend supplementing it with more current resources or tutorials from W3C for intermediate learners. - The detailed and pas-a-pas explanations are highlighted as a strong point, making the course suitable for those who learn better at a slower pace. **General Feedback:** - While the course is generally well-received, there is a consensus that some content may be outdated and that periodic updates would enhance its usefulness. - The teaching style is commended for its thorough and clear approach, which has helped many users grasp the fundamentals of HTML and CSS effectively. - Users appreciate the inclusion of quizzes at the end of each chapter as a means to reinforce learning and assess understanding. **Final Thoughts:** The course receives high marks for its educational value and teaching method. However, learners should be aware that some content may be outdated and suggest looking for more current resources to complement this course. For beginners, this course is highly recommended, provided they are willing to overlook the occasional repetition and outdated practices. For advanced users, additional resources tailored to current web development standards would be beneficial. Overall, the course remains a solid choice for those looking to learn HTML and CSS from the ground up.



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