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The priority is towards being effective and what Makes an Effective Leader, is a concern, with a capsule of debating. The module showcases Effective leaders with the born  ability to communicate well, motivate their team, handle and delegate responsibilities, listen to feedback, and have the flexibility to solve problems in an ever-changing workplace. The momentum lies on the Employers to seek these skills in the candidates they hire for leadership roles. For sure, the respective mechanism initiates as a thoughtful leader, who is a leader who thinks more than your average leader. The thoughtful leader thinks often about the impact of her/ his  behaviour, actions and leadership on the people around him/ her.

With that reflection in view, a thoughtful leader thinks about the impact of decisions before he makes them. When a person's words are reinforced by action, it is for sure a priority to define, the  people believe it, they win credibility, respect, and yes, Thought leaders towards unleashing their leadership skills are seen as trustworthy, go-to authorities among industry colleagues and peers, said Jake Dunlap, CEO and founder of Skaled, a sales consulting firm in particular.

The notion towards understanding the fact that “A great leader posses a clear vision, is courageous, has integrity, honesty, humility and clear focus. This layers to the stay of effective management in process as the  Great leaders help people reach their goals, are not afraid to hire people that might be better than them and take pride in the accomplishments of those they help along the way.” The segment lies on the fact that Elevate - Put them in positions where they can utilize their skills and strengths toward the needful. The module hence activates the notion in this regard and manipulates in giving and showcasing the projects that will help them grow and develop their leadership skills. The purpose-full attribute is towards  Engaging  them to share their ideas, suggestions and feedback. The point towards showcasing the main reason you haven't reached your full potential it's because there is something holding you back and this needs an attention. Something you secretly desire but yet still lack, which also requires an attention. A more basic need you haven't fulfilled yet. That is where your commitment, passion, empathy, honesty and integrity come into play. Good communication skills and decision-making capabilities also play a vital role in success and failure of a leader. A conclusion lies of the fact that the winners as effective leaders are people in which others have confidence and respect. The notion is clear that they have clear goals but are very open to alternative perspectives. They care about the people who work with them but are capable of making hard decisions when necessary. They are self-confident without being loud, aggressive or dominating. Here is all what we cover in the module. Happy learning!


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