The Book of Ruth: Deep-diging Bible Study

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The Book of Ruth: Deep-diging Bible Study
2 hours
Jul 2019
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What you will learn

Historical setting in the Book of Ruth

Verse-by-verse insights by comments and explanations

Hidden details on the Hebrew original text

How to apply the text on our lives today


In this course I'll take your hand and walk you through the Book of Ruth in the Bible.

We will dig deep in the original meaning of text in all 4 chapters. We'll look into hebrew concepts and words, and themes and applications for our days and our world.

Beside those 4 chapters, there are 3 extra sections where we look into the title, date/authorship and literary stole in the first. The second extra sections deals with it's history of interpretation. That is how different communities have read the book, like Jewish Talmud and Mishna, New Testament, Early church, Mideval Jewish, Reformation and in the academically in the Modern Era. The third extra section deals with the theology in the book.

Welcome to dig deeper into the world of the Bible!

Introduction to the course
Chapter 1
Reading 1:1-5
Comments 1:1-5
Reading 1:6-14
Comments 1:6-14
Reading 1:15-19a
Comments 1:15-19a
Reading 1:19b-22
Comments 1:19b-22
About the Book of Ruth
Introduction to section
1. Title
2. Date and Authorship
3. Literary Style
Chapter 2
Reading 2:1-7
Comments 2:1-7
Reading 2:8-13
Comments 2:8-13
Reading 2:14-17
Comments 2:14-17
Reading 2:18-23
Comments 2:18-23
History of Interpreting the Book of Ruth
Introduction to section
1. Place in Canon
2. Jewish Exegesis
3. New Testament
4. Early Church
5. Medieval Jewish Exegesis
6. Reformation
7. Modern Era
Chapter 3
Reading 3:1-7
Comments 3:1-7
Reading 3:8-13
Comments 3:8-13
Reading 3:14-18
Comments 3:14-18
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Chapter 4
Reading 4:1-8
Comments 4:1-2
Comments 4:3-8
Reading 4:9-22
Comments 4:9-22
Theological Message
1. The Portrayal of God - Names for God
2. The Portrayal of God - His Sovereign Rule
3. The Messianic Significance
26 August 2020
hi ... have filled out the evaluation you were asking for ... so thanks for the course and all the effort you have made to put it together and share it with us and for your obvious christian motivation to want to do this ... learned from it and found it helpful ... in the evaluation have made some suggestions that may help you improve the course and hence the value to the student ... so thanks from the other side of the world!
3 June 2020
Informative, and true, with some intriguing insights! I appreciate the overviews, the step-backs looking at the history of interpretation and theology of the book, etc. My only concern is that I would have liked even more engagement with the material in Ruth, but I understand that he was probably trying to stay within a certain time limitation.
14 January 2020
It is a good presentation. I have been studying the bible for many years and this course is quite informative. I think even a beginner would feel comfortable with the content but it is engaging for someone with present knowledge.


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