The Ultimate Guide To Starting a Business

Entrepreneurship with Ioannis Antypas: A Guide to Business Strategy, Fundamentals, and Growth Hacking.

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The Ultimate Guide To Starting a Business


1 hour


Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Discover your million-dollar idea and why you should prioritise issue resolution.

Recognize how to acquire capital to begin your business.

Utilize existing assets effectively to get the company off the ground.

Enhance your grasp of the processes involved in developing and validating a business idea.


Many people aspire to a better standard of living than that afforded by corporate work. That is why they began their own firm in the first place. They'd want to utilise their abilities and talents to live life on their own terms, to travel and work from anywhere and whenever they like - while earning the same or more than they did previously. However, the majority of coaches, creative professionals, and health practitioners never find out how to accomplish this.

But you've already taken the first step: you're aware that the FreedomPreneur lifestyle exists and you've developed a concept or established your business! Congratulations! You have done exceptionally well thus far; the majority of individuals never make it that far.

It began well; you received a high volume of attention and leads from your current network, but they have dwindled, leaving you stranded. You lack the necessary marketing plan to grow your business and achieve the desired FreedomPreneur Lifestyle.

Business Education via the Internet

This course establishes the basis upon which many struggling develop their businesses. It gives your business structure and direction, allowing you to build it toward the FreedomPreneur Lifestyle. This is not a one-sided course; The staff and your peers are accessible to provide feedback on your work, and the curriculum is arranged in such a way that you learn while also doing. That is, you progress more quickly. You will benefit from the support, experience, and encouragement of other professionals – just like you – during the group calls and in our online community. Individuals who are self-motivated, ambitious, and strive for greatness. It is targeted at seasoned individuals like you who are already in business. You've identified your strengths; now you want to make a difference and develop a business that provides you with more time, money, and flexibility than it now does.




How To Use The Course

The First Steps

Why Start a Business in 90 Days?

Why should you start a business

Why 90 days is a good time period to consider?

10 steps to get started

Step #1

Step #2

Step #3

Step #4

Step #5

Step #6

Step #7

Step #8

Step #9

Step #10

Roadmap to Success

Get Your First Customer

Master Selling

Make a Profit

Evaluate Pricing


Entrepreneurial Type

10 Traits of Successful Business Owners


Conclusion & Next Steps

Conclusion & Next Steps - Part 1

Conclusion & Next Steps - Part 2

Conclusion & Next Steps - Part 3

Conclusion & Next Steps - Part 4

Last Words

Bonus Lecture


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