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The Ultimate WordPress Boot Camp Course - Build 10 Websites

Master the art of using WordPress to build a full portfolio of different types of websites

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May 2021

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What you will learn

Build a wide variety of WordPress websites

Implement best strategies and techniques for building WordPress websites

Identify the best plugins and themes for building different types of websites

Improve your overall WordPress skills

Work with the most powerful and sophisticated WordPress plugins


** Welcome to one of the most intensive WordPress course you will ever find **

This course is for any aspiring WordPress student/developer who would like to learn how to build any type of website using the most powerful CMS available - WordPress.  Complete with more than 250 lectures and over 20 hours of video content, this course has been designed to expand your knowledge of WordPress and give you the necessary skills and confidence to either start a career as a WordPress developer or build your very own portfolio of websites.

In this course you will learn how to build the following types of websites:

  • Blog

  • Business website

  • Membership site

  • E-Commerce site

  • Forum

  • Job board website

  • One page website

  • Portfolio/Gallery

  • Event Website

In addition you will also learn how to use some of the most popular and powerful WordPress plugins including:

  • Elementor

  • SiteOrigin

  • Easy Digital Downloads

  • NextGen

  • WP Job Manager

  • Yoast SEO

  • bbPress

  • MailChimp

  • Beaver Builder

  • Akismet

  • and much much more

Curriculum Breakdown

Project 1 - Build a Blog

You will learn how to build a full blog. You will learn how to import and export data to and from your WordPress website. You will learn how to build your mailing list using Mailchimp and also how to add social media functionality. Comments are a big part of any blog and I will show you how to customize your comments section and even more importantly, I will show you how to fight against spam comments using one of the most powerful anti-spam plugins. We will also cover how to spice up your blog by adding a review system and how to customize your widgets.

Project 2 - Build a Business Website

For our second project, you will learn how to build a great looking website for a fictional company known as Web Coders Inc. You will learn how to add every major feature of a business website such as the 'our services', 'the team' and also the 'our clients' sections. I will show you how to add the portfolio section to showcase previous projects to potential clients and also some testimonials. We will round up this project by building a contact us page.

Project 3 - Build a Membership Site

Want to build a membership site so you can charge subscribers for premium content? this project is perfect for you. You will learn how to configure and use one of the most powerful plugins known as Membership pro. You will learn how to create and restrict premium content while also learning how to create subscription packages. I will show you how to configure payment systems so you can accept payments via PayPal and Stripe.

Project 4 - Build a Job Board Website

In this project you will learn how to build a job board website similar to monster or Indeed. You will learn how to work with the WP Job Manager plugin to create and publish jobs. I will show you how to also populate your website by importing jobs from other job board websites. I will also teach you how to customize your menu items so they are visible or hidden depending on certain conditions.

Project 5 - Build a Forum

Here you will learn how to build forum using one of the most popular social networking plugins known as bbPress. You will learn how to create forums and topics and also how to setup a registration page so subscribers can register and login to use the site. I will show you how to truly enhance the functionality of your forum site by teaching you how to add custom user avatars, user attachments and even the 'LIKE' button. You will also learn how to apply basic security to protect your site from spam.

Project 6 - Build a One Page Event Website

In this class you are going to learn how to use a very powerful free page builder known as SiteOrigin to build a full one page website. SiteOrigin is one of the most popular page builder plugins with more than 2.5 million downloads already.

The website we are going to build together will be for an event known as the 'Black Hat Convention'. The purpose of the website will be to market and promote the event to potential attendees. This website is going to be a full one page website complete with a video, image gallery, text blocks, pricing tables, FAQ section and much more.

You will master the art of using the SiteOrigin page builder plugin to work with columns, rows, widgets and addons. You will learn how to build all the previously mentioned content by utilizing the full power and features of the plugin. 

I will conclude this class by teaching you how to work with the pre-built layouts available with the plugin.

Project 7 - Build a One Page Website with Elementor

Similar to the previous section, here you will learn how to use another extremely powerful page builder known as Elementor.  With more than a million downloads already, Elementor is one of the very  best and most popular plugins for building pages in WordPress. The  plugin is extremely fast and comes with a variety of widgets and  elements making it very easy to build any kind of web page imaginable  without using any code. 

In this project you will master the art of using this page builder to build a full one page website.

Project 8 - Build an E-Commerce Site

If you are looking to build a virtual store that sells downloadable products like music files, images and e-books then you are going to love this section. I will show you how to build the store using the Easy Digital Downloads plugin.  The EDD plugin is one of the very best plugins for building virtual stores and you will learn how to use it to its maximum abilities. You will learn how to how to create bundled virtual products and how to manage downloads from your customers.

Project 9 - Build a Photo Gallery

In this project, you are going to learn how to build a complete photo gallery using WordPress. We will be making use of one of the most popular WordPress gallery plugins known as NextGen Gallery to build our fictional gallery.

The website we shall be building is called snapshooter and is a website containing several different photo galleries dedicated to themes like war, nature, people, sports etc.

With the NextGen gallery plugin, I am going to show you how to 

  • Build and publish photo galleries and albums

  • Optimize your images to improve website performance

  • Protect your images by adding watermarks

  • Display your images and galleries using a variety of display formats

  • Create pricing lists for your images so you can charge customers 

  • Set up payment systems to accept payments

  • and much more

By the end of this master course, your confidence as a WordPress user will  soar. You'll have a thorough understanding of how to use different types of plugins and themes so you can use them to build a portfolio of websites and start a profitable WordPress career. 

My satisfaction guarantee...

I have a 30-day 100% money back guarantee, so if you aren't happy with your purchase, I will refund your course - no questions asked!

I can't wait to see you in the course!

Enroll now, and you will become a true master at using WordPress to build websites.


The Ultimate WordPress Boot Camp Course - Build 10 Websites
The Ultimate WordPress Boot Camp Course - Build 10 Websites
The Ultimate WordPress Boot Camp Course - Build 10 Websites
The Ultimate WordPress Boot Camp Course - Build 10 Websites




Connect with Me

Sub Domains vs Local Development

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How to Install WordPress

How to Create a Sub Domain

How to Install SSL

How to Create a Web Mail Account

Navigating the Siteground Control Panel

How to Install WordPress Locally

Child Themes

Project 1 - Build a Blog

Section Preview

Choosing our Theme

Clean Up & Initial Setup

Adding the Logo & Favicon

Creating our Pages & Main Menu

Exporting and Importing Content

Social Media Part 1 - Share Buttons by Adder

Social Media Part 2 - Social Media Widget by Accurax

Building our Mailing List with MailChimp

Working with the Optin Forms Plugin

Adding a Review & Rating System

Building the About Us & Contact Pages

Customizing the Comments Section

Fighting Spam with Akismet

Customizing the Main Menu

Displaying our Widgets

Displaying our Recent Posts

Customizing the Recent Posts Widget

Section Review


Project 2 - Build a Business Website

Site Preview

Choosing our Business Theme

Download the BusinessX Child Theme

Adding our Logo

Setting up the Header and Main Menu

Adding the Slides Section

Adding the Our Services Section

Adding the Who We Are Section

Adding the Our Clients Section

Creating the Portfolio Section

Adding Testimonials

Developing the Blog Section

Setting up the Posts Sidebar

Creating the Team Page

Creating the Services Page

Building the Contact Us Section

Building the Contact Us Page

Setting up the Footer


Project 3 - Build a Membership Site

Site Preview

Installing our Plugins

Creating our Member Role

Setting up Registration Details

Hiding the Admin Bar

Creating the Registration, Login and Edit Profile Pages

Managing the Registration Form Fields

Adding the Email Confirmation Field

Creating Dummy Content

Creating Members Only Content

Choosing our Theme

Theme Setup

Creating our Custom Menu

Adding the Logout Link

Modifying the Content Restriction Message

Testing out the Membership Site

Premium Membership Site Preview

The Paid Members Subscription Plan Plugin

Creating the Subscription Plans

Creating the Thank You Page

Editing Messages and Payment System Settings

How to Create PayPal Sandbox Accounts

Testing Payments

Fixing Bugs

Restricting Premium Content

Update !!!

Pro Addons - Part 1

Pro Addons - Part 2



Project 4 - Build a Job Board Website

Section Preview

Choosing our Theme

The WP Job Manager Plugin

Adding Google Maps API Key

Adding Recaptcha

Submitting a Sample Job

Creating the Log in and Log out Links

Menu Items Visibility Control

Customizing the Login Page

Hiding the Admin Bar & Dashboard

Importing Jobs - Part 1

Importing Jobs - Part 2

Importing Jobs - Part 3 (Indeed)

Importing Jobs - Part 4 (Monster)

Adding Regions

Adding the Job Application Contact Form

Clean Up & Design Changes

The Go Fetch Jobs Premium Plugin

The Application Deadline Addon

The Resume Manager Plugin

Resume Manager Settings

Submitting a Sample Resume

Job Manager Premium Addons


Project 5 - Build a Forum

Section Preview

Domain Setup & Initial Setup

Why bbPress?

bbPress Preview

bbPress Default Roles

Creating our Forums

Creating Sample Topics

Creating the Registration Page

Customizing our Welcome Message

The BBPress Log Out Link Issue

Creating the Log in and Log out Links

Customizing the Login Page

Choosing our Theme

Editing the Theme

Disabling the Admin Bar

Changing the Default Login URL

Activating User Avatars

Activating User Attachments

Adding the 'LIKE' Button

Activating Spam Protection

Creating New Users

Adding the Forum Sidebar



Project 6 - Build a One Page Event Website

Section Preview

The SiteOrigin Page Builder Plugin

The SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle

The SiteOrigin North Theme

SiteOrigin Theme Preview

Setting up the Front Page

Adding our Header & Logo

Adding a Video - Part 1

Adding a Video - Part 2

Adding our Headline

Adding our Text Block

Adding the Image Gallery

Creating a row inside of a row

Adding the Second Headline

Creating the Speakers Text Block

Creating the Pricing Table

Adding the FAQs Section

Adding our 2 Column Row

Adding Google Maps

Adding the Address Block

Adding Social Media Links

Introduction to Anchor Links

Creating the Main Menu

Clean Up

Introduction to Pre Built Layouts

Section Review

Project 7 - Build a One Page Website with Elementor

What We Shall Build Together

Initial Setup

Download All the Content Used in the Course

Elementor General Settings

Setting up the Elementor Home Page

Setting up our Global Values

Adding our First Section - Headline Text + Background Video

The Second Section - Who We Are

The Navigator and History Tools

Creating Advanced Structures

Elementor Challenge 1

Adding the Our Services Section

Adding the Why Work with Us Section

Adding the Meet the Team Section

Adding the Our Clients Section

Adding the Testimonials Section

Working with Margins and Paddings

Working with the Spacer Element

Working with the Number Counter Element

Creating the Footer Section

Creating the Header Part 1 - Anchor Links

Creating the Header Part 2 - Adding our Menu & Logo

Responsive Mode

Working with Page Templates and Blocks

Round Up

Project 8 - Build an E-Commerce Site


Site Preview

The Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) Plugin

EDD Overview

EDD General Settings

EDD Email, Styles Settings

EDD Tax Settings

EDD Misc Settings

Creating a Simple Digital Product

Creating a Variable Digital Product

Creating a Bundle of Digital Products

The Checkout Process

Setting up the Downloads and Category Pages

Customizing the Downloads Page

The PayPal Payment Gateway

The Test Payment Gateway

The Buy Now Button

Customer Accounts in EDD

Setting up the Login & Registration Pages

Setting up the Edit Profile Page

Setting up the Logout Page

The Vendd Theme

Customizing the Menu

Hiding the Admin Bar

Setting up our Pages

Setting up the Homepage

Designing our Main Menu

EDD Extensions


Project 9 - Build a Photo Gallery

Section Preview

Photo Gallery Websites - An Introduction

Where to find Thousands of FREE Images

Choosing our Theme

UPDATE - Get the Portfolio Theme

The NextGen Gallery Plugin

Download Images

Creating our Galleries

NextGen Gallery Settings

Gallery Display Settings

Setting up the Theme & HomePage

Creating our Gallery Pages

Optimizing our Images

Adding Watermark Protection

Disabling Right Click

How to Display Gallery Albums

Working with Photo Tags

Building the About Us & Contact Me Page

Website Review

Pro vs Plus vs Free Options

Working with the Additional Gallery Options

Setting Up E-Commerce Options - Part 1

Setting Up E-Commerce Options - Part 2

Creating Price Lists

Creating PayPal Sandbox Test Accounts

Testing Payments

Working with Coupons

Other Payment Gateways


Plugin Section - 15 Plugins

Section Introduction

Akismet Plugin

WP Optimize Plugin

Duplicator Plugin

Formidable Forms Plugin

W3 Total Cache Plugin

Shareaholic Plugin

Shield WordPress Security Plugin

WP Live Chat Support Plugin

Broken Links Checker Plugin

404 Error Page Plugin

WP Optimize Plugin


Shortcodes Ultimate Plugin

Accordion and Collapse Plugin

Foo Gallery Plugin

Max Mega Menu Plugin

PayPal Donations

Popup Maker Plugin

White Label CMS

Image Recycle PDF & Image Compression


Getting your Certificate

Conclusion - Thank you


Cm8 September 2020

Professor Oni is by far my favorite teacher here on Udemy! The way he presents the materials is just so entertaining and profound.

Craig29 August 2020

I like the way he explains things. Learnt a few new things. Will give another rating as I continue with the course.

Mark6 August 2020

This course is/was a good match for me because I'm already quite familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and I was looking for training for the WordPress CMS. One area that can be improved is that the instructor failed to provide his image assets in a resources download at the beginning of each section. However, this was no problem for me because I was building my own stuff anyway and I wanted to use image assets that I had found rather than the instructor's. Most of this this course is locating and installing WordPress plugins and customizing various themes. You need to be somewhat tech savvy in order to follow along, but by no means does any of this require development skills or previous web coding training or experience. The instructor is personable, encouraging, and has a positive attitude. His instruction was clear to me. The videos were of good quality as far as picture and sound. This course has helped me to add something important to my skillset and I'm grateful that I've invested the time into it.

Howard1 August 2020

This was one of the best online courses I have ever viewed. Alex did an amazing job. Everything was explained precisely and he didn't miss a beat. Thank you Alex!

TOSHA22 February 2020

When I first looked at the examples, it threw me. Until I started to actually practice while learning, I am now able to customize the website myself.

Valerie8 February 2020

This is a good course for designers who actually use html/css. I am more familiar with drag and drop and was hoping that this course showed me how to use what's on WP without having to code.

Nathalie16 September 2019

Great course so far. Very detailed and love it when the instructor laughs at his own jokes. I would definitely improve the clarity of the screen capture (out of focus) and demonstrating with a black website with white fonts is not the best idea. I still give Alexander his 5 stars because he knows his business and I am learning a lot about Elementor and Wordpress. I do find that the course at 199$ is highly overpriced. wait until Udemy does its 9.99$ sale .

Alvin11 September 2019

The instructions for using SITEGROUND ARE OUTDATED! I sent a message to the course creator asking for a more updated version. Information is very complete but seems to be outdated for use on the SITEGROUND hosting site, since the whole Dashboard and interface has changed since this course was written.

Nikolaos7 July 2019

One of the many things I appreciated about this course is the diversity in the webpages that the instructor demonstrates and builds. I have learned a lot more than I expected and I recommend this course for anyone interested in learning more about Wordpress.

Carol25 June 2019

You are a great instructor. Negative experience to the Twenty Minutes' theme. When you go to your new page or post there is no text editor visible. You have to move your cursor around to find the different parts of what use to be a text editor. It is awful to work with. I have some WP experience and I was aggravated with it. I can only image what someone new to WP would think. Also there was a problem with the comments showing up on the posts. They didn't even though they were enabled and should have. I would never use this theme again.

Carlos15 April 2019

I like the short lessons because they are easy to review and understand. Divide and conquer is a key for success

Alex4 February 2019

This course is excellent so far. Alex really understands word press and is very engaging. Excellent experience so far.

Tessneem25 January 2019

I like this course. The Instructor is good in explaining the material especially when he says “However “ and explain the next point

Grizzly15 December 2018

who want to start WordPress web developing in freelancing and create a website for own this course is better for you. he is responding very very quickly and he answers the questions. don't forget to subscribe his channel that helps you most. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtQyEeodbKJghD9JuhN-KQw

Kevin11 November 2018

Very intensive but well structured. I love how the instructor starts from just a blank website and ends building up a complete website. The tutorials are easy to follow and the instructor seems like a genuine instructor with a lot of passion. Thank you for this fantastic course.


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