The Solution Focused Toolkit - SFBT for the workplace

Solution Focused brief therapy adapted for those working with teenagers. A brief therapy course adapted for your work.

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Mar 2022
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What you will learn

Take solution focused practice into your workplace.

Understand the tools of solution focused therapy.

Build a bespoke solution focused toolkit for yourself.

Increase confidence with difficult client problems.

Develop a consistent approach to client issues outside your remit.

Develop better rapport with clients and colleagues


"A mission to make the solution focused approach the standard in the care environment."

Michael Dawson

Designed to adopt and adapt the solution focused approach into your work environment.

Using solution focused therapy the Action Factory achieved 85% successful outcomes in a therapy room. Clearly it would be a huge benefit to any organisation if this approach was adopted in care teams, but there's a problem.

It simply will not copy and paste. What works in a therapy room might not work in a classroom, youth club or residential care home.

This is where the Solution Focused Toolkit comes in. We wanted to break down the tools of the approach and enable teams to decide for themselves whether to adapt them, use them or discard them. Leaving them with a self designed version that fits in with them, their role and their clients.

What remains is the solution focused worker.

The Solution Focused Toolkit is a non academic and engaging training model that breaks solution focused therapy down into its component parts.

The Solution Focused Toolkit has been adopted by a broad range of clients who work with young people.

These include:

  • - Residential care workers

  • - Youth workers

  • -Social workers

  • - Police officers

  • - Health professionals.

By adopting the philosophy of the solution focused toolkit teams and individual workers will:

  • - Increase confidence when faced with issues outside their remit.

  • - Offer their clients a consistent approach.

  • - Become a better source of support when called upon.

The course includes the 'Solution Focused Toolkit' Ebook.


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The Solution Focused Toolkit Ebook

The Solution Focused Toolkit Ebook

What is brief therapy

What is Brief Therapy?

Assumptions with ALL clients

Assumptions with ALL clients

Therapist vs You as a front-line worker

The Big Four
You vs Therapist
Who are you?
Who are your clients?

Therapy session walkthrough

Therapy session walkthrough

The Solution Focused Toolkit

Fitting it all together
Opening the toolbox

The Miracle Question

What is a Miracle Question?
Minor Miracles
Your own miracle question

Scaling Questions

Scaling Questions





Extra Content

S.I.M.P.L.E Questions
Other question techniques
Giving Feedback
Stories, analogies and language

Is that it?

What Now


February 23, 2022
I've worked with this stuff in the past. I'm so pleased that I revisited this and found the whole thing made so much more sense to me and my work this time. True to say that as a teacher I have already revisited the world of sfbt again, Super pleased with this. I was able to cherry pick with ease.



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