The Ultimate Excel VBA Course: Learn & Master VBA Fast

Pick up VBA like a pro, build macros, and become a proficient Excel VBA Programmer in no time!

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The Ultimate Excel VBA Course: Learn & Master VBA Fast
2.5 hours
Feb 2023
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What you will learn

You'll be able to create your user forms that other users can interact with and enter data into.

Understanding how to use the Excel VBA program aids in doing complex and tedious office tasks.

You learn how you can create an Excel Macro using a Command Button.

How to troubleshoot and debug your custom Excel functions.

Learn what VBA is and what it does.

Be able to install VBA and record your first macro.

How to create functional VBA modules.


VBA (visual basic for application) is a language used for programming tasks and actions in Excel or developing additional functions in Excel worksheets that are customized to your work needs.

If you're willing to learn how to program VBA for your business or yourself, then this course was originally meant for you. As a beginner course, you'll learn the basics understanding of what VBA is all about and what it does, and how to record your first macro, then followed by gradual development into learning all the fundamental parlance VBA leading to creating your own functional VBA modules.

Towards the end of the course, you'll have learned how to create your user forms wherewith other users can interact with and input their data.

You'll then be able to troubleshoot and debug your codes making them efficient and faster while also creating your own custom Excel functions.

One of many good aspects of VBA is when you learn it, you know it, and it becomes part of you forever and in the long run, you can program it to do all your work.

Why should you take this course?

Automate your work: you learn how to use VBA to automate procedures, reports of activities can be set up using VBA, and with just the press of a button you can generate your report. Helping you to perform different actions at the press of a button.

Speed up your work: use VBA to save time by automating the repetitious task. Speed up your work using VBA macro to automate repetitive action. VBA Excel saves time by finishing off the same action over several Excel workbooks, thereby saving you a lot of time through automated action.

It is designed for beginners: this course is a step-to-step guide for easy comprehension for people who have no knowledge of what VBA is all about but have knowledge about Excel.

Excel VBA for beginners:

If you're getting worked up daily on your repetitive Excel workbooks, this course is just right for you. All that's required of you is to dive in and learn the basics of VBA and you can automate your work saving you enough time to go on with other schedules for the day.



Adding The Developer Tab
Excel VBA Editor
Macro Recording
Excel VBA Developer Toolbar
Add A Button To A SpreadSheet
Offset Property
Resize Property

Les Variables en VBA

Variable Practice
Addition And Substraction
Multiply And Divide
Other Excel VBA Variable Types

Logical Conditional

Else And ElseIf
Conditional Operators
Logical Operators
VBA Practice Conditional Operators
Select Case
With And End With

String Functions

Changing Case
Trim, Len And Space
Excel VBA Replace
InStr, InStrRev And StrReverse
The Left And Right Functions
Mid Function
String Exercise

Loops with VBA

For Loop
For Each Loop
Cell Property
Do Loop


Arrays And Loop
Multidimensional Arrays
Arrays And The Split Function

Subs And Functions

Message Box


February 15, 2023
This is a brilliant course. I came in knowing nothing about VBA, but by section 2 I was writing and experimenting with code, seeing results and knowing how to fix it when it went wrong. The instructor goes at the perfect pace and explains everything clearly (and with an engaging style - I want to take more of her courses now, she can teach anything!) I've now completed the course and feel confident to use VBA and to learn more about it. Thank you!
January 27, 2023
I used to think VBA was Greek, despit knowing C# and JavaScript - if anything this course has reminded me of the downsides of overthinking.


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