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The Real Estate Financial Modeling Bootcamp

The Complete A to Z Guide to Modeling Real Estate Transactions in Microsoft Excel For Smarter Real Estate Investing

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

The ability to build a functional, dynamic real estate financial model from scratch.

The skill set to model real estate transactions for multiple different asset types and solve for the most essential investment metrics evaluated by large institutions and private equity groups.

A substantial increase in speed and efficiency in Microsoft Excel by learning powerful tools and functions.

A mastery of the foundational analytical and financial modeling tools necessary to break into the real estate private equity industry and model complex commercial real estate transactions.


Learn real estate financial modeling. Advance your career. Make more money. Built by an instructor with over eight years of real estate private equity finance experience modeling over $1.5 billion of closed commercial real estate transactions, this course was designed to take you from complete beginner with no knowledge of real estate financial modeling to a real estate financial modeling pro. The skills and concepts you will learn in this course can be used to help you break into the real estate private equity industry, increase your compensation at your existing real estate job, or confidently analyze and model a commercial real estate investment on your own.

This course was created to help our students:

  • Begin a lucrative career in the commercial real estate private equity industry - According to CEL & Associates, Inc., the 2020 median total compensation for an acquisitions associate in retail, office/industrial, and multifamily was $137K, $143K, and $121K, respectively. This course will teach you the core fundamental Excel financial modeling skills necessary to land one of these jobs and succeed in your first commercial real estate investing role.

  • Increase overall compensation and career opportunities in their current real estate role - Real estate agents, property managers, construction managers, and architects all have extremely valuable skills that are highly desirable in the commercial real estate finance industry. Whether you want to earn more money in your current role or make a transition into commercial real estate acquisitions, this course will give you the foundational knowledge to take your real estate investing career to the next level.

  • Confidently model large real estate transactions - For property acquisitions larger than single-family homes, having the ability to confidently create a financial model projecting real estate investment returns is essential to buying profitable deals and garnering the confidence of your investors. Whether you are modeling a real estate investment you are looking to buy with your own money or leading a real estate syndication, strong financial modeling skills are an essential component of the real estate investment process.

This course will teach you the key fundamentals necessary in order for you to be able to model real estate investment transactions accurately, quickly, and efficiently.

Here's what some of our students have said about the course:

★★★★★ "Excellent course that teaches you financial modeling in Excel for CRE. I purchased the course after starting a new job as valuation analyst for a RE asset manager and it has helped me immensely. I have a background in PE funds and my excel skills are fairly advanced so for me the added value was understanding the specificities of CRE. I now look forward to completing the advanced RE modelling course. This instructor is great: no fluff, clear explanations, top notch material and step-by-step directions. Justin is also very responsive with answering your queries. I highly recommend the course!"

★★★★★ "This course is great. I learned everything I needed to build a model for an interview for a Financial Analyst role at a Real Estate Private Equity Fund. And I got the job. I have since gotten other courses by Justin, as they are what I need to get me up to speed at my new job. Also, Justin is great at answering questions when I get stuck and pointing me in the right direction."

★★★★★ "Excellent Course! Thank you for all your hard work in transforming a complex concept into an easy to understand format. This course has multiplied my understanding of financial modeling and the use of Excel. I learned more through this platform than the traditional institutional setting. A great resource and educator."

★★★★★ "Overall, this course was such an awesome experience! As a CRE investor as well, I took this course with the goal of it helping to rebuild my financial model and, what can I say, mission accomplished! From the structure, to the pace, the exercises, Justin's CRE knowledge and Excel tips/tricks - it was exactly what I was looking for and more!"

★★★★★ "Cannot believe the value in this course!! Best deal in real estate education. Thank you Justin, can't wait to take the next course. I could not recommend it more."

★★★★★ "This is a top notch course. The self-pace is perfect for me and it helped refresh all of the concepts that I learned in my grad school real estate courses. Just follow along and practice the examples and you'll extract tremendous value from a modeling perspective!!"

★★★★★ "Justin is awesome! His teaching style makes learning very intuitive. I would recommend this class for anyone that is trying to break into CRE or expand their current foundation of CRE. I was recommended by a friend who spent $600 on a course but found this one to be more helpful and easier to follow/understand."

★★★★★ "Superb course that teaches you the fundamentals of CRE modelling you need to know. Justin is a really good lecturer and he is very responsive with answering your queries, not just about the course material but even things related to your career in CRE. I would recommend the course to anyone looking to understand the fundamentals of CRE modelling."

★★★★★ "Wow! This course and Justin's other courses are the equivalent of an MBA level curriculum. If you are willing to put in the time and effort you will benefit."

If you're looking to learn to model commercial real estate investments to jump-start your career, make more money in your current job, or do your own big deals, you're in the right place.

Join us!


The Real Estate Financial Modeling Bootcamp
The Real Estate Financial Modeling Bootcamp
The Real Estate Financial Modeling Bootcamp
The Real Estate Financial Modeling Bootcamp



What We Will Cover - Part I

What We Will Cover - Part II

How To Take This Course

About The Instructor

Master Excel File - DOWNLOAD FIRST


Real Estate Financial Modeling Best Practices

Excel Financial Modeling Best Practices + A Quick Primer

Saving in A1 (The Steak Sauce Cell)


Property Cash Flow Statement Modeling


GPR, General Vacancy, & Credit Loss

GPR, General Vacancy, & Credit Loss Excel Exercise

Free Rent

Percentage Rent, Storage Income, & Other Income


NOI & The Property Cash Flow Statement (So Far)

Below-The-Line Expenses

Tenant Improvement Allowances

Leasing Commissions

Capital Reserves

TIs, LCs, & Capital Reserves Excel Exercise

CF Before Debt Service + The Property Cash Flow Statement (So Far)

Debt Service, Before Tax & After Tax Cash Flow

The Property Cash Flow Statement (Complete!)

Modeling Key Real Estate Investment Metrics

Real Estate Investment Analysis Metrics

DCF Analysis

DCF Excel Exercise

Internal Rate of Return (IRR) & Excel Exercise

Capitalization (Cap) Rate

Cash-on-Cash Return

Equity Multiple & Excel Exercise

Real Estate Debt Modeling

Loan-to-Value (LTV)

Loan-to-Cost (LTC)

Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR)

Debt Yield

Loan Constant (Positive vs. Negative Leverage)

Expense Ratio + Breakeven Ratio

Excel Hotkeys + Shortcuts for Real Estate Financial Modeling

Controlling Columns & Rows

Function Shortcuts

The "ALT + E" SUM Shortcut

Navigating Throughout The Sheet & Workbook

Text Formatting

Text & Font Styles

All About Borders


Format Finalization

Excel For Mac Hotkeys & Shortcuts

Essential Real Estate Financial Analysis Excel Functions

Key Real Estate Financial Analysis Excel Functions

Present Value (PV) Exercise

Future Value (FV) Exercise

Number of Periods (NPER) Exercise

Rate (RATE) Exercise

Payment (PMT) Exercise

Loan Functions & IPMT

PPMT Excel Example

Cumulative Interest Payment (CUMIPMT) Excel Example

Cumulative Principal Payment (CUMPRINC) Excel Example

NPV + IRR Dynamic Modeling

XNPV + XIRR Dynamic Modeling

Data Manipulation + Scenario Analysis

VLOOKUP Excel Example

HLOOKUP Excel Example

INDEX Example


IF Statement Functions

SUMIF Excel Example

SUMIFS Excel Example




SUMPRODUCT Excel Example

CAGR Excel Example

ROUND Excel Example

DATEDIF Excel Example

Data Analysis Tools for Real Estate Financial Modeling

Goal Seek

1-Variable Data Table

2-Variable Data Table

Conditional Formatting

Toggle Triggers

Scenario Analysis

Advanced Debt Modeling

Loan Sizing

LTV Sizing

LTC Sizing

Loan Sizing by DSCR

Loan Sizing by Debt Yield

Loan Sizing With Multiple Constraints (MIN)

Building a Loan Amortization Table - Part I

Building a Loan Amortization Table - Part II

How to Model Commercial Leases

How to Model Commercial Leases

Pro Rata Share Modeling

Modeling NNN Leases

Modeling FSG Leases

Modeling a Base Year Stop

Modeling Percentage Rent

Modeling Leasing Commissions

Modeling a Tenant Improvement Allowance

Modeling Renewal Probability (ADVANCED)

Building a Real Estate Model From Scratch

NOI Modeling Walkthrough

CF Before Debt Service Modeling Walkthrough

Interest Expense Modeling Walkthrough

Acquisition Metric Modeling Walkthrough

Disposition Metric Modeling Walkthrough

IRR, Cash-on-Cash, + Equity Multiple Modeling Walkthrough

Real Estate Private Equity Modeling Exam

PERE Exam - Introduction

Building Out The Investment Timeline

Building Out The EGR

Modeling Expenses & NOI

Modeling Capital Reserves

Purchase Price, Sale Proceeds, and CF Before DS

Interest, Amortization, & CF After DS

Loan Proceeds, Loan Payoff, & Total Levered Cash Flows

Month of Sale Cash Flow Triggers

Model Formatting & Checks

Going-In Cap Rate, Unlevered & Levered IRR

Cash-on-Cash Return Calculations

Cash-on-Cash Return Calculations - Part II

Levered & Unlevered Equity Multiple

DSCR, Debt Yield, & Exit LTV

Operating Expense & Break Even Ratios

Putting It All Together

Where To Go From Here

BONUS LECTURE: Udemy Student Bonus

BONUS LECTURE: Udemy Student Bonus


Elie30 September 2020

Amazing class... Advanced and very interesting stuff. Just wish I could download the course for later reviews!!

Roman30 September 2020

Very good basic boot camp! Although this course has repetitions from other courses I have already taken from Justin I'm still getting a lot of useful information. I'd just recommend taking this course in the beginning before getting to more complex ones for Development or Waterfall modellings.

Cody16 September 2020

Perfect overview of Real Estate Analysis that is simple to understand, with enough detail to be effective.

Bethany9 September 2020

This course was very useful, well-taught and straightforward to follow! I appreciate the foundational lessons taught and then building on skills learned in previous lessons to build out the real estate financial models.

Jordan8 September 2020

Excellent class! I was intimidated by Real estate investment modeling in excel, but the instructor teaches it well. I feel much more confident, and I plan on reviewing this material again.

David27 February 2020

Overall Justin provides an excellent course! Some of this content can get somewhat complex. For the most part; Justin explains the concepts pretty well. At times I feel the clarity is lacking a bit and perhaps it can be explained a bit better. However; as said above- the concepts can at times be inherently complex and one simply needs to pause and listen to it again and/or work thru the Excel workbook (provided along with the course). Overall; I love the course and would highly recommend to others! It is truly taking my knowledge to a whole new level. Justin also responds to each and every question and does not measure his words- he makes sure to explain it properly even if it takes a few minutes to reply. So you're never stuck not understanding something. Just need to ask!

Drew19 February 2020

What an amazing course to get started in financial modeling in the CRE industry. Justin does an exceptional job pacing the class and explaining all important concepts and Excel formulas. The knowledge gained in this course will absolutely benefit me in my career.

Joseph17 February 2020

I'm a passive investor in several multifamily syndications. This course will help me to evaluate them (and future investments) much more effectively. I really enjoyed the class.

Ostap6 February 2020

Great course! Covers a wide range of topics and clearly explains them. Cannot wait to move forward with the advanced version of the course and kick-start my job search in CRE.

Jorgen4 February 2020

I have a jd, but I'm making the jump into cre, and I'm currently interviewing for jobs. I started with Justin Kivel's YouTube videos, then free crash course, and now paid courses. Justin manages to make often confusing and complex concepts simple and easy to understand, which is no easy feat. After researching a variety of related materials online, Justin's course work is one of a kind. I feel confident going into investment related interviews without significant on the job experience in finance. I've considered taking commercial real estate courses at a local graduate school, but I'm confident they won't pinpoint the necessary subjects I need to know in such a comprehensive and efficient way. I rarely take the time to leave reviews, although I'm glad to in this case as I'm very happy to have discovered these courses.

Tyler1 February 2020

Excellent course! Justin was a great lecturer and elucidated many of the topics very well. Keep in mind this is the most entry level course and RE deals can become much more complex when working in the real world but this would be perfect for an intern or recent graduate looking to break into the industry. I wish I had this before I started my first job! Thanks and looking forward to the next course!

Clément30 January 2020

Really, I am glad I enrolled in this course! I am an MSc Finance and Real Estate student, I have been studying my theories well but when it came to Excel, I did not know how to use it properly and effectively. Through this course, I had the opportunity to review some basic elements of my master but more importantly, how to make most of it through Excel and very quickly! I also bought the Advanced Modelling Bootcamp and the Interview Exam course! I cannot wait to start the other courses! PS: Justin's videos are well designed and his voice his calming and easy to listen to. I have completed other Certificates online, but I remember the HVS Hotel Valuation one painfully, where the speaker's voice would put me to sleep after 5mins, here it is not the case! Well done Justin!

Nick29 January 2020

It was a really good course that seemed to cover the basics of financial modeling for commercial real estate. I will note that if you have an intermediate knowledge of finance and Excel much of the beginning lessons will not add much value. Where I learned the most was the Exam at the end! Great way to end the course and tie everything together!

Hugo24 January 2020

From excel to brains behind the numbers, Justin explains everything in a clear, logical and easy to understand manner.

Madhu10 January 2020

I did the course after i completed my Real Estate Masters so i had an idea of what Justin was talking about but even then the course help me practice my basic skills and learn new skills required for a job in real estate! A very well structured course teaching all the basics you need and more! Study everything presented in the course and practice it on Excel and keep practicing. Do this and you are up to a a good start! Cheers Justin!


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