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TikTok Marketing 2021: Grow Your Account & Master TikTok Ads

Watch us break down the TikTok system, design ad campaigns, & grow a brand new account to 10k followers in 30 days

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

How to grow your own TikTok account organically

How to design and scale TikTok ad campaigns

How to design content specifically for TikTok's algorithm

How to get your content discovered, even when your account is brand new

How to design a personal profile that's optimized for engagement

How to design a business profile that's optimized for engagement

How to design an aggregator profile that's optimized for engagement

How to post content in the best frequency and with the best timing

How to pick an optimized username

How to optimize your bio text and profile photo

How to get your posts seen in other countries

How to use TikTok analytics

How to get verified on TikTok

How to improve the production value of your posts

How to participate in challenges and follow trends

How the TikTok algorithm works

How to create a content plan for posts

How to handle videos that don't get seen

3 ways to monetize your TikTik account

How to grow your TikTok account if you're a business

How to setup your ad account

How to design your first TikTok ad campaign

How to tell when your ads are doing well, or when they need troubleshooting

How to scale your successful ads effectively


Whether you’re looking to boost your personal profile or hoping to generate revenue for your business, you’ll want to be on TikTok.

The world’s fastest growing social media platform, TikTok has around 800 million monthly active users. (Yep, it’s more popular than Instagram.) Plus, it’s the only place where new users can go viral overnight. In other words, it’s a marketing opportunity you don’t want to shy away from.

In this course, we’ll take you from complete newbie to a bonafide TikTok pro. You’ll learn how to create a personal or business account that users will want to engage with, and how to conjure up an entertaining TikTok post. Growing your account is also on the agenda. In fact, we’ll show you how to get 10,000 followers within 30 days without using dodgy bots or buying followers. We’ll also reveal exactly how TikTok’s algorithm works, so you can ensure your efforts are seen by your target audience. And we’ll teach you the many ways you can make money from your TikTok account.

If you’re a business owner, pay special attention to our TikTok for business sections. They’ll teach you everything you need to grow your customer base, including how to create profitable ads on a modest budget.

As well as listening to us, you’ll also learn from some of TikTok’s brightest stars. See how one singer pushed his track to the top of the charts with nothing but the app. Or dive into the innovative sales strategies used by fast food companies and beauty brands.

You don’t need any kind of a following to get started with this course — just a smartphone and a desire to participate in one of the most fun forms of social media. Got both? Then get ready to grow your profile.

Your instructors:

Darius Moravcik is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Reflectly, a rapidly growing mindfulness mobile app. He's also a 2-time Udemy instructor, with over 7,000+ paying students and 300 5-star reviews.

Evan Kimbrell is in the top 1% of Udemy instructors with over 30 courses on Entrepreneurship & Marketing. His courses have over 500,000 students, 39,000+ 5 star reviews, and have been covered in publications such as TechCrunch, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Buzzfeed.

Our promise:

If you're unsatisfied with the course in any way, you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchase.


TikTok Marketing 2021: Grow Your Account & Master TikTok Ads
TikTok Marketing 2021: Grow Your Account & Master TikTok Ads
TikTok Marketing 2021: Grow Your Account & Master TikTok Ads
TikTok Marketing 2021: Grow Your Account & Master TikTok Ads



Course overview

Meet the instructor

Join our community on Slack!

5 reasons to be excited about TikTok

Top 10 strategies to grow on TikTok

Setting up Your Account

Intro to section 2

Types of accounts

Q&A: Can I change my account type later on?

Types of content

How I picked my type of content

FOLLOW ALONG: UI walkthrough

What goes into a profile

Name vs. username

Picking your username

Q&A: Indexability and what to do if you can't get the name you want

Writing a bio

Q&A: What should I write in my bio?

Links in bio

Q&A: Should I add links to YouTube & Instagram in my bio? Is it worth it?

Q&A: What should I put as my link in bio? What if I don't use it?

What you need to know about your profile picture

Getting a great profile picture or logo

Q&A: Does the profile picture even matter?

Q&A: What do I put as my profile picture if I'm a company?

FOLLOW ALONG: Creating a new account from scratch

OPTIONAL: Using an old account vs. going fresh

Outro to section 2

Section 2: Review & Recap

Pro Tips

Intro to section 3

TikTok Pro account & analytics

Q&A: Why getting TikTok Pro matters & how to use it

How to get your account verified

Q&A: All about being verified

Upcoming TikTok features

How to change your location

Q&A: Location hacking and the benefits of picking a location

Outro to section 3

Section 3: Review & Recap

Creating Your First Post

Intro to section 4

Elements of a great post

Q&A: Following trends vs. setting your own path. How do you decide?

Q&A: Where should I focus my time? Preparation vs. filming vs. editing





Q&A: Why bother with titles? Are they worth it?

Description & hashtags

Q&A: Picking hashtags, hashtag oddities, & banned terms

FOLLOW ALONG: Putting it all together

Q&A: Do we care about thumbnails & shot composition?

Q&A: Should I watermark my content?

Challenges & trends

Q&A: All about song selection

Cross-promoting your TikTok content on other platforms

Q&A: Can I make this work for my industry?

Q&A: Reasons why your post isn't getting views

Outro to section 4

Section 4: Review & Recap

Growth Tactics

Intro to section 5

Simple formula for growth

Q&A: How do I get over the "creativity wall"?

Everything you need to know about the TikTok algorithm

Q&A: Comments, Shares, & Likes. How much should I care?

Pro gear

Recording off TikTok

What to do when your video flops

CASE STUDY: My videos

Creating your content plan - How often should you post?

Q&A: Quality vs. quantity. What works on TikTok?

Engaging with other TikTokers

Why you should not use bots

Q&A: Should I buy followers?

Where to get inspiration for content

Outro to section 5

Section 5: Review & Recap

How to Make Money on TikTok

Intro to section 6

Making money with your audience

Promoting other people's products with influencer marketing

How to get an influencer gig

CASE STUDY: My RedBull deal

EXAMPLES: Influencer ad campaigns

Promoting other people's products with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing options

Outro to section 6

Section 6: Review & Recap

TikTok for Business

Intro to section 7

The business case for TikTok

Future e-commerce features

Using influencers

CASE STUDY: Old Town Road

EXAMPLE: Avani - Selling merch

EXAMPLES: Twisted & Kind Snacks - Selling your own product

EXAMPLE: Chipotle - Reposting user content

EXAMPLE: Zach King

EXAMPLE: #PMTurns40 - Campaign

EXAMPLE: Zombies, Run! - Going viral

EXAMPLE: Panda costume - Social commerce

Outro to section 7

Section 7: Review & Recap

TikTok Ads for Business

Intro to section 8

How to open a TikTok ads account

FOLLOW ALONG: How to open a TikTok ads account

Auction basics

Overview of the TikTok ads manager

Campaign structure

Campaign level

Ad group level: Customer targeting

Ad group level: Other settings

Ad level

FOLLOW ALONG: Creating a campaign from scratch

Evaluating performance

What to do if a campaign is working well

What to do if a campaign is not working well


Outro to section 8

Section 8: Review & Recap

Advanced TikTok Ads for Business

Intro to section 9

Using micro influencers' content

The importance of scale

The 3-step process for getting content

FOLLOW ALONG: The 3-step process for getting content

Alternative ways to get content

How to spy on your competition

FOLLOW ALONG: Hiring on Fiverr

FOLLOW ALONG: Hiring on UpWork

Outro to section 9

Section 9: Review & Recap


Joshua7 January 2021

So far I’ve only seen 3 or 4 videos but what i have seen so far seems legit, easy to follow and educational.

Younes5 January 2021

WTF, I took this course to train myself in Tiktok advertising to do dropshipping and explode my turnover, but there is no added value, nor any real example to show me step by step how to carton and do effective dropshipping advertising with Tiktok, I am really very disappointed. It only shows the simple basics of how to discover Tiktok. But we're here to make money with dropshipping ads and not to do Tiktok tourism because with this bullshit I lost a lot of time.

Giuliano16 December 2020

This is the ultime course for TikTok! I have here everything I need to do great! Awesome content, clear explanation. I recommend it!

Chris6 November 2020

I like the course, but it feels like it’s approach is a little too objective. I feel like when I use TikTok, I learn more than the course can teach me in the same span of time. That said, this course is showing me a lot of things I wouldn’t have picked up on otherwise, particularly in administrative features. So while it’s a helpful course, I don’t think the content covers everything I wanted to know (so far as I know), so for now, 4 stars and not the whole 5, but will definitely update again close to the end of the course.

John6 November 2020

Great course and I can recommend it to anyone. The instructor really talked about what no other instructor did, tiktok ads. I hope to see more updates. Thanks

Susanne3 November 2020

Absolutely fabulous course! The instructor has a high profile Tik Tok history managing giant budgets. Entertaining and engaging delivery. One of the best on Udemy's entire platform.

Raghib2 October 2020

Good job guys. Learning and developing myself at the age of 45. I think you are doing fantastic job. I hope i will be able to complete new generation and grow my personal Brand and expertise.

Yama28 September 2020

My second course with Darius and as always a 5 star. Looking forward to learn more in future. Keep up the great work, Darius.

Andre25 September 2020

I enjoy how Darius goes in-depth about different accounts and the cheat sheet is very helpful. Love the structure of the course as well. Very easy to follow and understand.

Betty14 September 2020

I've been on Tiktok for 9 months trying to promote my business. After buying this course I started to action the advice given by posting content once a day (2-3 times a day during the weekend) and my amount of followers increased by 1000% in less than 3 weeks. As mentioned in this course you can experiment with the #, trendy sounds, effects and content type to see what works best. At some point you'll see out of the 10 videos you last posted you'll get some exponential growth from one of them...and this is what you need to keep going :)

Sierra5 September 2020

I love it so far. Just waiting to hear more info on my niche in particular. We are a cell phone store without a website to drive traffic to our store.

Fahad28 July 2020

This course is well engraved with specialized content and its a great for being a freelancer and helped me find a great client who is YouTube content creator and needs assistance on TikTok. If you are looking for VA that will help you optimizing your content do reach me on Upwork . Also join great community of Youtuber and TikTokers on Facebook with Youtube Channel and Video Promotions with a red sparkling banner.

Eduardo30 June 2020

A very complete tiktok course that teaches you all the possible aspects to fully exploit the platform. I am from Mexico and all the Spanish courses I took before this wonderful course on the subject are very basic.

Gautam29 May 2020

I can leave a 5 stars rating on Evan's courses without viewing the contents for a second! Say this from my experience with his other courses For your information I have given pretty bad reviews for famous courses of "gurus" costing thousands of dollars. Listen to him carefully...Every possibilty he will transform you. :)

Symon28 May 2020

Well thought out and detailed curriculum with great examples. Everything is relevant and well researched with best practices that apply for different creators with different goals, rather than what has worked for one person in one particular way. A great intro for those unfamiliar with TikTok who want to start off on the right foot as well as those who want to finally crack the code for this platform. Highly recommended!


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