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The Simple Bitcoin Course 2021

Bitcoin explained simply using powerful visuals

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Basics of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Whitepaper Explained

Bitcoin Blockchain Explained

Bitcoin Whitepaper Debate


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Wherever you turn, Bitcoin seems to be there. It is in the spotlight especially after the world's richest man joined the frenzy.

What is it?

Why are people going crazy about it?

How did it all start?

Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious internet figure gave birth to Bitcoin in 2008 as a way to escape the global financial system. What was ridiculed in the earlier days is now a trillion-dollar asset in market capitalization! This is the story of perseverance, hard work, and most importantly a vision of attaining freedom.

Political and Financial Freedom.

Bitcoin has no leader.

Bitcoin has no headquarters.

Bitcoin has no marketing departments.

It is something that is owned and controlled by none. So, hackers and scammers across the internet are taking advantage of the ignorance of internet users as they rake in billions of dollars every year. This is because only a very few of us know the intricate workings of Bitcoin.

Why is this the case?

When you search about Bitcoin to understand the concept, a lot of Boring stuff pops up, making it boring and hard to learn it. However, the truth is, it's very simple and easy to learn. In this course, we are using visual elements to make it engaging. I believe in the quote,

"Tell me and I forget

Teach me and I remember

Involve me and I learn"

So, I will involve you in every chapter. You will dive deep and learn:

  • The Basics of Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin Whitepaper

  • Bitcoin Blockchain

Let's begin our Bitcoin Journey!


The Simple Bitcoin Course 2021
The Simple Bitcoin Course 2021
The Simple Bitcoin Course 2021
The Simple Bitcoin Course 2021


Basics Of Bitcoin

Course Intro

Bitcoin Intro

How it all started?

What is Bitcoin

Why Bitcoin?

Who Owns Bitcoin?

is Bitcoin Money?

Bitcoin Triad: Mining

Bitcoin Triad: Trading

Bitcoin Triad: Halving

Closing Thoughts

Bitcoin Whitepaper Visualized



Timestamp Server




Reclaiming Disk Space

Simplified Payment Verification

Combining and Splitting Value



The Debate (Whitepaper)

Bitcoin's Intro by Satoshi Nakamoto

is it scalable? (James A Donald)

Satoshi's Bandwidth answer

James | Social and Political Problems with Bitcoin

Market For Bitcoins (Ray Dillinger)

Bitcoin Bank or Bink? (James)

Bad Guys and their Computing Power on Bitcoin

Here's what the bad guys could instead do (Satoshi Nakamoto)

Can cryptography solve political problems? (Satoshi Nakamoto)

Satoshi Clears Hal Finney's Doubts

Increasing Hardware Speed and Bitcoin Supply (Satoshi Nakamoto)

James' Pessimism

Double Spend Debate between James and Satoshi

Double Spend Debate Continues

The Transaction Fee (Satoshi Nakamoto)

Irreversible Payments in an Hour

Challenges of a Distributed System (James)

More Details Needed (Hal Finney)

Solving Byzantine Generals' Problem (Satoshi Nakamoto)

The Debate (After Release)

Announcing the first release of Bitcoin 0.1 (Satoshi Nakamoto)

Congrats to Satoshi... Bitcoin could be worth.... someday (Hal Finney)

These can be Initial Use Cases of Bitcoin (Satoshi Nakamoto)

But what about Govt and Botnets?

Here's what Govt and Botnet can and can not do... (Hal Finney)

Botnet operators can move towards... (Bill Frantz)

POW Tokens and SPAM (Satoshi Nakamoto)


Sudhanshu19 May 2021

The first 2 sections were great, but the 3rd section can be a lot better if it the content is explained a bit more clearly.

Albert16 May 2021

I found it a bit difficult to keep up, also some of the concepts explained here like assigning zero bits to the beginning of the hash using nonce should've been explained in the beginning of section 2.

Wilfred15 May 2021

Nice Concept in giving the description of this course. Hope to have another course from this instructor.

Muskan12 May 2021

The First two sections of this course were amazing in explaining Bitcoin and Blockchain. The Third section repeated the concept again with little bit additions, which could have been incorporated in the first two sections itself. Overall Good Experience.

Carlos10 May 2021

Enjoyed most of the course but seems to be cut off on the Private Keys section? Only an intro is included.

Md.9 May 2021

I tried to understand bitcoin and its related technology from many sources. This course really gave me the true insights on what I was looking for. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to know bitcoin well.

Thea25 April 2021

So simple and I learned a looooot!!! I watched really complicated videos on Youtube but this course made it reallyy easy to understand everything! Thanks a lot! Excited to be in the world of crypto!!


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