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Learn to help yourself, friends, family & clients speak easy, explore personal development, confidence & self-love

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Jul 2022
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What you will learn


How to Communicate Well to Advise Clients How & Where to Improve

How to Become Empowered Once You Learn About How You Communicate & Where to Improve

The Most Common Areas of Error in Communication

Practical Master Communication

Relationship Communication, Social Communication, Do's nd Don'ts

What You Should Know on Dates, One-on-One, in Groups, and Professional Environments

How to Build Confidence & Self-Esteem with What You Have

Behavioral Modification Consciousness- See It & Change It

Conversation Killers To Avoid & Timing Certain Conversations

Overcoming Social Awkwardness By Being You

Positive Thinking & When to Share. You Are Special, Not Everyone Deserves You

Why You Are Already Interesting, Know What Is Cool About Yourself

What It Means to Be Genuine, Understanding Communication Isn't A Game, Its You Being You



Over 700 Student's have taken this course with great reviews!

In this course I share with you common communication struggles people have in their relationships, in developing relationships, in setting boundaries and overcoming their need to say yes to everything, in order to be polite. In this course, you will learn how to find your own unique voice and expression, and to use it affectively in creating the communications you would like to have, with people you'd like to have them with. This includes knowing how to end dialogues you aren't interested in, with people you don't care for. There is a polite way to communicate I call "calm assertive" that is borrowed from Cesar Millan and who works with dogs. Well, it works with people too, and you will see it exampled here. Take this information, apply it to your own life and be able to apply it to help your clients, friends and family.

These are the most common examples of communication struggles that come up in my therapy practice, our lives, and are so simple to overcome with this course.

PS) If this is your first time with me, or your back again, thank you so much for taking my class. When I teach, we always have fun! Please make sure  at your earliest convenience when prompted, that you leave a review, so that others can find me. Help create my success! I greatly appreciate it! With this course you will change your communication ability and skill in under 2 hours.

Happy Learning!

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Introduction Video From Sufi

Introduction to Sufi, your instructor, and an overview of this course!

The Speak Easy Steps

4 Steps to Speak Easy: Step 1- Be Interesting
4 Steps to Speak Easy: Step 2-Be Interested
4 Steps to Speak Easy: Step 3- Be Open
4 Steps to Speak Easy: Step 4- Be Genuine

Listening For the Sake of Listening

Listening For the Sake of Listening

Grown Up Communication

Adolescent Communication: Trapped in Cycles of Communication
Sophisticated Communication: Knowing Yourself and Communicating It Well.

Bonus Video: Killers to Conversation

Killers To Conversation: A Few Subjects Sure to Kill Any Conversation

The Speak Easy Course: Self-Analysis Questionnaire

Self-Analysis Questionnaire


May 14, 2022
She's So Good, She's So Supportive She's Very Very Interacting She Gives Quick Response... You'll Find Your Learning Very Very Beneficial From Her... Trust Me.. I'm Her Fan I'm AllReady Done 6 Of My Courses With POBA And Sufi Ma'am...?❣️ Looking Forward To Learn More From Her.... ?? ?? ?? Thank You So Much Ma'am ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? I'm Enjoying My Learnings With You.. I'm So Glad And Proud To Learn From You...
May 12, 2022
It was so easy to relate to and her down to earth personality is magnetic and very personable. Will always take her classes here.
April 15, 2022
this course was awesome and very fun to go through, thank you so very much for sharing your work with us. I am very grateful for you doing that.
January 5, 2022
I had no idea all these topics can be covered in learning to speak course. Amazing. Love how genuine the content is. Thank you Sufi for your bubbly energy.
October 20, 2021
Communication is the key to successful social interaction, relationships, and in business. In this short yet impactful course, Sufani covers major communications do's and don'ts to assist us in all that we do. Thank you, Sufani.
August 17, 2021
Sufi is an empowering and compassionate teacher and her classes are structured and very helful to me.
July 23, 2021
This course should be on everyone's wish list. Even if you think your communication skills are amazing, you may still learn some tips. Love the Jazz !
May 11, 2021
Amazing- I loved this and will take lots from it! I will be keeping an eye out for other courses of yours :) Thank you x
May 7, 2021
nice and easy learning from the course. most important amazing trainer. she is amazing and full of content and advice. Grateful
February 1, 2021
For me personally this course touched on so may speaking ques that I didn't even know I needed to learn. I am so grateful that this course came about because in such a short course I have gained so much. I speak now more confidently and consciously and most importantly I am a better listener. Super awesome course, I definitely recommend this course if you want to feel more empowered in conversation.
January 10, 2021
The Instructor was very engaging and knowledgeable about this subject. She made the class fun and interesting. The communication process is broken down into steps that are easy to understand and apply in real life. All great topics. There are tidbits in every step that spoke to me. Cant wait to try them out!! I've already watched the course twice in case I missed something!! Plus you get a certificate when you finish!!
November 13, 2020
I dig it! The teacher is very positive and communicates in a way that makes it easy to receive the information! I will be definitely making sure to use some of these tools in future conversations with new people!



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