The Ultimate Profitable Facebook Ads Blueprint

Discover My Time-tested And Proven step-by-step Framework You Can Use To Launch a Profitable Facebook Ads Campaign

16 hours
Jun 2022
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What you will learn

Possess confidence to create a Profitable Facebook Ads Campaign from Scratch

Acquire New Customers and make sales on a daily basis through Facebook Ads

Generate Quality Leads To Your Business

Scale and grow your business with Facebook Ads


Do you currently have a business and you’re looking for a better way to acquire new customers and make daily sales?

Or you currently run Facebook Ads but you are tired of wasting money without getting your desired return on your Ad spent?

Then let me show you how to properly and confidently launch a Profitable Facebook Ads campaign by leveraging on my time-tested and proven blueprint to get massive results no matter what you’re selling, who you’re selling to or your level of Facebook Ads knowledge.

This is the Ultimate Facebook Ads Blueprint because it contains everything you'll ever need to learn how to Setup And Launch Profitable Facebook Ads Campaign That Generate Daily Sales and Quality Leads even if you're a Total Newbie.

This is for you, if you’re a:

  • Business owners, Info marketer, Drop-shippers that wants to acquire new customers and make daily sales

  • Affiliate Marketer, Real Estate Consultant , Network Marketer ,Sales Person: Looking to generate Quality Leads

  • Bloggers, YouTubers, Podcasters: Looking for a way to drive Quality Traffic and grow their fan base, subscribers or followers

  • Digital Marketers, Freelancers and Individuals: Looking for a new skill to learn or master and offer as service to other businesses

After going through this course, you’ll be:

  • Confident to hit the “publish” button knowing you have setup your Ads Campaign to convert

  • Never worry of not being able to acquire New customers

  • Never worry of making daily sales ever again

The course contains video lessons, checklist, templates, scripts, tasks that will make learning easy and implementing what was learnt even more easy.


The Ultimate Profitable Facebook Ads Blueprint - Screenshot_01The Ultimate Profitable Facebook Ads Blueprint - Screenshot_02The Ultimate Profitable Facebook Ads Blueprint - Screenshot_03The Ultimate Profitable Facebook Ads Blueprint - Screenshot_04


Facebook Ads Fundamentals

Introduction to Facebook Ads
The Ultimate Profitable Facebook Ads Formula

Pre - Facebook Ads Creation Phase

Crafting Irresistible Offer
Required Accounts Creation
How to create a Professional Facebook Business Page
How to create a Facebook Business Manager Account
How to create a Facebook Ads Account
How to create a Virtual Card for Facebook Ads Payment

Elements of a Facebook Ads Campaign

Facebook Ads Campaign Elements
The New ODAX Campaign Objective Explained

Facebook Ads Targeting Techniques

Facebook Audience Temperature
4.2 Facebook Ads Targeting Options
Deep-dive Into Interest Targeting
Custom and LookAlike Audience Explained
Top-tier countries and Expats Targeting
Facebook Ads Targeting Techniques post iOS 14 Era

Facebook Ads Copy Workshop

Qualities of a Good Ads Copy
BSA Framework Facebook Ads Copy Framework
Know Your Customer: Research Approach
Structure of a Good Ads Copy
Headline Hook Variation
Facebook Headline Hook Template
Crafting compelling body of your Facebook Ads Copy
Forms of Facebook Ad Copy
Facebook Ads Copy Tips

Facebook Ads Creative Workshop

Facebook Ads Creative Formats
Image Ads Creative Variation
Image Ads Creative Design Process
6.4 Other Ads Creatives Format
Video Ads Creative Variations
Value Proposition Video Framework
UGC Ads Creative
Video Ads Creatives Tips

Tracking (Pixel & CAPI), Custom & LookAlike Audience

Facebook Ads Conversion Tracking
Custom Events vs Standard Events
Accurate Conversion Tracking Checklist
Installing & Setting Up Facebook Pixel
Domain Verification
Conversion API Setup
Creating Custom Audience
Creating LookAlike Audience

My "Never-Fail" Launch Strategy

Before Creating the Campaign
My "Never-Fail" Launch Framwork
Deploying the Launch Framework in a Real Campaign
Facebook Ads Leads Generation
Generating Quality Leads

Facebook Ads Metrics, Reporting and Monitoring

Facebook Ads Management and Monitoring
How to create & manage Facebook Ads on Mobile
Understanding Facebook Ads Metrics

Troubleshooting and Fixing Your Ads Campaign

Setting KPIs, Troubleshooting and Fixing Drop-offs in your Campaigns
Optimizing Your Campaign

Facebook Ads Scaling

Intro to Facebook Ads Scaling
CBO + LookAlike Audience Scaling Strategy
CBO + Interest Scaling Strategy
CBO + Dynamic Ads Scaling Strategy
Geography Based Scaling Strategy
Other Facebook Ads Scaling Tips

Magnetic Retargeting Ads Setup

Facebook Ads Retargeting Overview
Setting Facebook Ads Retargeting Campaign

Facebook Ads Policies & Ban

Understanding Facebook Ads Policies
Creating and Prepping Backup Accounts



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