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The 'Reality' course for Designing VR Learning Experiences

Ready reckoner for instructional designers & learning strategists to identify, design & execute VR learning experiences.

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Mar 2020

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What you will learn

Why and where VR works for learning?

Where does it fit in an organization's learning strategy?

What are the key considerations for identifying VR learning use cases?

How to effectively design a VR learning experience?

What is the recommended process for a VR learning development project?

What is the current VR technology landscape and which options best serve VR learning delivery needs?

How to approach VR learning development and what are some of the key deployment and implementation aspects?


For Virtual Reality (VR) to be effective in a learning context, the design of the learner experience needs to take centerstage. This course helps you to dive beneath the powerful VR technology hype to define its learning impact and relevance, application scenarios, learner experience design framework, and all other supporting information you would need to successfully identify, design, and execute VR learning projects. Participants will walk away with a starter kit of downloadable job aids and resources, which will equip them to begin shaping VR learning projects within their individual contexts.

Note: This course continues the learning from my first course: 'Designing an L&D Strategy to power Digital Transformations.' Virtual Reality is a key learning tech strategy that enables the 10 or formal learning component of the 70-20-10 learning strategy we discuss in that course.
Given its immersive and experiential learning format, Virtual Reality is a powerful learning tech strategy for difficult and high-risk skill development in a digital context. Experiential Skill Labs using VR deliver both learning effectiveness and quick results.

To learn more about the 70-20-10 learning tech strategy and its significance in a digital transformation context, check out the course: 'Designing an L&D Strategy to power Digital Transformations.


The 'Reality' course for Designing VR Learning Experiences
The 'Reality' course for Designing VR Learning Experiences
The 'Reality' course for Designing VR Learning Experiences
The 'Reality' course for Designing VR Learning Experiences



Why this Course?

Course Introduction

The VR Training World - Highlights so far

Why & Where VR Works for Learning

The Experiential Learning Cycle & VR

How VR Solves Learning Challenges

Where It Fits - Key Considerations for Selecting VR

Designing a Learning Experience in VR

Design Implications for VR

The Process for VR Learning Development

Intro to VR Learning Design - The Role of Instructional Designers

Design Structure for a VR Learning Experience

VR Storyboarding - Key Aspects

The Technology Landscape for VR Learning Delivery

VR Delivery Technology - An Overview

Which option is best for VR Learning Delivery

The VR Development Landscape

VR Learning Development - A Snapshot

The Promise of WebVR

Summary & Next Steps

Quick Recap

Putting Into Action

Bonus Lecture


Monique15 February 2021

It was too advanced when I knew nothing about VR. Knowing section 4/5 first might have helped. Now that I've done this a for a few months it makes more sense.

Shreya24 May 2020

I loved the course. It is a very useful course for instructional designers who want to design a VR learning experience.

Shruti11 May 2020

This course is very informative. I really liked the VR Storyboarding topic and Sections 4 and Section 5.

Shachi21 February 2020

Great course ! Would highly recommend it to everyone professionals or for personal development. Look forward to more

Anupama13 January 2020

Great course that covers exactly what is required for any VR beginner in the learning industry to get started!

Antoinette30 December 2019

I enjoyed this course. It was very insightful. The only issue was that the volume for the video lecture was lower than the voice over part and therefore difficult to hear. I had to keep playing with the volume.


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