Time Management & Productivity: GTD and Evernote

Time Management, Productivity & Evernote: Getting Things Done (GTD) Habits & Willpower Goal Setting, Become A SpeedDemon

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Oct 2017

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What you will learn

Anyone Looking To Become Productive And Manage Their Time Effectively.

All Entrepreneurs, Employees, Students, Etc

This Is Not For People Looking To Procrastinate And Feel Good About Not Getting Things Done.


Weither you run a business or have a job, you have tasks and projects to complete on a daily basis and like most people, you don’t have time to finish them! And because of this, you lose raises and opportunities constantly, which your colleagues or competitors will gladly take.

What if you could change that?

My complete Time management & productivity course will show you the exact techniques and strategies you need to be productive, get things done, finish projects on time and actually move forward from getting more done.

For less than a movie ticket, you will get over 4 hours of video lectures and the freedom to ask me any questions regarding the course as you go through it. :)

What Is In This Course?

Your Time Management & Productivity Will Never Be The Same.

Except if you’re very productive, have no issue finishing way ahead of deadlines and are able to take more projects than your colleagues, you are going to lose raises, career opportunities or even market share from your competitors being productive.

As what Charles Darwin says “A man who dares to waste one hour of life has not discovered the value of life.’’

This is offered with a 30 days money back guarantee. You can try it with no financial risk.

In Time Management & Productivity, You'll Learn:

  • Maximize Your Personal Productivity
  • Organize And Prioritize Effectively
  • Setting Goals, Track Goals And Planning Your Time
  • Time Management Skills
  • Using To-Do Lists
  • Developing Positive Habits & Set Rituals
  • The Pareto Analysis,
  • Master Evernote For Productivity
  • Managing Interruptions
  • How To Avoid Being A Perfectionist And Focus On Getting Things Done
  • Creating More Effective Routines


Is This For You?

  • Do you want to get more done?
  • Are you wondering why you can’t finish projects are not moving forward?
  • Do you think you will feel proud progressing and accomplishing things?

Then this course will definitely help you.

This course is essential to all entrepreneurs, employees, students and anyone looking to become productive and manage their time effectively.

I will show you precisely what to do to solve these situations with simple and easy techniques that anyone can apply.


Why To Manage Your Time and Be Productive?

Let Me Show You Why To Manage Your Time and Be Productive:

1. You will get more things done.

1. You will stop losing time.

3. You will move forward at fast speed.

4. You will build a long-term successful habit. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my course. You can be sure you're going to absolutely love it, and I can't wait to share my knowledge and experience with you inside it! 

Why wait any longer?

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Time Management & Productivity: GTD and Evernote
Time Management & Productivity: GTD and Evernote
Time Management & Productivity: GTD and Evernote
Time Management & Productivity: GTD and Evernote


Maximize Your Personal Productivity


Organize And Prioritize Effectively

Setting Goals, Track Goals And Planning Your Time

Vision To Action

Clarifying Your Vision

Short Term Wins, Long Term Improvements

Putting It Into Practice

Time Management Skills

Analyzing Your Use And Misuse Of Time

Using To-Do Lists

Leading Wasters Of Time & How To Tame Them

What To Do With Unplanned Free Time

Perfect Your Plan

Identifying Your Best Productivity Style

Daily And Weekly Planning

Getting It Right, First Time

Creating More Effective Routines

Developing Positive Habits & Set Rituals

Time-Effective Meetings

Leveraging Your Most Productive Times

Principles For Personal Productivity

Pareto Analysis

Productivity Tips To Tackle

Golden Keys To Personal Productivity


Managing Task

Using As A Time Management Tool


Managing Interruptions

Tackling Procrastination & Excuses

How To Avoid Being A Perfectionist And Focus On Getting Things Done


Digital Efficiency

Learning To Negotiate With Superiors And Customers

BONUS: Audio Section

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Section 3 Audio

Section 4 Audio

Section 5 Audio

Section 6 Audio

Section 7 Audio

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Section 9 Audio

BONUS: Quiz Section

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Marcelo14 March 2020

Eu esperava que muitas coisas explicadas tivessem um exemplo prático. Como mostrar a foto de como o framework GTD dele é montado. Muito pouco foi falado sobre GTD. Na minha opinião 1%. Algumas dicas são boas, mas quase nada de GTD.

Pedro18 September 2019

Não era o que eu esperava, o conteúdo acaba se tornando monótono e confuso. Senti que muito foi falado e nada foi explicado, muita teoria e pouca prática.

Charmaine30 August 2019

Strong accent, lots of words mispronounced. Lots of spelling and grammar errors. No mention of GTD yet!

Kim29 May 2019

The instructor has a very thick accent and he talks really fast and that made it difficult for me to understand what he was saying at times in the video. The time management concepts and suggested activities were helpful.

Guillermo5 February 2019

I couldn't get past the feeling of being stuck in a classroom hearing someone ramble on PPT for hours...

Niek24 April 2018

In general the course is straight to the point. Not all sections where relevant to me. It gave me enough tools to apply this in practice. Thanks Jean-Gabriel. You helped me with getting more things done!

Gary28 January 2018

pretty good information. I think I would have enjoyed it more if the instructor was actually on camera and not just off-camera reading &/or sharing his thoughts.

Mark14 December 2017

Voice over PowerPoint where the instructor talks very quickly in accented English, making it hard to follow. Additionally, the course description references Getting Things Done (GTD) by David Allen and the section on To-Do list directly contradict the GTD book and philosophy.

Niyi21 November 2017

I'm not feeling emotionally engaged, I can't clearly understand what he is saying and the tips he is giving us although useful he hasn't qualified his background and why he is the person to help me become productive. This is a course that I am finding its flowing well.

Tim20 November 2017

Honestly... this course is terrible. The slides are terrible and he just blazes by everything. Anyone could have told me what this guy told me. Super basic and unhelpful. I have taken a lot of courses online and this one has been one of the least helpful.

Mark10 November 2017

good & common sense. was waiting for gtd & evernote.... half the time advertised is just an audio copy of the slides and audio. Disappointed.

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