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The Python MicroDegree: From Basics To Building Python Apps

Learn Python from Python's Basics to building real-world Applications using Python. Covers Everything You Need In Python

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May 2021

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What you will learn

The Basics of Modern Python 3.9 (Right from installation)

A quick dive through the basics of programming (from scratch)

Less time on Basics. More time on building Resume-Worthy Applications

How to put coding Theory into Practise

5+ Real World Applications that you can be proud of.


Most students try learning Python from several different resources and eventually lose their interest and sabotage their progress. If you are a complete beginner in Python, DO NOT WORRY because this course would help you learn everything you need to know in less then a week. We have consciously sculpted the course for absolute Python beginners to make the learning curve smooth for you.

Programming is not just about the basics. This is the biggest picture that most people fail to see. This is exactly why I'm not going to bore you to death by teaching you the basics over and over again. We are going to go nice and slow. Starting off with the installation (Python & IDE) we'll slowly move ahead into the basics. This includes variables, conditionals, loops, functions, file processing, user inputs, modules etc., Once you know enough to start building applications, we're going to jump right into it.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to apply in confidence for Python programming jobs. And yes, this applies even if you have never programmed before. With the right skills which you will learn in this course, you can become employable and valuable in the eyes of future employers.

Will this course give you core python skills?

Yes, it will. There is a range of exciting opportunities for Python developers. All of them require a solid understanding of Python, and that’s what you will learn in this course.

Will the course teach me data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence?

No, it won’t do that – All of these topics are branches of Python programming. And all of them require a solid understanding of the Python language.

Here's what we're going to build:

1. Question Recognizer (Micro Project)

2. Password Fort (Mini Project I)

3. Guessing Game (Mini Project II)

4. Word Book (Application)

5. Currency Converter (GUI)

6. Jumble Bot (Software)

7. Ping-Pong (Mobile App)

We are not going to waste any more time! Not even to read the description! Let's Go!


The Python MicroDegree: From Basics To Building Python Apps
The Python MicroDegree: From Basics To Building Python Apps
The Python MicroDegree: From Basics To Building Python Apps
The Python MicroDegree: From Basics To Building Python Apps



Why "The Python MicroDegree 2021" ?

What Will You Learn?

How To Make The Most Out Of This Course

Getting Your PC Ready

Important Links

Python 3.9: Installation

Visual Studio Code: Installation

Python & IDE Installation (For Mac Users)

Python & IDE Installation (For Linux Users)

Building Blocks [Basics]

Command Line Execution

The Python Command

Writing Python Code Inside A File

Quick Tip: Making Your Code Efficient

Essentials: Variables | Datatypes | Containers

Assigning Variables

Writing Better Variables

What Is A Type Function

Important: Using Lists


Important: Average Of A LIst

Best Way To Learn Python

What are Dictionaries

Important: Using Dictionaries

Tuples Vs. Lists

Among Tuples and List — when to use which

Getting Rid Of Command Line Clutter

Practise Test: Let's See What You've Got

Essentials: Working With The Basics

Lists: Append & Clear

Lists: Finding The Index

Lists: Finding Elements Using Index

Lists: Splicing

Lists: Negative Indexing

Indexing Property Of Strings

Dictionaries: Using Indexing

Essentials: Conditions & Functions

Functions & How To Write One

Function: Return Statement

Replacing Lists With Dictionaries

Introducing If Statements

The IsInstance Function

Introducing If-Else Statement

Operations Using User Inputs

User Inputs: Introduction

User Inputs: Lesson 1

User Inputs: Lesson 2

String Formatting: Real Life Example

Cont'd: Using Two Variables

Looping Statements: For & While

Introducing: For Loops

For Loops: Lesson 1

For Loops: Lesson 2

Introducing: While Loops

Password Checker With While

Cont'd: Version 2

Micro Project: Question Recognition

The Output We Need

Building The Algorithm

Designing A Function

Using Loops To Our Advantage

Formatting The Output

Using List Comprehension

Introducing: In-Line For Loops

Introducing: In-Line If Statements

Introducing: If-Else Statements

Function Arguments

Multi-Argument Functions

Arguments: Keyword & Non-Keyword

Parameters: Default & Non-Default

Possible Error Zone

Non-Keyword Arguments

Keyword Arguments

File Processing & Handling

Introduction: File Processing

How To Open Files In Python

File Cursor

How To Close Existing File

"With": Context Manager

File Directories

Mode "r"

Mode "w"

Mode "a" & Mode "a+"

Modules In Python

InBuilt Modules

Using Inbuilt Modules

Exception Handling

Import OS

Mini Project: Password Fort

Output: Have A Look

Finding Replacements

Using Tuples To Store Data

Getting The Inputs Ready

Replacing The Password Elements

Processing User's Password


Mini Project: Guessing Game

Output: Have A Look

Approaching The Problem Statement

The "Random" Module

Greeting The User

Processing User's Decision

Calculating Number Of Tries

Fixing The Mistakes

Application: WordBook

Output: Have A Look

Understanding The JSON Format

Converting The File Into A Dictionary

Creating The Function

Handling Error Messages

Recognizing Multiple Cases

Comparing Incorrect Words

Getting Close Matches

Improving The Algorithm

Getting The Meaning

Using For Loops To Extract Single Outputs

Final Test Case

Application: Currency Converter (Graphical User Interfaces)

Introduction to Building GUIs

Adding Elements To GUI

Assigning Functionality To Buttons

Conversion Syntax

GUI with Three Outputs

Application: JumbleBot (Desktop Software)

Output: Have A Look

Creating A Window

Adding Elements To The Container


Generating Questions

Checking If The Answers Are Correct

Reset Switch & Troubleshooting

Color Schemes

Changing The Name & Icon

Compiling Into A Stand-alone .EXE File

After you download the resources...

Essentials: OOPS (Object-Oriented Programming)

What Are We Going To Learn

Introduction To OOPS

Instance Variables

Introduction To Class Variables

Performing Operations Using Class

Introduction: Class Variables

Class Variables: Lesson 2

Introduction: Inheritance

Method Resolution Order

Inheritance: Lesson 2

Application: Ping Pong Mobile App

Output: Have A Look

Creating The Widget

Adding Basic Graphics

Creating The Ball

Movement Mechanics I

Movement Mechanics II

Applying The Code

Linking The .py & .kv Files

Moving The Ball

Declaring Boundaries

Adding Paddles

Moving The Paddles

Collision Detection

Updating The Scores


Louis12 June 2021

The course instructor really does a great job explaining concepts and vocabulary in a digestible and understandable way and I am able to grasp concepts in ways I have not been able to before.

Rehan11 May 2021

I have learnt a lot from this course, in my opinion its one of the best course available to learn Python deeply in short time.

Manish21 April 2021

A smart, professional, super and a high rated teacher. Abhishek is a great human being who is having a great passion for teaching and a love for sharing knowledge. One should go confidently for buying this course positively. I assure you, you will never regret! Thanksgiving to Abhishek Sir for being my trainer, you won hearts!

Niharika14 April 2021

for coding this will be best plaform but it depends on the explanation of faculty and the student as well

Aditi9 April 2021

Yes this course is good as it is also teaching implementation side by side and the content is very engaging

Shahadat31 March 2021

Excellent Sir , Very predictable and understandable topic which he had covered in this chapter ..I hope he will introduce more topics in python about machine learning

Adrian8 February 2021

Is just the begining, the profesor explain very well, but he talks really fast and is a little difficult to undersatand him sometimes, but It looks really good so far.

Sami18 January 2021

i found this course really easy and resoursefull i have switched many video courses due to boring content but this was really helpful and beginner friendly, i would suggest if you are a beginner this is the course perfect for you.

Divyani9 January 2021

An outstanding course! It was worthwhile taking this course. I have taken numerous courses in Udemy and I feel Abhishek is one of the best instructors I had the opportunity to learn from. He made the basics comprehensible. I highly recommend this course for all beginners who want to have a strong knowledge of Python.

Sri4 January 2021

Abhishek is an excellent instructor. The way he explains the concepts is so easy to understand. Moreover, the course has been properly structured with all the resources and links.

Paul4 January 2021

This is undoubtedly one of the best python courses on Udemy. I was initially worried how much could I learn in less than 10 hours. But I was thoroughly surprised. I'm very confident with my python basics now. Thanks.

Ertan4 January 2021

Lecturer talks too fast. It is not engaging. Even some of the answers to the quiz questions are wrong. It is pretty superficial.

S3 January 2021

These courses are interactive in nature. Unlike what you see at other trainers, Abhishek tried to explain everything with as much examples as possible.

Hari2 January 2021

I have tried learning python from a lot of different courses but by far this is the course that I've made most progress on. I really love how he jumped from basics to graphical user interfaces real soon while also making it easy for me.

Krithish2 January 2021

This is one of the best courses for Udemy. I'm so thankful to the instructor for not wasting my time. I'm a complete beginner and I'm so happy with my progress. I never knew building applications were this easy! I highly recommend this course to every python beginner.


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